dreadlock shampoo

New Dreadlocks Shampoo

So I’ve been working on dreads for about 4-5 months now, and the hair is still pretty loose in some places. One could say they are “baby” locks. :) 

And because I only know one other person who’s dreading by using the same method as I am, I found it really hard to like get any other view points on what they should be like. Whenever I first started this little adventure, I was told to use Dr. Bronners 18-1 Soap. This product works wonders for just getting your hair to stick together. And it did smell good, but it didn’t stop my hair from smelling weird over time. 

Even with a lot of diluting, the soap still left my hair kind of oily and not too pleasant to touch. One thing I can appreciate about this product is how well it assisted in the “locking” process of my dreads. 

So I scanned the internet. After reading rave reviews about a so called baking soda cleanse, I got really excited. I looked up a recipe and ordered the essential oils needed to make this concoction. I used Tea Tree oil, and Lavender oil (to discourage mold growth), baking soda and water in my little mixture. Mixed them all together in a gallon container and poured it over my locks. Waited 10-15 minutes just letting it soak in. 

I rinsed my hair pretty well, going through routine as usual. And then dried it like any other day. 

My hair is soooooo soft… So clean. So light. Smells wonderful. Couldn’t recommend a better system. We’ll see how this one goes. SO FAR, SO GOOD! 

Goodbye Dr. Bronners (for now, we’ll see what happens.) 

Happy dreading!