When Rachel came in on Saturday, I thought it was for a wedding updo trial. Turns out this extremely calm bride was on her way to get hitched ASAP, and trusted ‘Stine to give her something super pretty and just a little bit wild for her outdoor park ceremony! She looked beautiful in the shop, and we’re all looking forward to seeing the real-deal photos from the wedding! Congratulations! 

Teeno (of Etsy’s cutest shop, Woodland Creatures) is old-school KB. She’s been coming in since the early days of the Knotty Boy Lock Shop, long before the big switch. She’s gradually whittled down the number of dreads over the last few years, from a full head to just the couple you see on the sides in the first pic; she’s also morphed from black/purple tones to this AMAZING blue-green since the last visit.

‘Stine colour-matched the extensions for Teeno’s new dreads (and I’m calling it 'Tako Teal’, obviously.)

Austen sent us an update photo! She chose to braid her loose hair separately, instead of to the wool dread itself; it makes for an interesting texture difference. Each side of her double dreads is 50 cm long, and she’s got 55 of them. It’s pretty much the biggest (but surprisingly light) ponytail ever!

Love your ‘locks but like a little extra length? 

The Dreadquarters is hosting Knotty Boy’s Loctician Training Workshop once again, and I need a MODEL for Dreadlock Extensions. Totally seamless length for over 50% off regular price? Yes please! 

Ideal candidate has well maintained dreads mature enough to hold together without wax, patience, an awesome attitude, and needs to be available in Vancouver for Sunday, October 21st. If you’re interested, email me at info@thedreadquarters.com!