A dream is its own reality just as much as the reality is a collection of thoughts. they are equals, ying and yang. If you can stick a EEG machine and measure if a person is dreaming, we can as well use some unthinkable instrument in the dreamland, an alternate reality, and we might be able to measure our reality. No argument stands for reality being real and dream being just a dream.

SXWKS: DREALITY & Why You Should Attend

It’s no rare fact that a lot of us are working in jobs we don’t like. Or some are working in jobs they like but at inconvenient times (it’s true).

Some can’t work in the jobs they like due to many reasons. Some want to create the jobs they want to work in but don’t know how to or rather have to go through the “struggle” to get there.






Let’s move on. This week SXWKS.com, a creative collective comprising of writers, poets, singers, filmmakers, photographers, rappers, illustrators, actors/actresses, producers, designers and more are putting on an event to mark their one year anniversary. It’s called: DREALITY an anagram of the words DREAM and REALITY.

This isn’t an open mic/performance event. It’s an experience. All acts are being structured around this theme bringing individual perspective from all members to the audience. There will be an exhibition from the visual artists and most importantly a chance to engage with the collective and everyone else there.

Like I said, before: a lot of us work jobs we don’t want to or jobs we have to or are still finding our way. This isSXWKS in general.

Many of the members have full time and part time jobs. Some of them work for themselves jst barely bringing in enough to eat and sometimes get around. Some are still in education. Some are fully fledged in their careers. But all of them are YOU.

YOU. Yeah, you. The ones who stay up late after work writing poetry, editing videos, planning new business angles, planning your next photoshoot, planning trips abroad, saving every penny for that new piece of tech, barely home because you’re always out working, facing opposition from left, right and center, not knowing where their next income is going to come from, the ones who feel it deep within that their creativity is where life comes from.

SXWKS are You. You are SXWKS. And this is our DREALITY.

Come and be a part of the experience. Come and hear your stories told, come to a space where others can relate to you, where you can strengthen yourself, ambitions and each other. Where you can connect, build and ultimately leave ready to make your dreams become true, regardless of your reality.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sxwks-presents-dreality-tickets-17953687964

SXWKS: ”Nothing matches the worlds pursuit of freedom; freedom is not a privilege, it is a right – passion is a duty. SXWKS is our collective response to passion; it is the abandonment of societal restrictions and the pursuit of purpose”.


- Jolade (@thejolade)


Nostalgia brought to you by artist Caleb Femi part of the collective ‘SXWKS’, check out his documentary about 70′s music & fashion. Featuring life stories of peoples experiences of 70s music. Also head down to Bussey Building, Peckham this Friday for SXWKS exhibition ‘Dreality’ click the link for tickets !