dread timeline

i sort of like the headcanon that godtiers brains are just totally saturated with their aspect and they have to get used to loads of new senses and feelings and instincts when they become gods 


john suddenly being able to sense every movement and change in atmospherics, his head constantly full of wooshing white noise, always sensing when movement and progression is being prevented, sensing stagnation, feeling claustrophic when he cant feel the wind

rose having to deal with the constant sense of a sort of de ja vu but for things havent happened yet, tiny whispers and maddening glimpses, sometimes literal whispers, unnerving and from frightening otherworldy forces, constantly weighing and sifting and deciphering all possibilities and fortunes, the weight of the world on her shoulders. no wonder she tries to obfuscate her knowledge, slowing and stifling her mind with drink

daves head being full of the ticking of infinite clocks, some slowing, reversing, even stopping, especially when there are multiple versions of himself around. he has a nauseating sense of inevitability when something must be, and an unexplained dread when the timeline goes wrong, physically feeling the flow of time, feeling doomed selves like phantom limbs. so he puts on his headphones, turns his music up loud, trying to isolate one steady rhythm to ground himself in the chaos.

jade of course constantly being aware of space - movement, stillness, placement - to teleport like that she must be constantly aware of all points in space at any given time. she feels the weight and force and energy of everything. manipulating objects requires an implicit, instinctive and yet unbelievably scientific and mathematical grasp over the object. for every item she shrinks she feels as though she takes on the weight and mass she took from it. anything she creates or causes to grow saps her mental strength and energy and stretches her to exhausting levels. she can sense the enormity of reality, the universe, and how small she is despite her power.

jane feeling an echo of the wounds and sicknesses of those around her, grass growing under her feet, each time she heals she feels the pain of the wound. she is drained when she heals, having to pass her energy and life on to someone else. all absense of life is felt like an unbearable chill boring away at her soul, even a dead potplant can give the overpowering sense of loss and ruined potential.

jake feeling hope, but being absolutely wrecked by each pitfall. seeing the possibility in everything, but when it is denied it hurts like a punch in the gut, makes the world around him feel smaller until it seems like a sealed darkened box. overcoming and staying resilient almost feels like a feature of his being that is out of his control, others using his hope to find their strength, utilising him as a medium. he wants to act and fight but the light is blinding and confusing, the possibilties too great, he has to struggle to see a path so as not to become passive. sometimes it is just easier to hide from the light.

dirk’s tendancy toward a searching, burning destructive curiosity intensifies, a thirst to pull apart and understand everyone around him, but with no solution as to how to put them back together again. its a compulsion. he can feel peoples identities, their sense of selves, cracks and weak spots and insecurities and lies. he can feel how fragile people are, constantly aware of the one push they need that could destroy them. every person feels like a precarious pile of random objects, constantly teetering. some people have already collapsed and splintered and broken - himself included - and he feels that too, uncomfortable tears and splits and displacements, but as a Prince only feels capable of destroying, not healing.

roxy can sense lack and loss. she always has a peculiar feeling of detachment, like part of her is elsewhere, as she is constantly reaching out to find something, whatever it is thats missing. constantly yearning. she very much feels like a medium, like her body is out there somewhere, physically wandering and searching for what is needed. finding it and pulling it into reality takes her energy, similar to jade.sometimes after periods of searching it feels as if she herself will be lost in the void forever. perhaps a part of her always will be. she senses need and loss around her and is desperate to help but is forced to blindly grasp in pitch blackness until she allows herself to succumb and become one with nothingness.

Lord help me. I had a new swol version of a dbz character. I give you. Swol Mai. (the Future one.) However, she isn’t swol for fighting. (she can still kick ass.) But more of a mechanic kind of swol. Muscles built and designed to better humanity during the chaos and dread of their timeline. The last sketch is an easter egg. I’ll let you guess X3.

@ruf1ohn1tram and @funsexydragonball cause I know what you both love XD

And of course. We can’t forget Trunk’s reaction.

Dreads are now 12 months old!

Posting this waaay to late but (half of) my dreads turned a year recently! And I think it has started to grow at last. I also re-did some shorties to thin out my bangs and they turned out way better this time; you can see their ends on top.

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         A CHASE was bound to follow the dreaded night that ostensibly sealed everyone’s collective fate. Ethan ( and those that stand with him ) would not so easily give into the darkness that threatened to blanket all of the world ( and is already well on its way to ) –––– not when they still were still alive to devote their final months, weeks or days to putting a stop to it. They have nothing to lose any longer; nothing that won’t be taken from them sooner or later if they choose to sit idly by, at least. 

         Ethan scours another abandoned warehouse in search of anything that might clue him in on DRACULA’s and VANESSA’s whereabouts. Hours are wasted there, or so it feels upon  preparing to seek out the exit at long last. The doors creek and hinges groan before he even comes close to reaching it, however ––––– but he need not see in order to know what, or who, awaits him there. His nose and gut feeling suffice ( to enough a degree that has him freeze in his tracks and his stomach coil with suspense ).

         There’s no keeping the jolt of dread darting from his head to his toes before Ethan can manage to put on a brave face as he’d intended upon this meeting. He’s been caught off-guard — which really doesn’t bode well for him. Best to have the first word then, at least, if only to create the illusion of being fully prepared for this almost premature meeting.  ❝  Come out already. THE JIG’S UP.  ❞     ( // @siresnight )

Dreads are now 10 months old!

A little late but on the 21th, my dreads turned 10 months! Extensions are 2 months. The crocheting has started to wear off and the dreads’ true texture are revealing at the roots. Can’t wait for a wilder look!

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