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 Eva Green is one of the few talented actresses with a range that can really pull off anything she wants. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant and  It’s hard not to fall in love with her amazingly depicted characters. I made this as a tribute in appreciation of her fine acting. @grandtalelover
These are some of the fav characters of her, I can’t explain why… but I just like them! :D


The United States Of Horror Movies

“What a shame. You’d be a great mum.”

What on earth are you basing that on, kind stranger? Because from over here, I don’t know if my short supply of patience, tremendous reliance on copious alone time, general weariness regarding childlike things and lifelong aversion to mess and noise really make me a likely contender for Parent of the Year.

Why do people throw out these meaningless sentiments? Think of all the truly great mothers who work tirelessly towards the well-being and happiness of their children - how dreadful for them to be tossed in the same bag as me, who believes children are a sort of pestilent vomiting monkey.

Why is this often the only compliment that women receive? Nobody has ever told me I’d be a great firefighter, or a great doctor, or a great explorer.

Let’s say I was talking to a new acquaintance, and told her I wouldn’t really want to be a marine biologist. How weird would it be for her to insist, knowing almost nothing about me, that actually she thinks I would be a marvellous marine biologist? Especially if our previous conversation had involved how I like neither fish, nor boats, nor wearing a wet-suit, and nor do I ever want to learn to like them.

And yet people reassure me of my obvious suitability for motherhood on a regular basis.

teenaged!Sarada headcanons.
  • Sarada grows a cherry tomato plant on the balcony of the house for her father and makes sure her younger siblings help take care of it.
  • Sarada picks the kids up from school (and since my headcanon has Sakura having a pair of twin boys and another girl at some point); She puts her sister on her shoulders and holds the boys’ hands while walking home.  They often pass Ino’s flower shop and Tenten’s store and find themselves distracted by pretty flowers and cool swords.
  • Sarada does most of the cooking, not only because Sakura is busy with her work, but because Sakura’s cooking still is not the best.
  • When Sasuke is home, she tries to let him have as much time with the kids as possible, so she comes off as being distant towards him.  However, she wakes up early so she can spend a bit of time with him before he leaves for work.
  • Sarada makes it her goal to join the police academy before becoming Hokage and protect the families of Konoha from within after she learns of her family’s connection to Police Force.  Sasuke is secretly very happy about this and tells her stories about Fugaku and his time as an officer like his mom did for him.
  • Sarada has a not-so-secret crush on the Hokage, though it’s innocent really.  Sasuke is mortified.
  • Naruto pats Sarada on the head and says “she’s more beautiful than he ever hoped for.”  Sasuke interjects with a proud “of course she is, idiot.”  Sarada gets flustered as they banter about her openly. 
  • Sasuke glares menacingly at any male who glances in Sarada’s general direction.  Sarada acts angry but is really pleased that he cares so much.
  • Kakashi jokes that “Sarada may be the woman of his dreams that he was waiting for all along.”  Sakura struggles to hold Sasuke back from throwing the nearest object at him. 
  • Boruto and Mitsuki each give Sarada homemade chocolate on White Day.  Sasuke tries to eat it all but gets sick later because he hates sweets.  Sarada joking gives her father chocolate-covered cherry tomatoes.  Sasuke scream internally but eats it anyways for Sarada’s sake.

“People feel reassured when they put others in a box, put a label on it and of course I have this label saying ‘femme fatale, Gothic.’ I feel like I’m so not like this and I’ve done other things as well. When I hear the word ‘dark’ I don’t know what it means. For me, I like dense, complex stuff, I want something intense so maybe that is dark but I don’t want to be typecast. That’s quite scary and actually the movie that I just did with Alicia Vikander (Euphoria), I don’t look very sexy in it and there’s no kind playing the femme fatale.” Eva Green

  • Me: *takes deep breath*
  • Me: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love Eva Green, we know, you love Eva Green so much, She's the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Eva Green, we KNOW, you love Eva Green you fucking love Eva Green, ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE EVA GREEN. WE GET IT.

and I chose both. (insp x)

King Crimson - In The Wake Of Poseidon

Plato’s spawn cold ivied eyes
Snare truth in bone and globe.
Harlequins coin pointless games
Sneer jokes in parrot’s robe.
Two women weep, Dame Scarlet Screen
Sheds sudden theater rain,
Whilst dark in dream the Midnight Queen
Knows every human pain.

In air, fire, earth and water
World on the scales.
Air, fire, earth and water
Balance of change
World on the scales
On the scales.

Bishop’s kings spin judgment’s blade
Scratch “Faith” on nameless graves.
Harvest hags Hoard ash and sand
Rack rope and chain for slaves
Who fireside fear fermented words
Then rear to spoil the feast;
Whilst in the aisle the mad man smiles
To him it matters least.

Heroes hands drain stones of blood
To whet the scaling knife.
Magi blind with visions light
Net death in dread of life.
Their children kneel in Jesus till
They learn the price of nails,
Whilst all around our mother earth
Waits balanced on the scales.