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I played through my first route of Dream Daddy tonight. I made Magnus and romanced Brian bc he had a dog and also Amanda is precious and it is a goddamn honor being her dad

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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Tablet’s having issues, but it didn’t stop me from finishing this dang thing…another scene I love very much (or same scene from a different angle, haha) ahsdgahjsdgks freaking backgrounds, though! ._. t’was alot of work…

Part of my MHA project!


n: i’m not a fan of the hug.
c: then you haven’t been hugged properly. a hug is like an emotional heimlich: they put their arms around you and give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety goes shooting out of your mouth like a big, wet wad and you can breathe again.

Pangara Lavellan and Solas by @hansaera-art and @kawereen​, commission.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I requested a moment from my short piece the future from a winter moon and the result is this absolutely stunning work - look at this gorgeous embrace, this tender holding. “It is a card of change.”


Calum and Robert being idiots playing ‘Who’s Who’

You Look Cute In My Shirt

Summary/Prompt: “I may have slept in your shirt while you were gone.”
Word Count: 1730 words
Warnings: slight smut (but yeah not really), 
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So the other one I posted yesterday was  huge hit and so I though why not post another one. I have a part 2 for this already written so if I get enough feedback on this one, I’ll post the second part.

Originally posted by clarkethesharkmacarthur

The house on nights like tonight were extremely boring and lonely. A cold breeze shot past me, sending shivers down my spine. Lately the house had been extremely cold and it obviously didn’t help that I walked around it in just a t-shirt and underwear. That is unless I had been accompanied by Tyler , then I would be forced to put on more layers. And I’m not saying I liked that.

As of right now, Tyler and the team where a 5 hour plane ride away from Dallas, currently finishing up a road trip. Tyler had crept into my room sometime last week during the earlier hours and had let me know that him and the team were leaving for the week, and that they would be back no later than lunch on Thursday, which was tomorrow.

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Taken [Chapter 2]


Pairing: Suho x Reader

Warnings: Language; may have triggering situations including sexual situations, abuse, violence, etc.

Summary: You were just a normal girl. You were just trying to get by. Until a rather unfortunate relationship brought you to the hands of Suho, the leader of the greatest mafia in the country.

PrologueChapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9

“Heh, you’re cuter when you’re asleep.”

You jolt awake from the familiar voice to meet face to face with Suho. You immediately bring yourself back into an upright position, instinctively moving back from him, only to hit the wall.

He let’s out a laugh at your reaction. You scowl.

“I hope you slept well.” His eyes sparkle dangerously. “And thought over what I said.”

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a lot of people don’t realize that I double majored in biomedical engineering and history at Duke… but it’s even more ridiculous when people see my Duke Engineering sticker on my laptop, come up to me and ask “oh wow who did engineering at Duke?” like it’s impossible that this “creative looking” black guy with dread locs WHO IS HOLDING THE COMPUTER could have been the one.

I can’t!!!!

Submitted by @rynnwolfe

(Hello! You answered an ask about how a very ‘Bim Trimmer’ sort of song is “Angel on Fire” by Halsey, and I looked it up, which prompted this story-snippet. I imagine that the Egos have never really experienced any of the others ‘fading’ before, at least not first-hand. I hope you enjoy the Plant Boy Suffering!)

Their first hint toward something wrong was the wilting plant in the hallway. Silver was the one to notice it, though he was typically too busy falling over himself to observe those small sort of details; maybe he had fallen into the plant on one of his ‘perimeter checks’. He had dutifully carried the pot to Dark’s office, leaving a trail of dirt across the entire building, placing it as carefully as he could onto Dark’s desk without so much as knocking on his door. The pale Ego was understandably upset, though he paused in his breaking, glitching spasm when he noticed just how sorry the foliage was looking. The entire plant was losing its color, ugly brown splotches indicating exactly how long it had gone without water. Silver didn’t have to say a word for Dark to understand his fears.

“Bim most likely forgot about this one. It is in one of the lower wings of the building, after all.”
    Silver slammed his oversized hands on Dark’s desk - pent up energy and confidence that he had recently gained from Mark’s newest Ego video, in which the superhero had starred - and locked eyes with the more powerful Ego.

“Does that sound like Bim to you?”

They had found Wilford already at their destination: the door marked with a star, upon which was etched “THE Bim Trimmer”. Wilford was impatiently knocking for all he was worth, his bubblegum-pink mustache twitching with severe irritation. He reached for his gun, Dark quickly stopping him with a hand on the pink Ego’s shoulder.

“What’s going on here, Wil?”

“What’s going on?” Wilford spoke with his usual dramatic flair and threw his hands up in exasperation “this good for nothing is late for his curtain call, again! I have half a mind to fire him, and half a mind to shoot him!” He gave a sharp kick to the door, which remained steadfast and its interior unnervingly silent.

Dark’s grip on Wilford’s shoulder tightened enough to make the pink Ego duck down away from the touch with a small yelp. The eccentric Ego took the hint and slided away from the entrance to Bim’s room, leaving Dark to knock four distinct times. The door, in response, shook subtly before disintegrating into what would best be described as ash.

“Well, I could have done that.” Wilford huffed, then quieted as Dark held up a hand.

A strange atmosphere fell from the room, now unhindered by the heavy door; the feeling of growing things and fresh oxygen that was usually prominent in Bim’s room clearly absent. The three Egos were quiet, a feeling of dread beginning to take hold of them. Dark was the first to step over the threshold, followed (probably too closely) by Wilford, and Silver trailing behind the two more powerful Egos, his large gloved hands still holding the sickly potted plant.   

“Bim?” Dark’s voice echoed almost too much in the Ego’s room; it felt sterile and dead.

There was a sudden skittering of claws against hardwood flooring, prompting WIlford to bring his gun out in a flash, Dark to take a small step back, and Silver to hold the plant near his face as if it would protect him from whatever was about to round the corner. A blur of green shot across the floor, and suddenly Poppy was trying to crawl her way up Wilford’s pant-leg, a sort of guttural whining emitting from her throat. The pink Ego was quick to scoop her up into his arms, holding her like a baby - how Bim always cradled her - and gently pick at the drooping flower that grew from the dragon’s forehead. With closer inspection, it was obvious that Poppy was in as bad of shape as the plant that Silver still carried; her scales were browning at the edges, and her flower had perhaps a third of its usual petals. Her eyes were dull and looked uncomfortably dry, causing the little creature to blink every few moments. Dark looked at WIlford with rising impatience that, if he were honest (which was rarely) stemmed from the trepidation that was forming like a rock in his stomach.

“Wil, precisely how late has Trimmer been to curtain call?”

The pink Ego looked up from his concerned examination of Poppy, his eyes flicking around different points of Dark’s face to try and understand exactly what he was getting at.

“I suppose that depends on what day it is today; you know I was never one for keeping time.”

Dark growled, making the dragon in WIlford’s arm (and WIlford, to a lesser extent) shiver. The pale Ego took a moment to let his shell crack, then walked swiftly in the direction from which Poppy had run. This room was Bim’s favorite: his indoor greenhouse of sorts, what had once been an office with a wall of windows and now had shelves of his precious plants. Every one of which were utterly shriveled and dead. Dark halted in his tracks at this sight, causing Silver to bump into his back and then drop the potted plant to the ground, with the telltale crack of ceramic shattering. Wilford came into the room in response, holding a now-watered Poppy, the dragon already beginning to look mildly perked up. A quiet curse passed his lips at the sorry sight of Bim’s precious plant friends. Silver took the brief pause to brush dirt from the back of Dark’s otherwise immaculate suit, then step back hastily as the Ego walked over to the small desk in the corner of the room.

The chair had been left a foot or so from the desk itself, as if the person sitting in it had suddenly sprung up and walked away. Dark began a methodical search of the area, noting the uncapped pen that had rolled onto the floor. When he bent down to retrieve it, he found a pale green envelope lying face-down under the desk as well. The address written on it in Bim’s neat scrawl was one Dark knew well: Mark’s. Though the envelope was already sealed, the pale Ego felt that all courtesy could be thrown out the metaphorical window in the given circumstances; with one deft movement, he had ripped one end open and coaxed the letter out of its casing. Unfolding it, Dark read the contents quickly, his permanent frown growing deeper as the letter progressed.

‘Mark,’ the correspondence began, Bim’s handwriting neat but slightly dramatic, just like his personality, ‘I hope it’s not a bother that I’m having Amy bring you this letter - though I put the address just in case she doesn’t visit for a while. I know you’re busy, and everyone here appreciates what you’ve been doing for us on your channel. Google was especially pleased with his video, and I know Ed’s over the moon about how his turned out!’

Dark skipped the half-dozen lines detailing exactly how much Bim enjoyed each video that Mark uploaded, rolling his eyes at the flattery and finally finding the important information. He noted that the Ego’s writing had begun to get smaller and shakier as the letter went on.

‘I’ve started to feel…off. Sort of empty, like not all of me is there anymore. I understand that you’re saving the best for last-’

Dark let a huff of air pass his lips in what could be described as a rueful laugh, ignoring Wilford’s impatient shuffling as he stood back in the doorway, seemingly afraid of entering this dead room..

‘-but I don’t know how much time I have left. I’m getting worried. Poppy’s restless around me, I think she knows something is wrong. I don’t want to be forgotten, Mark. Of course, I know you and Amy will never forget me, but I don’t think that’s enough to keep me here anymore. I can’t go yet; Wilford needs me, Poppy needs me, Reginald, Mattias, Rupert, Annabelle, Thomas, Bryan, J-Fred, and all my other plants need me. I don’t know how else to say it: I’m scared and I need your help.’

The signature at the end of the letter was sloppy, lacking its usual finesse and blotched with excess ink in a few places. Dark stood there a few moments more, his mind drawing rapid conclusions, then he neatly folded the letter up and placed it back into the envelope. Then, with a quick turn on his heel, the pale Ego stepped past Wilford and Silver, ignoring their sudden questions and increasingly vehement demands for explanation. He pressed the letter into Silver’s hands as he walked past toward the exit until Wilford’s hand gripped his shoulder far too tightly and spun him around. There was murder and a surprising level of parental panic in the pink Ego’s eyes, which were frantically searching Dark’s face for any hints as to what he had read.

“Where the hell is Bim, Dark?!”

Dark let his shell splinter for a few brief moments, showing anger and a bitter sadness that made Wilford draw back in shock. Then the pale Ego adjusted his suit and looked Wilford in the eye; a small spark of sympathy in their vast depths.

“Bim is gone.”

home - us!sans x reader

So for fanfic Friday, how about us sans with an s/o in a band who just came back home from tour

pairing: sans x reader

summary: touring the world is fun, but when you see the small, blue scarf tied around your wrist…you finally feel like you’ve seen enough. it’s time to go home.

notes: oh my gosh i love writing the blueberry. he is. so pure. i love him.here u go sweet anon i give you fluffs.

You originally planned to tour throughout the winter and late into spring. 6 months of nonstop travel, to Europe and Asia, When you found out, you were extremely excited. You could take Sans with you, and show him everything he hasn’t seen with his own eyes yet! The thought of the childlike skeleton, of his joy as he’d see the world…You wanted to give him so much more, and this will do for now.

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Shore Leave: Beyond

Summary: Jim x Reader x Leonard:  It all started when the crew of the Enterprise took some much needed shore leave on Yorktown. On the first night, you decide to go out with Scotty, Jim and Bones to the local bar. It’s when Scotty calls it quits for the night that things took a turn for the..best? If “best” meant being in between the most handsome men on the U.S.S Enterprise. Nothing like a good ole romp in the sack with the Captain & Doctor, at least for one night. One night, right? Or will this be the best shore leave you ever had?

A/N: This is it guys. I don’t even know what to say, it’s been amazing and fun. Can’t believe this started as a simple imagine and just went from there. Thank you for sticking with me and I’m sad to see this one go. I hope you are all happy with the ending! Love you.

Shore Leave Masterlist

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Popcorn Ceilings

Happy really, really, really, REEEEEALLY late Birthday Alisha! @rivendell101

This was inspired by you and B’s Natsu and Gray brotpcop! AU with private investigatorLucy! …as well as that one fic of yours where drunk Lucy crashed in Natsu’s bathtub! 



His wet boot soles screeched on the polished tile, his shoulders tensing at the cacophonous noise. In his grip, the gun shifted, aim dropping lower by inches. “Oops-”

“Quiet, flamebrain.”  His partner, Gray Fullbuster hissed at his side, his own pistol still held up and ready. He had his jet black hair greased back, looking more like a misplaced business man than a cop but at least he had a sharp eye and a quick draw. Especially helpful when the power to the building was off, save for a few flickering emergency lights on a generator.

They were both going blind into the hornet’s nest so to speak.

“I was quiet!” Natsu hissed back, readjusting his pistol as if his lack of attention never happened.

Gray’s lips quirked, but Natsu knew it wasn’t from amusement. “I was talking about your yapper. Every time you open your mouth, you’re loud…and stinky.” he added as an afterthought, “Do you ever brush?”

What a dick.

“Do you ever hear the stupidity that comes out of your pea brain?” Natsu retorted in a whisper, pausing at a corner to cock his gun up. Gray followed suit on the other corner, the two of them mirroring the other in image and breathing. The first time they were truly silent and one unit.




They moved as one, twisting to point their weapons down the hall in opposite directions. Their eyes scanned and pinpointed all possible threats, index fingers poised to fire.

“Clear.” they both muttered, relaxing.

Back up just entered the opposite side. If our guys are still dumb enough to be here after we pulled the power, we’ll catch ‘em.’ A voice buzzed from their earpieces, stern and hardened from working the beat.

“10-4 Captain.” Gray murmured into the little radio on his shoulder, unable to hear any reply since it was muted. “We got the first floor almost clear. Proceed to the second.”

“Ass-kisser.” Natsu teased with an emotionless face, although the humor in his tone was hardly hidden.

“Shut it. We got this already bagged. They can take the rest.” Gray snapped, already moving down the right hall, careful not to let his boots squelch on the floor. Down the left hall, a single window offered a glance outside. Rain was still pouring down, keeping the outside light away.

Every so often, thunder rolled, shaking the very walls of the building. It shook Natsu down to the bones too, stirring up the thrill with every quiver.

“Steady. Two more rooms and we can stake at the stairwell.”

Gray huffed, adjusting his grip on the weapon. “Shouldn’t I tell you that? You are practically bouncing.”

Of course, he was also thriving with energy, his heel twitching. Not even his partner missed it. They were both ready for action, wherever it may happen.

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Originally posted by toxic-swan

Title: Time Waits For No Man
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Female!Reader.
Words: 2,009
Rating: T.


Time was always the problem. And it was time that brought her love and support, but it was also time that brought her pain and suffering. In this situation time is exactly what Emily was trying to beat.

There was less than 18 hours to find an extremely powerful and regenerative source to energize the Speed Force Bazooka. Everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs was working hard to find it, but all seemed hopeless. Emily had spent hours searching and calling in favors, that all turned out to be dead ends.

Suddenly, it dawned upon her, hitting her like a freight train. Emily rapidly started typing away at her keyboard. She held her breath and hoped to God that this would work. A moment later there was a ping on the computer. Without hesitation, Emily rolled over to the speaker.

“Cisco, please come up to the cortex. This is something you might want to see.” She spoke, trying to keep herself composed. Within a few minutes, Cisco appeared in the cortex and walked over to where she was sitting. “What did I might want to see?” Cisco asked looking at Emily expectantly as she turned around to face him.

“Well, I was thinking of any solutions to help us with the power problem after my assets couldn’t find anything and then I had an idea. What if we task the S.T.A.R. Labs satellites to scan for anything that emitted 3.86 terajoules of energy?” She explained looking up at Cisco as he crossed his arms. “Okay, what did you find?”

“I found a possible source and lucky for us it’s in Central City.”

“But…?” He asked, sensing a ‘but’. “Buuuut, the only place we can find it is at the ARGUS headquarters.” Emily responded sheepishly, pushing up her glasses. “That’s real good! Leyla could hook us up!” Cisco laughed excitedly. “Great job Emily! I’ll tell Barry, you go home and get some rest, okay? You earned it.”

Emily watched Cisco walk out of the cortex and once he was gone she sighed, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes. “Rest, huh?” She gave a humorless chuckle got out of her seat.

Emily gathered her stuff and exited the large building, walking to her car. The ride to her home peaceful and short. She walked up the steps to her apartment, her keys jingling in the silent night.

Once she was inside and away from the cold, a content sigh slipped past her lips. Emily sloppily dropped her bag on the floor, followed by her coat, and made her way to her bedroom. As soon as Emily was out of her clothes and into her pj’s, she slithered into bed and embraced the wave of exhaustion that rolled over her form.

Sleep welcomed her to its domain as sweet dreams wove their way into her mind. However, nightmares always find a way to invade and completely shatter her peace. And every time it was the same recurring nightmare.

She could see him so vividly, standing there, holding that damn button, saving all of time, and telling her he loves her. But what haunts her the most was his face. It held so much pain. His eyes, pooled with sadness and longing. They stared into her soul and burned her that day. That was how the nightmare usually ended. With his crystal blue eyes staring deeply into her own emerald ones.

Emily sat up with a start, sweat dripping down her forehead, heart racing a mile a minute. She sighed and looked over to her clock that sat on the night stand. It was currently 8:00 am, which means she slept about 4 hours give or take. That is more than she has slept since his death.

Determining she probably couldn’t fall back asleep, Emily decided to take a nice soothing shower to ease the her tense and aching muscles.

By the time she was done it was 8:20 am. This particular morning was chilly so Emily grabbed a gray sweater, some black leggings, and a pair of white socks. After she was done dressing down, Emily threw her hair up in a messy bun and made her way to her kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

Once she was done with breakfast, Emily put on her black converse, and headed out, wallet and keys in hand.

Halfway down the stairs of her apartment, Emily felt a sudden weight of dread settling in the pit of her stomach. She paused for a moment assessing her discomfort. However, Emily deemed that her unsettling feeling of dread did not hold as much importance as saving Iris’ life.

On her way to S.T.A.R. Labs, the feeling increased ten times fold. Once more she pushed it aside and continued her drive. When she arrived it was 10:00. Emily dragged herself through the lobby and to the elevator.

Before she joined everyone else in the cortex she stopped for a cup of coffee. There she saw Tracy, probably making her 5th cup of coffee. “Emily! Good morning!” Tracy beamed. Emily gave her a lazy smile. “Morning Tracy.”

“Come here for a cup of coffee, I see.”

“Yeah, I didn’t feel like stopping at Jitters for some hot chocolate so I settled for the S.T.A.R Labs brand coffee.” She replied, pouring the coffee into a beige mug. After putting in some sugar and stirring it, she headed towards the cortex. “Ooh! Emily, could you tell Barry that we’re out of coffee and he needs to order some more!?” Tracy called out towards Emily’s retreating figure.

“Sure!” Emily called back, taking a huge gulp of her coffee to properly wake her up. As she neared the corner, she could her several voices speaking, and a deeper one that sounded very familiar.

“Hey, Barry, Tracy says we’re out of coffee and that you should b-” Emily began but was soon cut off by the sight in front of her. “Len…” She gasped almost inaudibly. He half empty mug hit the floor and splattered pieces of ceramic and coffee all around her.

Everyone’s attention turned to her as she stared unwaveringly at Leonard. He stared back and a look of confusion flashed on his face but it was gone as fast as it came.

A long moment of silence passes before Leonard clears his throat. “Awkward. I can see you all have a lot to talk about. I’ll be down in your lab getting everything ready.” He says looking briefly at Cisco before turning his gaze back to Emily. Leonard stayed there for a second then made his way to Cisco’s lab.

“Barry, are you out of your mind?” Iris started once Leonard was out of earshot. “I thought he was with the Legends.” Stated Joe. “He is.” Barry answered, his hands firmly grasping his hips. “No, he dead.” Cisco said, catching his words too late before a wave of regret hit him. He looked toward Emily who looked like she was about to cry. “Cisco…”  Iris whispered. “I’m sorry Emily, I didn’t me-” He began, but Emily cut him off.

“Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?” She looked at Barry sending him a harsh glare. “How could you bring him here Barry?” Said man looked at Emily with eyes full of remorse. “Emily, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think of how this would affect you.”

“No, Barry, you didn’t think. That was your problem. This doesn’t just affect me. It affects time. There will be consequences for this. This could cause so many problems Barry! You’re lucky he knows how to keep his mouth shut.” Rage seethed out of Emily.

“Emily I think tha-” H.R. started but was also cut off. “No, I’m sorry Barry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.” She said, rubbing her face. “It’s alright. But if you need someone to ta-”

“What I need is just a minute to recompose myself. Alone.”

With that, Emily exited the cortex and jogged past Cisco’s lab towards the Speed Lab. Unfortunately for her, Leonard saw her rush past Cisco’s lab in a hurry. Having the sudden urge to follow her, Leonard abandoned the white board he was writing on, and followed Emily to the Speed Lab.

When Leonard entered the Speed Lab his gazed went straight to Emily who stood in the middle of the room with her back to him, hugging herself tightly. A small sob escaped her lips as she held a hand to her mouth to muffle any other painful cries.

“Emily.” Leonard called, making her gasp and hurriedly wipe the tears that stained her cheeks, putting her glasses back on, before turning around to face him. “Yes?” She replied, moving her left hand to hang off on her right hip as her right hand went to play with the necklace of Leonard’s ring he gave her just before he died. He was silent for a minute as he observed Emily. Leonard was always adept at reading people and noticing the small differences in their body language.

Emily for one, is usually more confident and her pose suggested so. However in this case, she was holding herself as if she was insecure. Her usually bright and shiny eyes were now dark and dull. The bags under her eyes suggest that she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long while. Emily’s face also held no trace of her beautiful smile but instead was replaced by a frown. She also looked a bit older.

Once Leonard was done picking out the differences he made a conclusion that this isn’t Emily from his time, rather Emily from the future. “You aren’t my Emily, are you?” He drawled, but the look in his eyes said that he already knew. Emily gave a breathless chuckle and sniffled. “No, I’m not.” A small silence filtered through the room as he still gazed at her intently.

Emily cast her eyes down too look at the ring in her fingers. She couldn’t bear to look at him, not when he wasn’t the same Len.

Leonard followed her gaze only to see that she was fiddling with his ring. He briefly glanced down at his pinky finger, the same ring glinting in the sunlight that shone through the windows. “Future Leonard, he meant something to you, didn’t he?”

Emily nodded weakly, a few tear escaping her eyes. “What happened then?” Leonard drawled out, stepping closer to her. “You know I can’t tell you that.” Her voice cracked.

“Must have been something terrible I presume.” A sigh escaped his lips, as he leaned on one foot. “You have no idea.” Emily whispered more to herself than to Leonard.

“Well if there’s one thing I sure, it’s that you’ll move past it as you always do, presuming you’re still stubborn?” A hearty laugh made its way up her throat as she looked up at him. His eyes still held that unmistakable mischief and thrill along with the sadness that hid behind all of that confidence.

Emily’s eyes brightened slightly, regaining some of its former brilliance. “Thank you.”

“For what?” He smirked, towering over her. Truth be told, this version of Leonard had attracted some sort of feelings for his Emily. The way she challenged him all the time and how she always had a sharp tongue to match his sarcasm, made him look at her in a completely new light.

“For being you.” She replied smiling softly at him. “Who else would I be if not myself?” Leonard quickly retorted. Emily snorted and kissed his cheek. When she pulled back his smirk had widened a bit. “I think you missed doll.” He raised a hand to his mouth and tapped a finger against his lips. Rolling her eyes, Emily brushed past him and out of the lab calling back to him. “Save it for your Emily! I know she’d like it.”

“Good to know.” Leonard said watching Emily’s back retreat. He chuckled huskily shaking his head. Well it looks like he has a theory to test when he gets back to the Waverider.

Okay! This is the longest one-shot I’ve written so far and I’m so sorry it’s late! I also know this isn’t really an x reader but you can totally imagine yourself in her place. I bestow this gift as a happy belated birthday to a very good and close friend AND fellow tumblr user. She whished to stay anonymous so I will respect her wishes. Sorry for any typos and enjoy!

anonymous asked:

Not a fic request more like thinking a loud but like, what if like everyday grindelwald comes to Graves's cell and asks, pain or pleasure? He lets graves choose. Pain is crucio, memories torn from him, nerves on fire, but there's dignity. Pleasure is grindelwald's mouth on his cock, grindelwald fucking him to a mess, leaving him sleepless and ashamed but not hurthurthurt, graves hates himself for stuttering out 'pleasure', he's so weak and pathetic

B-b-but Anon, how could I resist such a lovely idea? Hot. FUCKING. 

DAMN. Graves counts the days easily, because Grindelwald visits him like clockwork. Every night, after work, whiskey hot on his tongue, Grindelwald releases him in a twirl of smoke from his cigarette case prison and brings him to his knees on the plush carpet of his library. His clothes are in tatters, his wrists bound behind his back in a pair of thorny elegant cuffs; cuffs that tighten if he uses magic, poison on their tips that paralyze him for an hour or two when he tries. His feet are bare, his stubble is growing in, his hair is an untidy parody of the precise and meticulous look Grindelwald has stolen from him.

But for a moment, he basks in the feel of the fire place’s warmth at his back and closes his eyes - he knows what is to come. It makes the mere seconds of bliss all the more worth cherishing. 

“What will it be tonight, Mr. Graves?” Grindelwald asks clinically, neither cold nor warm nor particularly entertained. He knows what Graves will choose. It is what he has chosen every night since his capture. “Pain or Pleasure?”

When Graves swallows, it clicks dry in his throat. He clenches his jaw and slowly opens his eyes to glare at his enemy.


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I'm your new follower and love your writing already 💕💕💕 so could I request Aomine scenario when he's coming home from work only to find his pregnant wife is nowhere to be found, and she's on the bathroom because her waters broke.. They have twins!! But with his skin tone ;)

I’m not entirely familiar with this sort of situation, but I’ll do my best! (I hope I got stuff right, I made Aomine wait out so I can skip writing the labor process as I don’t have any clue on how it goes) ( ◞・౪・)

Fair notice that I think this is mild humor, even if I don’t know whether you guys would consider this funny. Sorry if this is not what you want, anon! Hit me up if you want a serious rewrite.

(I’m not in any way making fun of the process of giving birth. Something just came over me and I wrote it this way. Apologies in advance in case someone finds this offensive or anything.)

He furrows his brows when an empty, dark apartment greets him, your usual greeting absent though he called for you. He wonders where you’re at, police instincts making him slightly wary. Aomine maneuvers perfectly around the room despite the minimal lighting, reaching the closed door of your shared bedroom in the hallway. He opens it, noticing the light from the bathroom turned on. Then he hears a groan—your groan.

“__________!” Aomine calls out, panic overwhelming his head as he barges in the bathroom, a hand unconsciously hovering over his gun holster.

“Daiki,” you reply weakly, yet your face show surprise at your husband’s presence. You didn’t hear him enter the house. He doesn’t waste a second in assisting your propped up form against the bathroom counter.

“I got home early,” he says, as if you telepathically asked him a question, “what happened?!”

“My water broke,” you answer, face contorted in pain as you rest a hand on your belly. He somehow realizes what is happening halfway through your words, already guiding you to the door. “We need… to go to the—”

“The hospital, yes, I know, oh my God,” he mumbles fervently, probably feeling more horrified and nervous than you are despite the strength of his hands’ grip on you. You would laugh if not for the situation that you are in and the pain between your legs.

He is pacing back and forth, a knuckle on his mouth acting as a chew toy to calm down his apparent anxiety, but it’s clear from his face and his twitching legs that it’s not doing anything to calm him down. It has been exactly one and a half hours since your water broke back in the bathroom of your apartment, and his panic has nothing but increased. He insisted on going in the room with you, only earning a weak glare from you and an equally weak “you can’t handle this, Daiki”. He remembers deadpanning at that—you’re not exactly doing so well to say that to him—but now he’s just consumed with dread. How are you holding up? How much pain are you feeling right now?

Thoughts are abruptly killed when an assisting nurse nearly slams the door open, alerting not only him, but other people in the hallway. Aomine visibly jerks at the sudden sound. He can hear your heavy panting and the doctor’s “Push! Push!” from inside the room.

“The second one is coming,” the nurse said, her completely neutral face a perfect, comical juxtaposition to the jittery husband that is Aomine. Before he can even restate his want to get in there and be with you and hold your hand and wipe the sweat out of your face, she closes the door back with a second equally loud slam, effectively cutting off the sound of you. Right, as if she’d let him in in the middle of labor. 

Shit, shit, shit, he curses inwardly, not knowing that his mouth is silently wrapping over each syllable so clearly that a deaf person could probably hear the hissing. You sounded like you’re in so much pain, from the snippet he heard.

Another hour later, Aomine is sure his legs just got slightly buffer and footwork slightly speedier from all the pacing in the hallway, earning various looks from other people in the hospital. It seems like an eternity for him until the door slowly creaks open. It’s the same nurse looking at him with the same face, yet he can sense that she seems relieved despite the ever-neutral face.

“Congratulations,” she says, almost sighing. The nurse steps aside, and at that moment Aomine realizes he is allowed to enter the room. He sprints inside, though the action is not necessary, as it takes less than fifteen steps from his position in the hallway to the side of your bed. His face contorts with worry as he kneels beside your bed, hand cupping your face.

“Baby, baby,” he murmurs, stroking your cheek lovingly.

“Mhmm, baby alright,” you mutter sarcastically, betraying how your heart is full with happiness. Aomine doesn’t even send a pointy glare at you, knowing exactly what you’re feeling, because he’s feeling it too—not because you’re leaning tiredly into his hands and clasping your hand around his.

“Two healthy boys,” the doctor announces with a beam on her face, handing both you and your husband the now not bloody babies. They look like fluffy cherub wraps, you conclude—obviously the physical tiredness has done a number to your brain as well. You realize that they have Aomine’s skin color, slightly tanned, which makes you think they look more like fluffy potato wraps. 

“What did you just say?” Aomine whispers, confusion apparent on his face, and you know you just said ‘fluffy potato wraps’ out loud.

“Nothing,” you whisper back, eyes tearing up at the baby in your arms. His face immediately softens—it’s easy to ignore the bizarre phrase you just uttered and blame it to the labor you went through, but he’s not going to live this one down. He’ll probably whisper ‘fluffy potato wraps’ at you in the future, and while you’re doing the do, to amplify the effect.

All thoughts are quickly thrown out the window when Aomine hears his son gurgle incoherently. The sound is so cute that his heart almost jumps out of his chest, and the reality of him having two sons sink in. 

He’s a father now. He’s going to take care of these two boys, changing their diaper, waking up in the middle of the night to feed them when they’re hungry. By probably ten months he’s going to hear them say their first word, and before he knows it, they’ll be running around the apartment playing tag, going to school and pouting over homework. Then, they’ll grow up, have a crush, get their heartbroken. He’ll watch as they graduate and go to college or get a job, and hopefully he’ll still be around to watch them and their grandchildren. 

Realizing the hotness of his sapphire eyes, he blinks, hoping to take the tears back where they come from. He looks over to you, eyes still slightly glossy and a hand on your cheek.

“You did great, __________.”

“Mmm,” you smile softly. His breath stops at his throat at how lovely you look, sweaty and tired in your hospital gown, and at that moment he says the vows he said to you on your wedding day in his thoughts. “You’ll be a great dad, Daiki.”

“You think so?” He asks.

“Yeah, I think so.”

A comfortable silence wraps around the two of you like a blanket, save for the occasional cries of the babies, while you and Aomine admire your children. You feel joy like never before (actually, your wedding felt kind of like this, too), and it’s as if everything in the world is right…

No, wait.


“Yeah, babe?”

“Did you lock the door to our apartment?”

“What the—”

“I’m just joking. What are we going to name them?”   

The Boy

Summary: Reader is new to Alexandria and questions wether or not they will stay.


Word count: 1,823


Warnings: none


Pairing: Carl x Reader




You didn’t know what you thought about this place, if you wanted to stay. However, you’d only been here for 2 days and hadn’t even left your room yet, not even to eat. You were, in a way, scared of their lifestyle and the possibility that things could be normal again, that you’d see people making spaghetti in their kitchens, taking a hot shower whenever you wanted. It didn’t feel real after being alone for the past year. It was so strange how these people could act so much like people acted before when there was hell going on outside their walls, when anything could happen at any minute.


You remember a woman, Carol, you believed was her name, and you think back to yesterday when you saw her from your window with a warm container of cookies, handing them out to everyone she saw. You remember thinking ‘why did she waste all those ingredients on cookies when they could have been used for actual food?’ You didn’t and still don’t understand how their supply is as large as it is but even then, they shouldn’t waste it on things like cookies, they should save it and make it last as long as humanly possible. Yet they act like their supply is infinite and continue to pretend everything is fine while letting people take what they want, not thinking of what will happen when someone wants to take something that is no longer there.


From the past year by yourself, you’d learned a good bit about surviving and this was not it. When you stumbled upon the gates of Alexandria you thought it would be just another community of scared people with guns sitting around a campfire but you found the complete opposite. There was no fire and there was no fear, only contentment and ease, and that scared you because even when things are good, you still have to be afraid. It’s how you survive. You believed these people had let their guard down because they found a safe place which could end up getting them all killed. But suddenly, a knock on the door startled you from your thoughts.


“Come in,” you breathed, catching your breath and trying to hide the fact that you were just thinking about how unprepared this community was.


You were greeted by a man with a small smile on his face. He had a beard and curly hair, a strong build and he wore a green t-shirt and jeans with a pair of brown boots. “Hey,” he greeted. “I’m Rick, I kinda run things around here, along with some other people, and we just want to make sure you’re doing okay, I mean you haven’t left this room in two days,” he continued.


“Well, you and the other guys don’t need to worry. I’m fine,” you stated, but he didn’t give up just yet.


“Y/n look, we’ve all been out there, and it changes you. Can make your mind go off on its own, make you think things that aren’t right okay. We’ve all been through that and we just want to help you get through it.”


“I said I’m fine, really. And you don’t need to tell me what it’s like out there, trust me, I know. I’ve been out there for a year,” you explained, earning a shocked expression.


“A year?,” he questioned. You nodded, unsure of why this was so new to him. How long did he think you were out there?


“Okay then,” he scoffed,“ why don’t you come join us for dinner tonight,” he said as more of an order than an invitation, then left the room.


You got up, changed into some clothes that had been left for you in the nightstand next to the bed, fixed your hair and headed downstairs to be greeted by a happy Maggie, the woman you were assigned to stay with.


“Hey Y/n, you coming to dinner?,” she asked.


“Umm, yeah. I guess,” you answered, still undecided if you actually wanted to go.


“That’s great? You wanna walk together?,” she offered.


“Actually, I wanted to look around a bit first, if that’s okay?,” you tried your best not to be rude.


“Of course,” she nodded with a smile, then headed towards the door.


Once she left you realized that you hadn’t even really looked around the house you were assigned, partly due to the fact that your first impression of them wasn’t too bright. You slowly paced around, gazing at the small decorations sprawled around on the walls, and ran your fingers along the counters when you reached the kitchen. However, your inspection was put on hold when you heard a small group of people talking outside which makes you remember the original plan: go to Rick’s for dinner.


You finally made your way to the door, your fingers lingering on the knob. You hated to admit it but you were anxious about the dinner. Everyone knew you were a stranger and you’d be the center of attention since you hadn’t even really talked to anyone in the community. But you took a deep breath, and set off.


As you began walking down the street you saw other small groups of people heading towards what you assumed was Ricks house, so you followed behind since you weren’t keen on asking someone where to go. As you walked, a boy holding a little girl caught your attention. What intrigued you was the bandage around his eye. You couldn’t help but stare which backfired when he caught you in the act, but even then you didn’t look away. He gave a small smile before turning his attention back to the girl in his arms.


You continued slowly walking behind the other people until you saw them turn and walk into a house with blue shutters and a white front door. Also, the boy was now ahead of you and he headed into that hour as well. Not far behind him, you cautiously approached the house, preparing yourself to go in. Once you took some deep breaths you turned the shiny knob and walked inside to be greeted with blank stares and a small gesture for Rick to sit down at the table. There was only one seat not taken and it next to the boy you saw outside, and he now had the little girl on his lap.


After a moment of awkward silence Rick spoke up and told everyone to quit staring and eat, which they gladly did. The dinner probably would have been the best meal you’d had since you’d been out on your own, if the others wouldn’t have badgered you with questions. Although you understood their curiosity, they could have at least let you eat in peace.


One woman asked, “How long have you been out there?” Another asked, “How old are you, Y/n?” A woman with short brown hair, Maggie, asked if you had any family.


“So, you’re 17, you don’t have any family that you know of, and you’ve been out there for a year?,” a lady with thick, curly hair reassessed. You nodded in response, still trying to enjoy the meal in front of you.


After that, everyone was silent for a moment before their stares turned into looks of remorse and pity, which you hated. You didn’t want these people feeling bad for you because that would make them make things easy on you and nothing was easy in this world anymore.


But thankfully, after a few more minutes of silence, which you were grateful for because you got to finish eating peacefully, the people started introducing themselves and making small talk. The first to introduce them self was Sasha, the woman with the curly hair. Then was Maggie, whom you already sort of knew since you were staying with her. After Maggie, came Morgan, a man who hadn’t said a word the entire night.


Next was Daryl and Carol, and then Michonne, a woman with dreads who sat holding Ricks hand under the table, which you could tell by how close they were sitting and how close her arm was to his. Lastly, Rick introduced himself again. You were waiting for the boy to stand up but he never did. After the ice-breaking, everyone talked for another hour or so and then everyone left to go back to their houses.


You began walking alone, but you were stopped by a voice.


“Hey,” it said from behind you. It sounded like it came from a male, maybe not much older than you. You turned around to see the boy with the bandage but this time he wasn’t carrying the little girl.


“Where’s the little girl?,” you inquired, trying to figure out her connection to the boy.


“She’s with my dad,” he answered, now walking closer to you. “Do you wanna go for a walk?,” he offered, which surprised you as you didn’t even know him.


“Sure,” you smiled, intrigued by this boy whose name you didn’t even know.


You started walking down the street, side by side, and your curiosity was killing you.


“So what’s the deal with the kid?,” you blurted, earning a laugh from him.


“What do you mean?,” he chuckled.


“Like, she’s not yours, so what is she to you?,” you asked, determined to get an answer out of him.


“She’s my little sister,” he replied, still laughing. “You thought she was mine? How old do I look?”


“You never know these days,” you shrugged, now laughing as well.


You continued to walk, the moonlight shining onto your skin as you did, and you looked around you to see all the houses with their lights out and the trees swaying in the distance. After a while, you decided to ask about what happened to him.


“If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to-,” you tried but he finished the sentence for you.


“My eye?,” he completed, unenthused.


“Yea,” you answered, now regretting asking the question.


“There was this kid, he hated me and it was all because of his dad- it’s a long story for another time. Anyway, the kid shot me in the eye, and now I have to wear this bandage,” he concluded.


“Holy shit,” was all you could say. You’d done things, but not solely based on hate for that person. You only killed if they tried to kill you first, and that was that. “So where’s this guy now?,” you asked, sounding more defensive than you intended.


“He’s dead,” he sighed. You nodded solemnly, showing your sympathy.


“Well I think you’re pretty cool, even with the bandage,” you reassured. For a moment, he looked directly at you, his blue eye staring into yours, but quickly looked away.


“Thanks,” he smiled.


“So, what’s your name, anyway?,” you questioned, realizing that you still didn’t know what to call him.


“Carl,” he replied.


Maybe you could stay here after all.

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