I dreamt that I found an enormous Pacific blood star clinging to a rock. It was bigger than a dinner plate and moved with unsettling speed. I lifted it off the rock easily - it wrapped slender red arms around my fingers, but as I turned it over, I saw that it had a tiny hypodermic needle where a mouth should be. It could rotate the needle (black, thin, no more than a centimeter long, encased in a pale fleshy mound) smoothly in several directions. It pricked my thumb, and as I frantically tried to peel the blood star off before it could drink my blood, I began to hear its thoughts in my head.

(Note: blood stars are so named because of their color, not a tendency towards vampirism.)

Let me learn about you,
about all the little things you do,
about your favourite flower
and the songs you sing in the shower

Let me look at you up close
from the back of your hand
to the tip of your nose,
your prominent cheekbones
and your little toes

Let me know of your dearest story
which filled days with endless glory,
so we can lay in bed when there’s shitty weather,
to read it out loud and escape together.

—  // let me love you

There’s so many things happening in this clip and I can’t stop laughing 😂😂

Ladies and gentlemen, this is NCT 127. 😂

ummmmm???? this WIP hair by my bff @kismet-sims​?????​…………got me thinkin blue needs 2 grow his hair out??????….sh*t?????? like????? who is this boy??? Who does he THink he is? like ? im sorry?? bi*Ch???


when everyone feels comfy enough to lean against Jaehyun  ♡ ♡