dread doctors

She awoke to find nothing but a small streak of light from the street lamp casting over her face. Sighing, Y/n tossed onto her side only find Stiles Stilinski, one leg slung over the back of the couch, fast asleep. He’d been doing this for a few weeks now, ever since the Dread doctors rolled into town, sneaking into her house at night.

Y/n let out an airy chuckle at the sight of him. Y/n hauled the sheets off her body, placing her feet on the warm carpet, she crept over to the younger Stilinski.

“Stiles,”She shook him, he groaned,” Stiles!” Her boyfriend abruptly shot up from his slumberous position. He squinted for a second until his vision became clear. You laughed inaudibly, careful not to wake her sleeping parents.

“ Hey,” his girlfriend smiled at him, oh how he loved that smile,” Get over here you dork”

She took his hand in hers, directing his sleepy form towards her warm bed. Stiles kicked off his shoes and jeans, leaving him in his burgundy shirt and boxers.

Sliding under the covers the couple placed themselves in each other’s hold. Placing her head in the crook of Stiles’s neck, while he weaved his toned arms around her waist.

“ Thanks, baby” he mumbled lovingly giving her a peck on the forehead. The teens stayed that way until the sun was high in the sky, casting an afternoon glow on the two lovers faces.

“Shall We Dance” - Digital Oil Painting

I love the way this one turned out, all the little details like the hair and the lace and the fabric folds! I also love that you can interpret this as different BP and DT characters. She could be Lily, but she could also be Rose, all pink and yellow, after convincing the Doctor to actually stay for the party in their honor and their hosts provided them with appropriate clothing. She just caught him looking at her cleavage during their dance and he’s fumbling for an excuse or apology, he’s not sure which, while continuing to look-notlook. Hehe! Feel free to use as inspiration for fic, if you want!

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Stronger- Theo imagine

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Anonymous said:

Can you do a teen wolf imagine where the reader gets bullied and Theo defends her and turns her into a chimera?

A/N: Currently catching up with teen wolf and have fallen for Theo all over again xx

Words: 1731

“I’ve really enjoyed tonight, I hope you also had a good time” dean spoke softly, his fingers running across your cheek bone down to your lips. You blushed and nodded your head shyly in response. Dean was one of the ‘populars’ and also part of a group of people who seemingly hated you. He had the choice of any girl in beacon hills high, yet he had chosen to go out with you. You were flattered and a tad hesitant but the fact someone like him could like you, gave you confidence in yourself.

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Theo Duty

Theo x Reader

Warning(s): Fluff and Flirting

Summary: You’re stuck on Theo duty and he won’t let you sleep.

“Move over.” You looked at the shirtless boy and narrowed your eyes.

“No.” You pulled the covers over your eyes and he scoffed.

“No?” you groaned and sat up glaring at the boy. Once the dread doctors were defeated Theo needed a place to stay and no one was jumping to volunteer. Unfortunately, you missed that pack’s meeting so you got stuck on Theo duty.

“Theo this is a twin size bed and evidently that doesn’t mean twins can fit on the bed. One person is it’s limit so go sleep on the couch or outside by a tree.” you harshly whispered. He softly laughed grinning at you. You had a little history with Theo. Okay, it wasn’t really history. Theo and you kissed once. Once. It was at a party and you were drunk but now he was like a puppy. He was brazen, egotistical, and attractive but whenever he opened his mouth, you wanted to punch him. He was a former bad guy but, was still super hot.

“What is that I smell, is that arousal?” he said and narrowed your eyes before plopping back to the pillow.

“Stop barking up my tree, Wolf boy.” You groaned causing another round of laughter as he laid on next to you. You shuffled away as far as you could go on the small bed. He was overbearing.

“Frustration and Arousal isn’t a healthy combination Y/N. Maybe I can help you with that.” Your cheeks turned red and turned to face him. Your faces were inches apart and you pushed him off the bed. But having his inhuman reflexes he grabbed your waist pulling you down with him.

“I hate you.” you growled as you hit the ground landing on top of him and he smirked.

“You love me.” He said confidently and you sat up straddling him.

“No, I don’t.”

“Well I love you.” you got off of him and rolled your eyes.

“Whatever, Raeken. I need some shut eye. So shut your mouth so I can close my eyes.”

A/N: I wanted to make little imagines of Theo and and the other boys. Requests are open. 

Forgiven (Theo Raeken)


Y/N laid on her bed enjoying the soothing sound of the shower running. It was almost like rain and whenever Theo got in the shower she’d find a place in her room to sit or lay down and just enjoy the sound. Sometimes she’d do some school work or she’d just listen.

This evening was the evening where she just listened. Her breathing was steady as well as her heartbeat. Y/N was slowly falling into a steady rhythm of sleep when she heard a strange noise. She opened her eyes and sat up to see if it would sound off again. It did, followed by the sound of someone crying out. 

Y/N looked at her computer although she knew she hadn’t left it on. This time sniffles sounded out and she realized it was someone crying. She now knew that the sound was coming from the other side of the wall, but she almost didn’t want to believe it. She and Theo had known each other for about three years and had been living together for 1. In all that time she had never heard or seen Theo show any emotion other than smugness, anger, or pure selfishness.

He had been trying to change his ways though. He was without a pack and wanted in on Scott’s, but he knew that it would be hard considering the fact that his first tactic was to destroy the pack and pick and choose who he wanted. Now he was trying to do it the clean way, and Scott was slowly, but surely developing a soft spot for him as were the other pack members, including Y/N. Hence the fact that he was staying at her apartment.

The sniffling and soft wails continued on for another 15 minutes. When the shower cut off, the crying appeared to stop, but Y/N could still hear small sniffles. She heard Theo unlock the bathroom door and she got up to go to her door, but decided against it. She cared about Theo and wanted to make sure he was okay, but she figured it’d be best to wait until dinner, or at least until he got changed.

By the time eight rolled around Y/N and Theo had already eaten dinner. Normally Theo cooked (something that pleased Y/N very much because she couldn’t cook for shit), but tonight they ordered Chinese. Dinner was silent, which was odd for the two. They weren’t best friends, but after a year of living together and Y/N getting over the fact that Theo had once wanted her friends dead, they actually considered each other friends and could normally keep up a good conversation, but tonight the mood was off.

“So,” Y/N said as she looked over at Theo. He was channel surfing and didn’t acknowledge Y/N. 

Y/N turned so she was facing Theo on the couch and nudged him with her foot. He still didn’t acknowledge her so she did it again and this time he lightly smacked her foot with the remote. He let his face form into a slight grin and glanced over at her.

“Are you okay,” she asked.

Immediately his face dropped and he got up to go into the kitchen. Y/N was taken aback by his actions. Y/N knew Theo wasn’t the one to sing Kumbaya around the campfire when it came to his feelings, but sometimes she could get him to open up to her and lately it seemed like it took way less effort, but tonight Theo wasn’t having it.

Y/N followed him into the kitchen. Theo grabbed the container of rice and began to heat it in the microwave.

“So you aren’t going to leave me any? Rude,” she said playfully.

Theo just looked at her, his lips in a straight line. Y/N walked around the counter and stood next to him.


“What?” His voice was harsh. Y/N let out a sigh before placing her hand on his only for him to snatch his hand away.

“Theo, don’t be like this.”

“Be like what?”

“You don’t have to be closed off. You’re not on your own anymore, okay? You don’t have to deal with everything by yourself. Talk to me,” her voice was soft and Theo hated. He wasn’t used to people being nice or civil to him. Although he and Y/N had made progress, sometimes the kindness she extended to him was suffocating. He didn’t deserve it in any way, shape, or form and the guilt he felt was overwhelming 98% of the time.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Listen, we have very thin walls and I heard you crying in the shower, are you okay?”

Theo looked down at her. He didn’t think it was possible, but her tiny frame had scooted closer to him and now he really felt like there was no air in the room. Tears brimmed his eyes, and he could feel so many emotions rising. He was frustrated, angry, and sad.

Y/N wasn’t a werewolf and didn’t need chemosignals to pick up on Theo’s hurt. She didn’t want to push too much, so instead of asking again, she wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head on his chest.

“Whatever it is it’s going to be okay,” she told him as she rubbed his back.

At that point Theo lost it. He pushed her away and punched the nearest object: the microwave. It sparked and the lights in the kitchen went off. Theo sank to the floor and tears streamed down his face.

“I can’t fucking do this!” His voice was broken.

“Can’t do what, Theo?”

“This! I fucked up everything. I killed your alpha, I turned your pack against each other, I lied to you, almost got you killed by the Dread Doctors… I-I just- I can’t take this. I ruined everything about you and you’re still being nice to me! Your pack is still welcoming…At least some of you are, but still.”

Y/N chuckled a little. “That my friend is what you call guilt. It hurts like a motherfucker, but honestly Theo, you’re giving yourself way too much credit. First off Liam did most of the damage when Scott died, you were just the straw that broke the camels back. Plus, he’s back and better than ever. Two and three, we figured your bullshit out in a heartbeat, honey, therefore you suck at lying and four, key word is almost. You saved me in the end.”

Theo let out a small laugh, through the tears. “It took you longer than a heartbeat, smartass.”

Y/N wrapped her arm around Theo and he laid his head on her shoulder. “You did some damage and it’s going to be a while before we all completely forgive and trust you, but you’re making an effort. And as of right now I forgive you and I trust you and I don’t want you to feel guilty about it because you’re putting in the work.”

“Good to know,” he told Y/N.

“Also, we should start inviting Liam and Stiles to these heart to heart’s. They’ll see that you’re not soulless after all.”

“You do that and I’m going to kick your ass.”

“Whatever. You punch another microwave in here and blow the fuse, I’m going to kick your ass.” 

Y/N and Theo smiled at each other and Theo could slowly, but surely feel himself calming down.

I would like to say thank you to Matt for being the only Teen Wolf villain who died when he should have and stayed the fuck dead.

“No,that’s too dangerous” Brett shook his head at Liam’s idea.

Y/n is always that person who feels like she needs to help even if that is life threatening, like Dread doctors for example.

Both of the young werewolves wanted to keep her safe,that is the only thing they had in common even at worse times.Y/n.She is important to them in different ways.

“ I have an idea but she may not like it” Liam suggested.

“I don’t care,as long she is safe” Brett nodded at Liam ,agreeing. “I’m gonna text her saying we need some help”


“It’s so nice to see you guys bonding over!” she grinned at the teen boys.

“About that,we need your help” Liam smiled at y/n.

“Also bought you coffee” Brett pecked her lips before offering her coffee.

“How thoughful! ” she beamed at him taking few sips.She hummed in pleasure,“ I love you Brett ” she grinned.

"So,What do you need my help for? Are we spying someone? We can find the location of dread doctors!” She exclaimed enthusiastically.

“To study?” Brett cut off her enthusiasm.she raised her eyebrows looking at two boys in front of her.

“Okay” she squinted her eyes in doubt,but she shrugged and began to read the notes they handed her.

Few seconds passed before she felt like spinning.

“What the….? ”

Black spots began to appear,the last thing she heard before blacking out was “sorry baby” “sorry y/n ”

Brett caught her before she could hit the ground.He lifted her up in bridal style.

“She is gonna be mad when she wakes up” Liam sighed at his now unconscious friend

“Mad? She is gonna kill us” Brett chuckled before placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“She will be safe,so its worth it” Liam convinced Brett with both of them mentally prepared for her wrath when she wakes up.

Everything's fine| Theo x reader

Requested by anon:
“Hi! Can I request? TheoxReader and they are dating, all of readers friend think that Theo will hurt her. One day Doctors do tests for Theo and reader and Scott’s pack goes rescue him, there Theo is not Theo and he hurts the reader ( maybe when reader run for Theo to hug him, he dumbs his nails readers back ) butt happy ending?”
This is really bad, sorry anon :(. I am kinda blocked.
Also do you like Supernatural? If you do, did you watch the last episode? Because I did and it for me shook.
Btw feedbacks are always welcome :).
(Sorry for the mistakes, English isn’t my first language)


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Soft lips crash on yours.

You sigh softly, savoring the moment as you begin to caress Theo’s face.
His lips on yours are the only thing that you won’t get enough of.

Being Theo’s girlfriend is the best thing ever, he’s gentle and he takes good care of you but, unfortunately, your friends,  especially Scott, think otherwise.

You pull away and Theo whines.
“One more minute”
You chuckle, stating deeply in his eyes while caressing his hair.
You open the car’s door, stepping out of his car, Theo doing the same.
You two walk to your friends, your hands intertwined.
“See you later”
You lift up on your toes to kids his cheek.
Scott clears his throat, glaring at you two.
Theo winks at you, walking away.
“Really, Scott?”
You lift your eyebrow, crossing your arms.
“We’ve talked about this, let’s go, we’re late” he takes your wrist to drag toward your locker.

The dismissal bell rings, making you sigh.
‘Welcome weekend’
You think with a smile as you step out of your classroom.
“Scott- you scream, waiving at him- wait for me”
Scott turns around and smiles at you, waiting patiently for you.
“Can you give me lift?”
“Sure, to where?”
You bite your lip, looking at the ground.
“Theo’s place” you whisper.
Scott stops suddenly.
“Scott please”you beg him.
You jump, happy, dragging him outside.

Scott’s bikes stops and he helps you get off of it.
You take off your helmet and try to brush your hair with your fingers.
“Thank you Scott” you hand him the helmet and give him a little hug.
You feel that something isn’t right when Scott’s eyes glow red.
Scott gets up from his bike and walks to the door, you behind him.
When Scott places his hand on the door, it opens slowly.
On the inside Theo’s inside is a mess, everything is upside down.
You wide your eyes open.
Drops of blood go from the couch to the kitchen, you follow them carefully.
The kitchen is even messier than the rest I the house, the big window  in front  of you is in pieces at your feet. You let a sob escape your lips.
“Let’s go Y/N” Scott drugs you out of Theo’s apartment.

“We-we have to save him, we have to do something”
Everybody looks at ground, staying silent.
“Scott, Stiles please”
Scott sits beside you and tries to take your hand.
“Don’t Y/N me Scott, I love him and if you don’t come with me, I’ll go alone”
Scott sighs as he watches you get up from the couch.
“I’m coming with you”
“Me too”
Kira brings his sword, Lydia behind her.
Malia sighs and rolls his eyes but eventually gets up to join you.
“Okay, we’re all going”
You look at Scott, mouthing a thank you.

You step in the warehouse, finding it strangely quiet.
“It’s empty” you hear Scott whisper.
He looks at you, nodding.
You run towards the only door in the place.
You turn it fastly and and burst into the room.
You run to him, wrapping your arms around his figure.
He hugs back but when you look into his eyes, you take a step back.
This wasn’t your Theo.
Before you can finish the sentence you feels his claws tearing your back’s skin.
After that everything becomes blurry.
Pain, a scream then black.

When you wake up, all you can see is white, an annoying noise echoes in your ears.
When you turn your head, you see the person that is holding your hand.
“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you” Theo whispers.
“I know, you’re my Theo” you lift your hand caressing his face.
Tears begin to fall from Theo’s eyes.
“Hey, it’s alright, I know it wasn’t you”
“I’m sorry”
You take Theo’s face in your hands and then put your lips on his.
“Everything’s fine”

I literally want a spin-off for every Teen Wolf character.

Kira spin-off

Hunter Isaac spin-off

Dread Doctors + young Theo spin-off

Liam’s pack spin-off

Thiam spin-off

Hale family spin-off

FBI Stiles spin-off

What ever the hell Derek does spin-off

Werewolfs of London spin-off

Theo Raeken driving around in his car and finding friends spin-off

Beacon Hills prequel childhood spin-off

Coach spin-off

and so on


Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon.

A/N: -Sorry that this is super late, I’ve been so caught up with watching TV series that I just haven’t been writing! Hopefully you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it!

As well, I haven’t watched season 4 in sooooo long that I actually forgot about the dread doctors and chimeras, so I watched little bits to try and make this accurate but hey its only fanfic

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Looking to your left, than to your right; your heart rate lifted and you felt the blood pumping through your arteries. “Everything is okay,” You whispered to yourself, leaves crunched under someone’s foot and your head snapped in that direction. No one was there.

A twig snapped, your head went in that direction; again, no one was there. It was light outside, the wind was blowing; sending your hair into a frenzy. You looked behind you, and your blood went cold. Your scrambled back, seeing the man in the mask once again. “Get away from me,” You screamed, turning to run towards the entrance of the school.

You ran as fast as you could, your head turned back and there he was; walking at you. His pace was slow but how was he catching up to you so quickly? You crashed to the floor, tripping over the bin you didn’t see. He was coming closer, the needle at the ready; you closed your eyes, praying that this wasn’t happening.

“Please, please, please.” You begged for your life. You opened your eyes and gasped when he disappeared. You looked around you, students were standing staring at you. “(Y/N)?” Scott asked, coming closer to you and you flinched at the sudden pressure on your waist. You snapped your head, and it was Stiles who was wide eyed; he was only helping you up.

“What was that?” Your boyfriend asked, running a hand along your back. “I’m next.” You muttered, more to yourself. “It’s me.” You walked away from the boys, staring at the space where the Dread Doctor just was. “Hey, wait up.” Stiles shouted, standing in front of you.

Scott looked at you worriedly, but you shook your head. “(Y/N), you’re safe with us.” Stiles whispered, glaring at the people who stood and stared at you. “You don’t believe you,” You mumbled, “Neither of you do.” You pushed past the boys and made a beeline straight to your homeroom.

It’s been a whole month since the Dread Doctors have been here in Beacon Hills; and two weeks of them, you spent up all night staring at your door waiting for them to come through. You were beyond terrified, you’ve told Stiles about the nightmares, the night terrors and the hallucinations, but he constantly keeps saying the same thing “You’ll be safe with us.” You knew Scott could only protect a handful of people, and right now, there may be too many people to look after.

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Deals ➸ Theo Raeken (smut)

A/N I got kinda carried away with this one lmao sorry. It was 6 pages on google docs. Part two??


Part 2



You whirled around, nearly dropping your towel at your feet. You gasped, but weren’t exactly surprised. “Theo,” you breathed, earning a smirk from him. “Please, no-not now. Not today.”

Theo smirked again. “Why not? Why shouldn’t I give you what we both need?” he said with a malicious-looking smile. “We had a deal, didn’t we princess?”

“Y-yes,” you whimpered, “We had a deal, b-but please, I-I can’t.”

“You can’t?” Theo chuckled darkly. “I can always go back and kill your dear little brother, just like I planned. Justin? Was his name?”

“No, no please, I’ll let you, just don’t hurt him, please,” you said quickly, desperately.

“Good,” Theo stepped closer and with a pull of his hand, your towel flew away from your body. He drew in a sharp breath at the sight of your wet, dripping body. “I think that the night is going to go as planned.” Theo kept advancing towards you and you kept backing up until your naked back hit the wall behind you. Your eyes closed as Theo was nearly chest-to-chest with you. You whimpered as he dragged his cold fingertips over your hips. The butterfly touches felt so unreal, almost as if they weren’t even there, but then Theo pressed thumb harshly into your clit and you knew it was very real.

“You’re stressed.” he hummed, moving his thumb in slow circles, “Let me relieve you, let me give you what you want, what you need.”

“God, Theo,” You sighed and tilted your head back as he continued to work your core. “Fuck, yes Theo, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.”

“Wasn’t planning on it babe,” he winked, slipping a cool finger between your folds and you gasped, knees weakening. And then he added another, and then another. He used his other hand to keep you pressed against the wall, moving his fingers harshly inside you. Your walls began to clench around Theo’s fingers, moans and whimpers falling from your lips. Just as you were teetering over the edge, he retracted his fingers from your body.

“No please!” you gasped. Theo smirked and slowly brought his fingers to his lips, placing them in his mouth and tasting you. The sight made your knees buckle. Theo was quick to catch you, his werewolf speed acting immediately.

“Babygirl,” he grunted, “babygirl.” You were speechless as he led you over to your bed and tossed you onto the mattress. “Is anyone else here tonight?” Theo murmured as he climbed over your naked body.

“N-no.” Your eyelids fluttered. His smell was intoxicating. He was intoxicating. His scent was of peppermint and the faint traces of pine needles. A strange mix, but in your current position, you couldn’t get enough. “Kiss me, Theo.” You opened your eyes and Theo grinned, leaning down to bump his nose against yours. You leaned up to close the gap, but he pulled away, leaving you breathless. You let a whine of protest fall from your lips until he took the material of his black jacket and threw it off, his shirt came next. Your breath caught in your throat as you examined the beautiful being in front of you.

“Look all you want, babygirl, I’m all yours,” Theo grinned as he crawled back on top of you.

“All mine?” you mumbled as his shadow covered your face.

“All fucking yours,” he hissed, before slamming his lips into yours. You sighed in pleasure. Finally. You didn’t think this moment would ever come. He bit your lip, begging you to grant him entrance. Theo didn’t expect you to whimper, but when you fucking did he felt his bad boy persona begin to crack. Of course, you had no idea the effect you had on him. When the Dread Doctors had taken your brother, it had given Theo the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted from you: complete submission. You opened your mouth easily to him, and he shoved his tongue into your mouth.

“Theo,” you breathed against his lips as your hands slid up his chest. He grunted as he pulled his lips from yours. His eyes fluttered shut and his arms that were holding him up beginning to tremble, your gentle touches driving him insane. “Theo, I’m yours, please.” His lips parted and he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth. Your fingers explored the kinks and curves of his body, fingertips dancing across his shoulders and his arms. Theo exhaled as you traced his muscles down his torso until you reached his belt. “Theo, take it off, please.”

Theo’s eyes flew open as you began to unbuckle his belt. He drew in sharp breaths as your hand bumped repeatedly against his boner. He could resist the moan that escaped his lips as you pushed his jeans down and gripped the tent in his boxers. “Stop,” he growled. When you didn’t listen, he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head. “Am I going to have to tie you up?” he hissed, his his breath fanning over your face.

“N-no,” you whimpered.

“Good girl.”

Theo released you and stepped back and let his pants fall to the floor, quickly stepping out of them; but not before slipping a condom from the pocket. He pushed his boxers down, allowing his cock to spring free. You gaped at his size, doubtful that he would be able to fit inside you. “Eyes up, babygirl.” You flushed, embarrassed that Theo had caught you staring.

“I-um-I was just-”

“I’ll fit,” he assured you, “I can’t wait to feel how tight you are, babygirl.” His words made you drip with anticipation, legs trembling with need.

“Please, Theo, I can’t wait, I can’t,” you damn near begged for him. You needed this - you needed him.

“Weren’t you just telling me to leave?” he mocked, “That you “Couldn’t do this today,”? Guess what babygirl, we’re doing it.” You gulped nervously. This was the first time you were going to sleep with him. If he were to push you past your limits, you doubted to would be able to move tomorrow, and you had work. “Don’t you worry, babe, I’ll be gentle,” he smiled slyly, as if he read your thoughts. But something told you that he would be far from gentle.

You lifted your hips, begging for him. Just a few minutes earlier, you were begging for him to leave. Now you were begging for him to fuck you. Just once. You needed to feel him inside you, pounding into you. “Please,” you begged as he dipped the tip of his cock inside you. Just barely. You gasped out his name like a prayer, pleading for him to do something.

Theo couldn’t help but smirk at your flushed state. You were so needy, so innocent underneath him, and it took all his self control not to fuck you right there. He wanted his name to fall from your lips just one more time. It was as if you read his mind when you gasped out, “Theo!” and with a snap of his hips, he was sunken into you, balls-deep. He hissed in relief at the feeling of you around him. You couldn’t stop the scream that ripped from your throat when Theo pulled out again, to the tip, and slammed back in.

“Fuck, Theo, faster!” you gasped out, as he started his slow, deep thrusts. He complied to your request and sped up his thrusts. “God, fuck, Theo, please.” Gathering your strength, you pushed Theo’s chest so that the two of you rolled over and he was on his back. Theo’s gasped when your rolled your hips on top of him.

“Good girl,” he murmured, his hands grabbing at your ass, gripping your hips, “That’s it, baby, ride me.” You lifted your hips before slamming them back down again. “Fuck!” Theo grunted, holding your hips to repeat the action again.

Theo’s eyes flashed yellow when you circled your hips, moaning his name loudly at the sensation. “Fuck, Theo, I can’t,” you whimpered, struggling to keep moving with the pleasure you were feeling. In half a second, Theo had you pinned against the mattress once again. The sounds of his skin slapping against yours and both of yours’ pleasure-filled noises were the only ones filled the room.

Theo’s lips were on your neck, sucking harshly on the soft spot beneath your jaw. Scott was going to kill you, True Alpha or not.  “God, Theo,” you whined, hips thrusting upwards to meet his own. “Theo, Theo, I can’t, I can’t.”

“You-you feel so good, princess, so good,” Theo grunted. “Come for me.” And you did. Your walls clench, tightly around him, and the dirty words the that Theo was whispering in your ear sent you over the edge.

“THEO! GOD! FUCK!” Your screams echoed in the room as the knot in your stomach coiled and snapped. Theo’s lips met yours between your screams as your orgasm washed over you. Your hearing and sight were taken away for a few moments, and all you could feel was Theo’s dick, pushing in, out, then into you again.

Even after your orgasm, Theo didn’t stop. He just kept thrusting, again, again, and again. He had slowed down, spilling himself into the condom, but he kept going. You were so sensitive, and Theo payed no mind.

“Theo, Theo, please, stop, please,” you begged for him to stop. You placed a hand on his stomach, signaling for him to at least slow down. “Oh, god, Theo, slow down!” Theo growled- he growled at you- and if anything, thrusted even harder. You let out a shrieking moan as Theo hit your g-spot, the familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach beginning. “Yes, yes, Theo right there.”

“Come, for me, baby, one more time,” Theo hissed in your ear, rolling his hips again. Your orgasm washed over you again, even stronger than the last.

As Theo’s second orgasm came over him, a roar of a moan came from his throat. “FUCK! Y/N!” His eyes were glowing yellow, canines protruding from his teeth. Claws dug into your hips, just enough to hurt, but not enough to draw blood. Theo’s body spasmed as his second load filled the condom. Theo stilled, pulling out of you, and you whimpered at the loss of feeling.

You gasped for air, still recovering from two of the most earth-shattering orgasms that you had ever experienced. But he wasn’t finished, and he ripped the condom of, throwing it in a trash bin beside your bed.

“Oh, I’m far from done with you, princess,” Theo chuckled darkly at the astonished look on your face.


“Shut up,” he growled. Theo trailed kisses down your stomach - soft kisses, the opposite of what he was doing only moments ago. He was gentle with you now, butterfly kisses were being spread across your body, tender, and almost… loving. But this was Theo you were talking about. Theo fucking Raeken. And while Theo Raeken was many things, loving was not one of them.

Theo’s lips traveled lower, to your hips, where he left mark after mark, making sure that you would remember him in the morning. You whimpered when he sank his canines into your inner thigh, marking you once again. He nuzzled your unmarked thigh and flicked his tongue before biting you there too.

“I want-” Theo rasped, “I want to make you come with just my tongue, babygirl.” You couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped your lips once again. You cursed yourself for sounding so weak. But this was Theo and that was what he did. Made people feel weak, powerless, and completely willing to do his bidding.

Theo wasted no time, slipping his tongue between your folds, and groaning at your wetness. He hummed into you, causing vibrations that gave you unimaginable pleasure. One of your hands ran through his hair, caressing and urging him on, and the other grasped the sheets that covered your mattress.

“You taste so sweet, babygirl,” Theo rasped, pulling away to gaze at you through his lashes. You almost came at the sight. Who would have thought you’d be in this position? Theo Raeken, in your room and in between your thighs, gazing at you in the most tender way.

“Theo,” you whimpered. His breath hitched at the way you said his name. You sounded so weak and innocent - vulnerable. His breathing was labored as he lowered his mouth to your clit again. His tongue got to work immediately and violating your entrance, much to your pleasure. You called out, begging for more. “God, Theo, don’t stop.” He hummed in response. Theo kept licking and sucking in the places that earned him the most moans. Your cries were music to his ears, and there was no way this was just going to be a one-time thing, even if that was your deal.

“Come on, babygirl, let go, let go.” The hoarseness of Theo’s voice and his warm breath against your clit was too much for you. You were overtaken by pleasure, white-hot pleasure and you couldn’t feel anything but. Theo smirked against your thighs, loving the fact that he had this effect on you. Your hand tangle in his dark roots, pulling harshly at his hair. Your hips thrust upwards to his mouth, grinding violently into his face. And he didn’t mind one bit.

As you came down, your eyes closed, Theo could help but stare at you, pure adoration evident in his expression. As your eyes fluttered open, Theo was already picking his clothes up off the floor. The soreness hit you as you propped yourself up on your elbows to watch the beautiful boy prepare to leave you. There was an ache in your heart (as well as your stomach) as he got dressed and adjusted his clothes. He left his hair alone, which was tousled from where you had tugged at it and ran your fingers through it. Theo glanced at you again, looking younger in the moonlight that streamed through your window, almost innocent. Almost. He strode over to you, caressed your cheek gently, and lowered his lips to yours. His goodbye kiss took longer than he anticipated, as he was drunk on you. He sucked your bottom lip into his mouth and bit down. It wasn’t just a goodbye kiss. It was a promise. You would see him again.

Theo forced himself to pull away from you, and hearing you catch your breath almost made him prep for another round. But he didn’t. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and smirked, before leaving you lying in your bed, naked, and barely able to move.