Riot Games came out with a set of quests you could only complete if you were high and my choir teacher from middle school invited everyone to her house to smoke some and she gave me the code to enter it so the game knew I was high. And then a cop showed up to my house accusing me of growing marijuana in my backyard and dug through my old school backpack and found a bag of dried sage and arrested me because he refused to make sure it was, in fact, sage.

Heartbreak Is Ugly

So many people romanticize heartbreak. The truth is that it’s raw and ugly and tears you apart invisibly from the inside.

Heartbreak is having white knuckles from clenched fists, holding myself back from texting you to say I miss you. Feeling the crushing weight of missing you so much that it’s hard to breathe. Dreaming of you and then sobbing when I wake up because I realize it’s not real. Feeling a pain inside of me when I remember seeing your stunning smile. Searching for a missing piece of myself that I might never get back. Wanting to sleep all of the time because reality is too hard to face. Grey everywhere because you took the light and colour out of my world when you left. Apathetic about whether the sun rises or not, because it all just blends together into a blur of loneliness. Jealousy for whoever still gets to see you and interact with you every single day.

Heartbreak changes you and you’ll never be able to go back to the person you once were. Heartbreak sucks.

Nightmare dodged, the arrows of light barely missing him, and summoned his own, darker wave of attacks. Dream was just a second too slow. Nightmare’s attack hit.

“H-huh…” Dream sounded in shock, as he observed the jagged spike through his chest. “What…”

“You got hit,” Nightmare said simply, walking forwards to be eye to eye with Dream. “I thought you’d dodge.”

“Same,” Dream said, touching the spike curiously, then drawing his hand back, hissing as the darkness corroded his skin. “I guess… I guess this is goodbye?” He was awfully uncertain. This was never something that really crossed his mind, before.”

“Not really. That-” Nightmare gestured to the spike- “should take a few minute to kill you. Then I’ll dust with you.”

“Oh.” There wasn’t all that much to say. “Are you sorry you did it?”

“A little,” Nightmare admitted, then shrugged. “Not much I can do about it now, though.”

“We’ve only got a few minutes left to live.”

“Yeah.” A hard pill to swallow, for two quasi-immortals.

“Nothing I sat really matters, does it?” Dream said, to himself or to Nightmare, it was hard to tell.

“I love you,” Nightmare blurted out. “It’s been five hundred years but I still love you and-” He stopped, breathing shakily.

“You do?” There was melancholy in Dream’s voice. Pleasant surprise. More shock. “So do I. Did I,” he corrected himself. “I moved on.” Nightmare was quiet.

“I’m sorry Night.”

“Don’t be. I messed up pretty bad.”

“You did,” Dream agreed, before sighing. “We both did.” Tears glinted in his eyes.

“Bye, Dream.”

Dream was dust before he had the chance to reply.

I’m howling 😂😂

@deepestfirefun @blankdblank please tell me you have had dreams like this 😂😂

I had a weird dream last night now imagine the hobbit where the whole armies are at Erebor gates scene, ok you go that in your mind now imagine Kili raising his right hand and clicking his fingers, nothing weird yet.

Imagine Tauriel and Legolas on their own horses next to Bard and Thranduil and Gandalf with Bilbo is off to the side all looking up at the company.

Now imagine Kili bursting into Uptown girl by Billy Joel and the rest of the company, singing the backing vocals and bouncing and walking along the top of the barricade like the T birds in grease during the summer nights scene where they’re bouncing and walking along the seats things.

Tauriel has a shit eating grin on her face, Legolas is completely disgusted, Thranduil is beyond confusion, Bard is just as confused as Thranduil and Gandalf and Bilbo are at the side laughing 😂

I had another dream about you

It was a cute one too

You threw your arm around my shoulders

And tucked me into your side

It made me smile so wide

That when I woke up it was still there

Untill I realized it was a dream

Just another dream

About you



I dreamed I was a homeless boy. one day I got kidnapped by some scientists and they experienced on me using a drug called fremarée (yes. it was french). I ran away from the lab and got adopted by jake and amy from brooklyn nine nine. they already had a toddler called phineas. then we were coming back from school and phineas ran over a squirrel with his very tiny bike. I accidentally healed the squirrel and found out the fremarée gave me special healing powers. I was hanging out in the pool when the mailman arrived and just drove me to Portland for no reason at all.

inside your experience of the 'real' world - rock, bone, wood, ice - and elements of the real

And then the kicker is this: in passing from the real to the imagined, in following that trail, you learn that both sides have a little of the other in each, that there are elements of the imagined inside your experience of the ‘real’ world - rock, bone, wood, ice - and elements of the real - not the metaphorical, but the actual thing itself - inside stories and tales and dreams.“

- Rick Bass


So I had the strangest dream last night that has me wondering about continuing writing fanfiction haha! So most of the people here who know me, know I write Jared Leto fanfiction based off of his various projects not to mention just fiction about him in general. The past 2 nights I’ve had legitimately strange dreams about him that are killing me. This is dream 1.

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