dreadfully ever after

since, this is a whatever blog, I figured I’d share the book I read recently: Dreadfully Ever After. If you’re not familiar with the precursors to this one: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies or Dawn of the Dreadfuls, they’re all parodies of the classic Pride and Prejudice (which I also read) written by Jane Austen. Seth Grahame-Smith wrote these three in addition to another parody Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter which, can you guess, I’ve read.

I was introduced to these weird, horrific parodies by my australian uncle when he was visiting. While, I don’t think everyone will respond well to these parodies, I did. I think its a great spin on a great, but albeit boring Austen classic. They provide humor, while managing to stay true to the story line. Some parts do feel like a huge stretch just to connect the new spin with the traditional story line. The best of the series is the original P&P&Z, the rest feel way to forced at times.

Lastly, if you’re bored and the zombies didn’t quench you’re thirst for sci fi/classical Jane Austen mix ups try Sense and Sensibility and Sea monsters. I liked it more because Dashwood sisters were always more likeable then the Bennets (besides Lizzy of course).