longroadstonowhere  asked:

hey, do you have any good danny phantom fic recs? maybe like a top five if you've got a ton of them

oh boy do I! nothing recent, sadly, but I’ve got these three posts of recs (one and two and threefrom like, a while ago. they still hold up. also my whole fic rec tag is full of stuff that might not be on those lists, but it’s also just. full. of stuff, so it’s a bit more work.

for a quick 5, I can fire off a couple quick for the three most recent things I’ve bookmarked on ao3 just for fun and variety:

  • Toast by catalystofthesoul- Valerie centric because she is still the queen.
  • Issue #248 by Dreadmartha - vlad/jack/maddie is the fuckin BOMB DIGGITY, I’m sorry I’m so bad at shipping anyway there’s things in it that make me feel emotions and that’s the important part

and a couple of the classics:

  • Phantom of Truth by @haikujitsu - high octane MADDIE WHAT THE FUCK fuel (haikujitsu is also a blanket rec)
  • Jeremiad, Anathema, Benediction, and Indemnification by firefury amahira    - BECAUSE I STILL LOVE THIS SERIES Dan is such an interesting character and I haven’t seen him so thoroughly investigated anywhere else. idk if they’re classics to anyone other than me but they’re like. my all time favorites, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

a bit more than five, especially if you include the lists, but there’s no kill like overkill, right?