dreadlocked hair


An interviewer suggested a black man cut his braids in order to look more professional and get hired

When applying for a job in Austin, Texas, Savion J. Wright explained in a Facebook post, he was “floored” to hear that he’d have to cut his hair — which he’s been growing out for nine years — to get the job. The perception that a black person’s hair is somehow less professional than a white person’s remains unfortunately widespread. On Thursday, Alabama even ruled in favor of upholding a disturbingly racist regulation about dreadlocks.

I love our hair: the color, the texture, the kink, the wave, the way we choose to style it. This is an ode to Black hair. Thank you Afro Punk for creating a safe space for some of the most beautiful Black people i’ve ever seen to come together and be ourselves. 
photography x courtney harvier
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