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who's your favorite infj character?

That is tough because they are so tied.

Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful

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The show really reveals all aspects of the INFJ. They are not all saints and struggle with darkness like all people. She is a devilish INFJ in the best of ways. 

Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks)

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Cooper shows the investigative and logical side of the INFJ. But my favorite thing he shows is how INFJs can keep going deeper into situations they may not approve of later, but haven’t made up their minds about. They want to know more before they want to necessarily do what is right. It is that Ni before Fe.

Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons)

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She is my hero and there is almost 30 years of contents that explores so many different aspects and behaviors of an INFJ. Also, she shows the conflict of the INFJ of selfishness and selflessness.

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hey please don't reblog from sixpenceee she's kind of actually awful. she exploits stories about mentally ill people, steals content, and exploits mentally ill teens in an "advice commissions" service that's illegal since she isn't a licensed psychologist

You know I literally was looking at a post about that when you sent this. Thank for letting me know, I deleted it! (It is nice to include details about the post though I reblog a lot of stuff - luckily it was still close to the top! - mostly adding this for future reference for ppl)

You guys are more than welcome to let me know when I reblog things from problematic people!!


Fully in my element at the medieval market in Jork❤
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friendly reminder that daenerys has no right to the iron throne and that her family were 90% conquerors and butchers

though elia, rhaenys, and aegon should not have been killed (and robert baratheon was a cock) the targaryen dynasty was rightfully deposed

you can’t win people over by promising them basically nothing in exchange for their loyalty except not burning them alive with your dragons


bellamy is a leader. he inspires people. he has jaha’s metaphorical baton.

and he’s the one that knows about what’s been happening on the ark and on earth, unlike the new group of penal mining colonists they’re going to encounter (captives to leaders, anyone?)

maybe he won’t be quite the same bellamy we remember, perhaps he’ll be harder and less emotional and using his head instead of his heart and never forgetting the girl he left behind on the ground

bellamy blake, living in the vein of the dread pirate roberts

living, and leading, and fighting his way back to her, the girl that has spent the last 2199 days trying to talk to him over a radio, the heart he left behind and will find his way back to