Stiles Season 5 Doctor Theory

Okay so spoilers galore here. But what if the Doctors are here to do experiments but also to try and recruit Stiles to be a Doctor.

Like given Theo doesn’t seem to care if Scott lives or dies judging by what he said in the promo for episode 10 - and he wants a pack out of this and that’s all. Well there’s easier ways to do that. Wait til Scott’s asleep. Kill him in his sleep. Leave, make a pack. Or just behave nice until Scott lets him in.

Which suggests a lot of his manipulating has been for the Doctors sake.

And who is he trying to manipulate into a corner until he’s all alone and emotionally vulnerable? Who is it that he doesn’t seem interested in killing even though he totally could really easily?

Oh that’s right - Stiles.

So seeing as Theo has literally no good reason to care about Stiles. That would imply it’s the Doctors who care.

What if having that ‘spark’ is something required to be a Doctor. What if that’s what happened to Valack. He said no one believed him (like Stiles), and that eye was some straight up Dread Doctor shit.

So what if Valack was the last person they tried to recruit, and he refused or something, or maybe faked working with them to get that eye so he could always see them coming. So they left and abandoned him and no one believed him and so he got locked away because that eye was hurting people and maybe they blamed all the missing/dead teens of his time on him?

Okay so like obviously they gave me an inch and I ran with it for three miles. But guys wouldn’t that be the best twist ever! The Doctor’s wanting to turn Stiles into one of them.

Or at least being interested in him for some reason.

Someone write me fan fiction!

Imagine if Buffy, Willow, and Xander ran around aimlessly for several episodes until Giles or Joyce told them everything they needed to know about the Big Bad. Imagine the Scooby Gang never doing any research, never making plans, never training, nothing. Until an adult tells the Teen Wolf teens exactly what to do, they are completely unable to solve the problem. Melissa and the Sheriff figure out how the Dread Doctors choose their victims, Noshiko gives Kira the tip about how to outsmart her inner fox, and Valack literally hands the kids an instructional manual on the Dread Doctors. In between those revelations, the plot stagnates.