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Just finished watching “The Void” (2016) on Netflix, and it was excellent, definitely one of my newest favorite horror movies.

Mix together the Thing, Hellraiser, Dead Space, and add some strong influences of H. P. Lovecraft… And you get this movie. I highly recommend it to any horror fan.

DANCE MAJORS AU. (Part 1, Part 1.5, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3 finale) 
Contemporary Ballet Dancer Shiro is someone everyone admires and basically Everyone’s Crush™ but he already have his eyes set on a certain new hip-hop dancer recruit next door who’s always wearing red. He doesn’t have the guts to ask him out–at all. However, he asks if he could teach him hip-hop dancing. 

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I’m sorry but who said that white girls can’t look good with dreadlocks?!

My PERSONAL PREFERENCE is that I like dreads on white girls.

Any race can have whatever hair style they want, white girl wants dreads? She can have them. Black girl wants bleached blonde hair? She can have it. Hair is hair.

Hair is not cultural appropriation!

Have it however the fuck you want it and what ever style you want it.

Got the photos from my first set for suicide girls back. Tuesday I will be uploading them. Here is a little teaser!! I will be posting more once I reach 1000 followers (only like 50 away so share the c rap out of this 🙃)
-photo by angels photography