dream about mary jane


It was night, outside the city. MJ was alone in the countryside, there was a gentle breeze blowing, she could felt it on her cheeks like a caress. Her green eyes gazed up to the starry sky, looking for something among the million of stars and constellations shining above her, until she found it. Her star, her lovely star.

The star was particularly beautiful and astonishing tonight as if it was shining brightly just for her. Like in her childhood, she tries to catch the star. But she knew that (scientifically or in general) it was light-years from her reach, so far away.

However, he will coming to her. He will fall like a falling star at the speed of light, from the sky to her.

She’ll finally meet him, the one who saved her, the most magnificent being who rescued her from the dark waters. And like this moment, he will show up suddenly like the explosion of a firework, precisely in the form of a supernova.

He will spoke to her in songs. He will show up in his true form.

Deep down, she knew that. Even her heart was pounding with happiness in her chest. A feeling she forgot for years.

Then, without any warning, she star began to move increasingly bright and powerful. Like an sudden eruption from the dark sky. But strangely, the burning light didn’t hurt MJ’s eyes or make her blind. She was even surprised by this. […]

It keeps illuminating and illuminating until MJ can clearly see the form of the star in front of her. And little by little, the light of the star turned off to reveal the figure of a man facing her.

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My thoughts drift back to erect nipple wet dreams about Mary Jane Rottencrotch and the Great Homecoming Fuck Fantasy. I am so happy that I am alive, in one piece and short. I’m in a world of shit … yes. But I am alive. And I am not afraid.