I’ve always been really pale, with blonde eyebrows, eyelashes and almost a transparent skin, so whenever I don’t wear make up I’m quite pale. To some that’s how a sick person look, so I’ve often been asked if I’m okay. Haha

When I was younger I hated the fact that I was so pale all year around, but it’s something I’ve grown to accept and deal with.
I’m a pale freckled ginger that get sunburned after just 30 minutes in the sun, but that’s me.

We all have something we struggle with that can make us feel insecure. (This is just one of mine)

I thought it was about time for me to post a new #nomakeup photo, because it’s important to show you that I’m not perfect. I use make up to give my face some color, to mark where my eyebrows are and to give my face some contrast.

We need to do our best to embrace our individual beauty, because imagine if we all looked the same? How boring would that be?

jynxeddraca asked:

I have a question about dreadlocks and the military but I'm not sure who to ask. I have a fantasy race where dreadlocks are common but so are mandatory military terms. How well would dreads fare in an ancient style military?

Dreadlocks in the Military

Dreads can fit under helmets and can also be pulled back depending on the length. Thick headbands are another option you could explore.

~ Mod Brei

I’ve discussed dreads in Black Hair Styles for the Apocalypse as one of the more practical styles (for Black/natural hair) to fair in such a circumstance. Though not necessarily a military setting, there are similarities in regards to both settings usually requiring some sweating, consistent movement, fighting, etc, so that tells you something!

~Mod Colette