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DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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n: i’m not a fan of the hug.
c: then you haven’t been hugged properly. a hug is like an emotional heimlich: they put their arms around you and give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety goes shooting out of your mouth like a big, wet wad and you can breathe again.

a lot of people don’t realize that I double majored in biomedical engineering and history at Duke… but it’s even more ridiculous when people see my Duke Engineering sticker on my laptop, come up to me and ask “oh wow who did engineering at Duke?” like it’s impossible that this “creative looking” black guy with dread locs WHO IS HOLDING THE COMPUTER could have been the one.

I can’t!!!!

What are Damon and Elena even supposed to do on a date? Talk about how toxic they are and then fuck 10 minutes later? I mean, it’s not like they have any interests aside from each other. They don’t have any hobbies, and they don’t have anything in common. What, other than sex, is there for them to bond over?

Their relationship is the definition of boring.

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Hi!! OMG I love your scenario really 😍 Also the messages of BTS member with their girlfriend~ Can i request please a Namjoon scenario with his girlfriend, and they go to supermarket. super fluff and maybe a slight smut 😏 haha if you want to change it's okay 😊 I love your blog!! 💖

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Thank you!! You are so cute~~ Here’s your fluffy Namjoon sweetie. This is really short and bad and I’m sorry.

Words: 660

You sat down in Namjoon’s lap, holding the dreaded shopping list in your hand. Namjoon sighed loudly, snatching the list out of your hand.

“It’s so long…Why is it so long for only two people?” His voice was a pitch higher than it normally was, making you laugh.

“It’s not that bad. Come on, I’ll buy you cookies.”

“Done, let’s go.” He shoved the list back, helping you stand up so he could as well. With a forced smile, he pushed you out the door and you both got into the car together. On the ride there, all Namjoon did was complain about hating shopping.

The only reason he really went with you was so he could push around the cart and carry in the groceries when you got home. You’d lived together for about 9 months now, but you’d been dating for 3 years. He was so busy with touring lately that he’d only been home for about 2 weeks, now.

You got to the grocery store alive, to say the least. Namjoon stopped complaining only to heave himself out of the car. You walked hand in hand together inside the supermarket, going unnoticed pretty well. He’d taken extra care to keep himself covered today, and it made you happy when swarms of people weren’t asking for pictures or yelling his name from across the street.

While Namjoon went and got the cart, you began to name off a few things on the list.

“Let’s go to the vegetables first, we are in desperate need of healthy foods…”

But Namjoon was off in another direction, walking down the aisle full of junk. Stomping after him (only because he had the shopping cart), you took a fist full of his shirt.

“Uh, no? Come on, over here.”

“Mm, no! Let’s just go through all the aisles.” He was pouting, and you still dragged him off towards the vegetables. Lazily, Namjoon picked out vegetables that you both enjoyed. He was leaning half of his weight on the cart. Every time he dropped something in, he’d heave a sigh.

Finally after awhile, you guys were actually getting somewhere. The cart was half full with everything you needed and you felt happy you’d be able to leave soon.

“Your butt looks real nice from back here.” Namjoon murmured a little quieter than usual. The aisle you were currently down was empty besides an old man just turning the corner out of it. He was looking away, though.

Namjoon’s hand lightly squeezed your behind. Shocked, you turned towards him. Your hand slapped his harshly, and he began to pout.

“We’re in a public place…” You snapped, but he just put his hand back where it was.

“Let’s hurry and go, then.” He whined, stomping his feet like a 2 year old. You did hurry up, though. It was no longer fun shopping with a horny boyfriend touching a part of your body every 25 seconds.

You got home and unpacked the groceries, ignoring the looks Namjoon was giving you the whole time. He’d make little gestures, such as jerking his head towards your bedroom door or raising his eyebrows every time you looked back at him.

“What do you want for dinner?”

“You. Let me eat you.” He pushed you against the counter, immediately attacking your neck with his lips.

“Sex monster…” You teased, guiding his hands up your shirt. His hot breath tickled your neck as he kissed long, sweet kisses. They were getting hungrier and hungrier as you let him kiss you longer.

“Me, a sex monster? What about you?” He murmured, letting his hands glide over top of your breasts.

“Let’s not get to that, okay?”

“Mm, okay.” He sighed, pulling away from you. Even though Namjoon had pulled away from you, he still pressed his lips against yours. They were soft, and no longer felt hungry against yours. Even when he wanted it, he would still respect what you wanted.

I’ll be coloring this tomorrow. (Need to sleep. So here’s the WIP for now.)

It’s the egg (with hair) and toaster (that’s human) …. with what i would think would be their keyblades along with their outfits in this AU (because I am a sadist to myself and this is perhaps the MOST amount of detail I’ve done in a long time. This… is also inspired by that app I’ve been playing. (Wonderful, right?)


(For those of you also wondering what the eff is happening in here, let’s just say Genos is trying to hold Saitama’s hand and it’s getting more awkward than it needs to be since he’s trying to show he cares for the egg his way)

Stiles- Nightmare Free

Request-  Hey! Could you possibly write a stiles imagine where he has a nightmare about the dread doctors and you get woken up because you were sleeping at his house that night (same bed w/ cuddles ^.^) and he starts to have a panic attack and you calm him down and comfort him

A/N- Of course! Here it is babe. Next up is an Isaac imagine.

“Stiles,” you begged as one of the dread doctors strapped you down onto a freezing metal table. “Please, help me.”
Stiles fought and struggled from where he was tied down to a chair, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get free. His wrists were bloody and raw from struggling so much and hot, angry tears were spilling from his eyes as he fought against the restraints.
“No, don’t touch her!” he screamed as one the dread doctors came closer, holding some horrific medical tool that Stiles didn’t even recognize.
The thing ignored him, and Stiles was powerless to do anything but watch as the thing tortured you. The whole time you screamed for Stiles, but what could he do when he was a prisoner himself?
“Please,” you whimpered. “Help me. Why aren’t you helping me Stiles?”
“I-I can’t,” he choked, tugging on his ties so hard he was surprised his wrists didn’t break from the force.
“Stiles,” you whispered, looking over at him with broken eyes. “Why did you let this happen to me?”

Stiles’s sat straight up in his bed, breathing heavily as he realized where he was. He was in his room, and what he had seen had been nothing more than a nightmare, but he couldn’t stop the panic filling up his chest.
It was thick and suffocating, and his eyes frantically darted around the room, looking for you. They landed on your sleeping form, peacefully curled up only a few inches away from him. He now knew you were close and safe, but that did nothing to quell the panic.
He stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom, shutting the door. The light hit his eyes, making him squint in the sudden brightness as he gripped the edge of the sink to keep his balance.
He should have been fine, but the terror from his dream wouldn’t go away. After almost losing Scott, he was petrified he would lose you too, and it was like his body couldn’t register the fact that everything was fine.
His breath came in short gasps as he tried to calm down, but as he looked in the mirror, he found that his eyes couldn’t even focus on his exhausted appearance. He fought to slow his breathing, stumbling back against the wall and sliding to the floor.
His vision blurred, and stumbled to his knees, feeling his palms slap the cold tile of his bathroom floor. Just as he felt like he was going to pass out from lack of breath, a shape moved in front of him, blocking the harshness of the light.
You knelt in front of him, clad in one of his oversized flannels that reached past your knees, your hair spilling in messy waves all around your head. You had heard him get up and stumble into the bathroom, and you had immediately realized something was wrong.
“Stiles?” you asked. “Stiles, look at me.”
His eyes were wild and unfocused, but they still managed to move up and meet yours.
“You’re okay,” you promised him, placing your hands on his cheeks. “You’re okay, but you need to slow your breathing okay? Count with me.”
He nodded weakly as you counted along, taking slow deep breaths and trying to get his to match yours. You got to twelve when he finally began to calm down, and once his breathing was back to normal, he collapsed against the wall.
“Oh my god,” he breathed. “Thank you.”
“No problem,” you whispered, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
You gave him a soft smile, just glad that he was okay. You crawled over to him, sitting beside him on the cold floor. His brown eyes gazed at you in adoration, and he couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have a girlfriend like you.
He reached forward, pulling you closer and pressing his lips gently onto yours. Your hands wove through his hair, tracing lines through the soft tufts. He pulled away slightly, just far enough to so that your foreheads were touching.
“God, I love you,” he whispered.
You smiled, your only response a short, sweet kiss to his lips. You rose from the floor, grabbing his hand and pulling him up with you. You didn’t ask what had caused the panic attack, and you knew enough of Stiles to know that if he wanted to tell you he would.
You gently led him back to his bed, slipping under the covers and pulling him down with you. Your curled up against him, intertwining your fingers with his and whispered “I love you.”
He smiled, trailing a hand down your hair as he curled his arms around you. As he laid there, any thoughts of the dread doctors were nowhere to be found. He closed his eyes, knowing he didn’t have to worry about anything for now. Needless to say, the rest of the night was nightmare free for the both of you.

Josh is Raiju?

Could this be some clue as to what Josh is? Clearly his chimera part has done something to his body as no normal person is blue inside. In the episode his skin looked like it was glowing. In this picture it looks green as it doesn’t have any effects.

In a way, it almost matches his purple eye colour.

This bit is interesting because the Dread Doctor here is holding something in his hand, its like a little spike. I think it’s meant to measure Josh’s electricity as they place is into his neck at the side. We can see it here in there hand. Also there’s something near Josh’s other ear

They just moving it closer, Lydia is still watching

Now the spike is touching Josh and the background where Lydia is has lit up with lightening. We know Josh can take in alot of electricity, but we can also see Josh seems to be made out of it, it’s under his skin and whatever the Dread Doctor is holding, it made Josh’s power turn on.

I really believe Josh is part Raiju, a Japanese creature of thunder.
These creatures were most often described as looking something like a badger, weasel, cat, or fox, although they were sometimes said to look like a wolf or monkey as well.

This also popped out at me
Typically the Raijū were said to be fairly docile in nature, but during storms would become extremely agitated and aggressive

In Episode 6, the weather seems quite calm looking, however in episode 7 which carries on from the same night as episode 6 it clearly shows the floors are wet, meaning it was raining.

Was there a storm that night which was the reason Josh kicked off so badly? It could have been down to him being out of control due to the experiments, but if it was the storm that set him off, then he could be a Raiju.


VOLTRON giveaway pair 5/5 !

the moment you have all been waiting for… (or not, if you don’t watch the show lmao), probably my fav team of this giveaway theme so far :)

Trainer Shiro- favorite types rock and poison

Krookodile- male, lv 100, jolly, ability intimidate, holding a dread plate

Lunatone- lv 100, modest, ability levitate, holding an assault vest

Aerodactyl- male, lv 100, jolly, ability rock head, holding nothing, in a heavy ball

Aggron- female, lv 100, adamant, ability rock head, holding an assault vest, in a heavy ball.

Roserade- male, lv 100, timid, ability natural cure, holding a life orb, in a love ball

Drapion- male, lv 100, careful, ability battle armor, holding black sludge

All pokemon have br movesets, are ev trained and have full ivs. 

So ! the code for this giveaway is VLDShiro

my deposit pokemon is FEMALE luvdisk

this giveaway will go for about an hour and a half, because i got home late today :/ but ! it will be continued tomorrow

ALSO- adopt a poke will be open throughout the giveaway ! though you must send me an ask and deposit a luvdisk !!!! thank ya :)

Ok, go have fun !!

EDIT: GIVEAWAY BACK ON AS OF 6:15 PM CENTRAL !!! will be closed again for good at about 10:00 pm

Outdoor theatre is a whole other ballgame.

You still have to deal with all the usual theatre things - dimmers acting up, mics getting fuzzy or dropping out, quick changes going wrong, props falling apart or being left on stage….

But you also have to deal with vagrants throwing stuff under the stage floor (because that’s where they live and, you know, sometimes you just have to drop something off at home), dogs running up on stage and chasing actors, food trucks with loud generators, crickets and cicadas that get picked up by the mics, owls hooting angrily back at the sound cue birds, sirens blaring by, planes flying over (so low you can see the scratched paint), extreme heat and humidity, and my personal favorite…inclement weather.

With all of this going on, you’ll understand when I say that we don’t call a live-hold for a little drizzle.  Our standards are a little higher, and when I do finally come over the god-mic to say those dreaded words (Hold, please, hold.  Actors, you may exit the stage…), it often sounds a lot like this:

Take cover!

Weak spott

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Okay, so first of all, I’m sorry for not posting in a while (two weeks). I’ve been on vacation to Greece, and the WiFi there wasn’t really got. Second of all, I might seem crazy but I’ve had the weirdest dream ever. I had a dream about Liam Dunbar and we were escaping from the Dread doctors and holding hands and stuff and it makes absolutely no sense but it felt sooo good, even though I’m three years older than Dylan Sprayberry, love doesn’t know age right? D:

You were in the pack, Scott’s pack. You found out accidently, but they accepted you in their pack, because you were very smart, just like Stiles. You saw Liam wolfing out once, and you helped him. You weren’t even scared. But now, after a while, the pack started dissing you, not telling you about pack meetings. I asked them what was wrong, but they’d just deny it. I was walking up the stairs to Scott’s room, Melissa let me in. She told me my crush Stiles was here too. “Scott, why can’t we bring her?” I stopped walking and listened. “Bring who?” He asked Stiles. “(Y/N).” Scott sighed. “You know why, she’s kind off weak. She’s the weak spott of our pack.” I soft gasp left my mouth, and I could hear Scott’s breathing changing immediatly. He heard your gasp. He opened the door. You tried to keep yourself from crying, but it was very hard. “(Y/N)..” He tried. “No, it’s fine,” I looked at Stiles, who looked at me shocked. “It’s just sad that you didn’t had the courage to say it in my face, I’ll just leave you all. I won’t be a bother anymore.” I said, and with that, I walked away from them.

When I got home I walked up the stairs immediatly. My parents weren’t home for the weekend, thank god. I shut my door and walked to my bed. I sat down and looked at the ground. I’ve kept myself together for the way home, but tears were falling down now. I couldn’t stop them. Sobs were leaving my mouth and my heart was hurting. I felt kind of betrayed. They talked about it, about me with each other, but they didn’t tell me about it. I was the weak spot, the one they should get rid off. I took of my clothes and got in some sweat pants and a sweater. My hair was in a messy bun as I walked down the stairs. I don’t know why, but I can’t stop crying. They really hurt me. Maybe that’s what they meant with being the weak spot. I cry so fast, but I can’t do anything about it. I try to keep it inside, but whenever something scary happens, when someone gets mad at me or when I’m stressed, I’d start crying. And I hate myself for it.

The doorbell rang. “Who’s there?” I asked. I didn’t like to open the door late at night when my parents weren’t home. “Stiles.” My heart skipped a beat. I’m glad he’s not a werewolf, he couldn’t hear that the weak spot from the pack had a huge crush on him. “What do you want?” My voice cracked. You could hear that I’ve been crying. “I want to talk.” I still didn’t open the door. “Are you sure? The weak spot is crying right now, so maybe you should just leave and get back to someting important.” Stiles sighed. “You are important.” “Am I? I don’t feel like it. I feel like shit right now. You could’ve told me that I was holding you guys back, I would’ve left earlier.” Stiles sighed again. “We don’t want you to leave. Scott didn’t mean it like that.” Why the hell should I believe him. “I’m pretty sure I heard him say that I’m weak.” “He doesn’t want you to come to the school to protect Hayden tonight because you’re human, he wants to make sure you’re safe, and so do I.” What was he talking about? I unlocked the door and opened it slowly. Stiles was holding flowers in his hands. Roses, my favorites. He saw that I was looking at them. “They are for you.” He sad. “Why?” I asked him, my voice still cracky and my eyes still red from crying. “I don’t know if you noticed or if someone told you, but I like you. I really, really like you. I like everything about you.” I looked at his face. It didn’t seem like he was lying or something like that. “But I’m weak.” Stiles bit his lower lip. “You’re only human, that’s something completely different.” I tried to smile. It didn’t work. “I like you too.” Stiles smiled at me. “Can I come in?” I nodded and opened the door a little more so he could walk in. He gave me the flowers and took my free hand. “(Y/N), I really like you. Would you like to go on a date with me?” Now a real smile appeared on my face. “I’d love to.” And with that, he kissed me softly.

The summoning.


It was a normal day in the academy where they were in their “Gallifreyan History 101” class and Koschei was sitting next to his boyfriend.

His right hand was scribbling away notes on what the lecturer was talking about while the other was holding onto Thetas hand… And also trying to not get distracted by the mental link.

They had only just started the bonding process and had only gone half way while they were ‘courting’.

The soul merging would be for the wedding night.

Suddenly there was a loud, clear knock on the class door, before it opened and in a clear voice the messenger called out the one thing that always made Koschei pale with fear and dread, the hold on his loves hand tightening.

“Koschei Oakdown, you have been summoned to the Oakdown estate after classes. Lord Oakdown would like to see you.”