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So got tagged, first ever, by @that-she-wolf

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Name: Mike

Nickname: Had one in the Army, Rooster. Since then none.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Ht: 5′10″

Orientation: Straight

Ethnicity: Irish German French

Fav fruit: Tomato, only because Watermelon isn’t a fruit

Fav book: FM 21-76, SURVIVAL, Dogs for Dummies

Fav flower: Tulip, I guess

Fav scent: Wood smoke, Coconut, Burnt Cordite, Bleach

Coffee, Tea or Cocoa: Cocoa, then Tea, never Coffee

Avg sleep hrs : 5-6

Cat or Dog: Prefer Dogs, like cats

# blankets sleep with: 1, when my dog allows me. most of the time ½.

Dream trip: Drive to Alaska, camping along the way. In the Explorer will be cool, but in the Wagoneer would be way cooler.

Created blog: I don’t remember it was so long ago.

Number of followers: with bots, 290. Real ppl followers? 24

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from a mountain in the middle of the cabins // panic! at the disco

so but imagine little matthew having his first parent-teacher conference after niall dies and hes just sitting there after school with the teacher who is looking at the door like theyre just about to ask if anyone is going to come and matthew is holding on to a progress report for dear life and he looks like hes about to burst into tears AND THEN declan bursts in all skinny and teenage in a suit a little too big acting like he owns the place and the teacher tries to tell him that this is a /parent/-teacher conference and declan just looks at them like hes the closest thing theyre gonna get and he takes matthew out for ice cream after and keeps the progress report in a drawer in his desk with all of ronans disciplinary warnings