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I just want to say I heart your face off and absolutely dread the day you stop writing CS (which I hope is like 100 years from now).

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This. Is. The. Nicest. I heart your face right back. There are just…so many parts of Blue Line left. And the Rangers are real bad, so I’ve just kind of been retreating back into this universe where I can keep making my team win. 

And uh….maybe there’s some Out of the Frying Pan Halloween words coming later this week. Maybe it’s real fluffy. Maybe there are a lot of pumpkin puns.

Also, Angst!Fest 2k17 is done and angsty, but also kind of fluffy and yesterday I wrote the first couple of graphs for Yankee!Killian because @distant-rose owns my fic-writing soul. But, you know, like in a nice way. 

In regards of my artwork Black & Gold:

#wait HOLY SHIT#IS THIS JUST COINCIDENCE OR IN REFERENCE TO THE SONG BY SAM SPARRO#because this song gets a whole new level in connection with Solas#like… religion in general in that universe#I think my mind is being blown right now

@medeadea No, it’s actually not hahah

But! You did piqued my interest in the said song so I searched for it on Youtube and instantly fell in love! I love the whole black tie costume used for the music video so I drew Solas in it.

I hope it’s an appropriate appreciation to Black & Gold by Sam Sparro!


And so he did! *ugly sobbing*

Welcome to the Solavellan trash pit!! Here have a tissue paper!
*pulls you into a hug*

A playlist for all my Solavellan fellas. Because there’s no such thing as too much egg in our lives. ❤️❤️❤️

“Art” by me. Do not laugh, I did my best lol

Spotify link is here.

Tracklist under the cut because I just couldn’t narrow it down to a few songs. *shrugs*

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C: I really wish non-black people would understand that you can appreciate black culture from a far. Stop wearing dreads, braids, those stupid straws etc. to try to achieve my hair texture. It’s annoying. Stop making excuses for your bullshit, saying “well, black women wear weave.” You do too tf? I remember being teased by white & non-black girls calling me Medusa, cotton head etc. for wearing my ancestral hairstyles. You DO NOT get to chime in on my shit after you humiliated me for it. FOH.

the worst thing about bioware: running after your squad during a quest and they just keep running away from you. Why. do i smell. talk to me. let me lov e you. pls

Jackson wore dreads. Like no one else that isn’t black hasn’t.

Let me ask you, how many of you that aren’t Asian or specifically Korean have used Korean makeup, such as Aprilskin Magic Snow cream. Koreans get mocked for looking ‘so white’ ‘trying to be white’ yet other cultures buy this product and use it to be more Korean.

I get asked all the time how to be more Korean like me (I’m Korean) but the one time Jackson wears dreads it’s a problem because he’s famous. If he was a normal person would you all care? Would it be offensive?

We as people just love drama so much we create it out of nothing. If you’ve ever seen a non black person with dreads you called them out right? Just like you’re doing to Jackson. Every single one you’ve seen that isn’t black you’ve stopped and told them it was wrong. Right? I’m just going by your logic.

He’s famous and has an influence, ever think he’s actually showing appreciation like he said? Or does that make too much sense? Jackson has said on multiple occasions he likes all races and is very interested in them including black culture.

You all get so bent out of shape for nothing and now you’re dragging other members down as well. Saying Mark should have told him and all this bs, maybe Mark wanted Jackson too, to raise awareness and show kindness and support to a culture they care about.

I hope all of the people calling Jackson out and other members leave the fandom, y'all aren’t needed. They can survive without you.

I’m not saying he’s totally innocent, he could have responded better, but…he responded in English too a language that isn’t his first or second some things may come across harsher than intended.

Anyway, just leave the fandom if you don’t like Jackson anymore, but please don’t stay and just dislike Jackson. Like they’ve said before, like ALL of us or none of us.


Summary: What will it take for him to let you in?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: language; angst - I am so sorry.

Word Count: 981

A/N: this is for my wife @bladebarnes‘ fic fest! my prompt was Too Good at Goodbyes, by Sam Smith. I recommend listening to the song while reading. || I missed writing for Bucky. Sadly, he is never safe in my hands. | masterlist

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I’m so mad right now.

Are people actually using the Scot’s and Celt’s and Vikings as EXCUSES to say to POC that white people wore dreads?


I’m Scottish and have never once been told about dreadlock care, or how meaningful it is to wear as a people. What I have been told about is tartan and kilts and braids. Tattoo’s don’t hold as much meaning to us anymore though, but they did before.

Yet no mention of dreadlocks. (and if you use any roman accounts as evidence I swear to fucking god I’m going to punch you in the neck)

For one we didn’t even fucking wear dreads. It was all about braids. And another thing, even if by chance we did (which we didn’t) that wouldn’t give you the right to fucking wear them. If it was cultural, then it would be of value and meaning to us and solely us as a culture, like how we have Ceilidhs and how we throw the Highland games. Just like it is with POC and their dreads. It’s something that they have done and always will do. Now the reason why us Scot’s DON’T dread our hair is very simple. Our natural hair isn’t meant to do that. Braiding and curling and beads and feathers, yes. Dreads, no. Not even slightly.

SO DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE SAY THAT US AND THE PICTS AND THE VIKINGS DID IT.. No. No we fucking didn’t. I can’t believe you’re even using that as an excuse. Fuck off with your bullshit and stop appropriating other goddamn cultures for fashion. It isn’t edgy, it isn’t cool. You’re just a goddamn asshole.

Dreads are beautiful on black women and men. They know how to care for them properly and I think they’re the most gorgeous wearing them, when I see someone POC wearing dreadlocks, they always look so stunning. Us whitey’s look fucking stupid with them because guess what! GASP! It’s not our thing. It will never be our thing. Stop trying to convince people otherwise because I can point you to about 6 Scottish folk who will kick your fucking ass for trying to use us as bargaining chip because you’re so desperate to set yourself apart from the crowd.

While we’re at it, you just stink. Like seriously stink. You have no knowledge on how to care for your dreads. You have no idea. Neither do I since IT’S NEVER BEEN MENTIONED EVER AS A CULTURAL THING. Funny though how every POC with dreads smells lovely. I’m guessing, and I say this with all the shade at the idiots who think they can get away with it, I’m guessing it’s because they have accounts and accounts of evidence as to how to properly maintain the locks.

So just fucking stop. Stop stealing from other cultures. You’ve taken enough from them. Stop it.

Call me a bad person but…

I only cared about Columbus Day because throughout elementary I had a day off from school. But personally people making a huge deal about some dead white guy is pretty dumb. I agree that he did terrible things to the natives but really that was hundred and hundreds of years ago. We all need to stop dreading about the past and actually look towards making our future better. Plus Indigenous People’s Day is kinda a mouthful…

*sigh* SINCE THE WRITERS COULDNT DO IT, i will write the scenes after keith tells the team he’s got galra blood

i have no hate for the writers actually tho, this is bc i wanted to write something and this seemed a good choice!!!


The room was quiet around Keith, the only sound his labored breathing.

It hadn’t gone over too well. He himself hadn’t been surprised, no, he’d come to grasp the fact and slowly been accepting it over time. Hours in the medlab at night studying his own genealogy and casual questions for Coran made him feel slightly better and more confident about it himself, but that didn’t stop the dread of knowing that Shiro knew now. Shiro, who’s life had been all but utterly destroyed by the Galra. It wasn’t his burden to bear, and Keith felt terrible.

The team had been quiet when he told them, Shiro’s hand reassuring on his shoulder, warm. He didn’t want to hide it, and telling them was like letting a waterfall out of his mouth. The words just came. The tension in the air after he was done was palpable. Allura was staring at him in slight shock, but mostly anger. Hunk and Pidge were staring at him as well, questions swimming visibly in their eyes. Lance was the only one who wouldn’t look at him.

That hurt. For some reason, Lance not being able to look him in the eye was terrifying. He had counted on Lance to make a joke, to lighten the mood, but he said nothing. More than it hurt, it scared him.

Allura’s voice was sharp as she dismissed them and told them to go get some sleep, to rest. As if, he scoffed in his mind. She looked at him only once, and it wasn’t friendly. Hunk smiled at him as they all started to leave, which cheered Keith up slightly, and Shiro nodded at him as if to say he was proud. Lance disappeared. Coran caught him in the hall and confessed he had guessed it already - Keith wasn’t very subtle at times. Coran’s reassurance was comforting but his room was still cold and dark and silent. Pidge stopped by, to say goodnight, but Keith caught the way her eyes roamed him as f to catch signs of being purple or furry. He tried to just say it was the scientist in her, but it was hard to convince himself.

He was trying to focus on Red’s mental purr, trying to calm down, when someone knocked on his door. He let them knock one more time, then stood and opened it.

Lance, looking at him with tired eyes. Keith stood and waited, biting his lip and trying not to panic.

“Lets go swim.” Lance said quietly, and Keith furrowed his brow unconsciously, questioning.

“We should sleep.” He said, but Lance shook his head.

“I can’t sleep and neither can you. Let’s go swim.” He almost sounded desperate. Keith stared, then nodded quietly, going back into his room to change.

Swimming had become a coping method for them. It was a silent, unspoken tradition that if a battle was rough, they’d meet in the pool. Upside down, it was hard to swim normally but the water was comforting, the echo of the room and the lapping of water. Keith thought Lance liked it more than he did, after a few comments and then some silent moments where he would go away, in his mind, to somewhere else that had a beach and was warm.

He met Lance in the elevator, the ride quiet and then they made their way to the pool. They were silent as Keith fiddled with the panel on the wall, flipping the pool to normal for them. Sometimes they would leave it to try and laugh, but he felt now was not the time.

Lance was already in the water when Keith turned around, the lights dimmed in their own simulation of night. The sound of soft splashes filled the air, and Keith sat on the edge and dipped his feet in.

“When I was a kid-” Lance started to talk, quiet, floating on his back and staring at the ceiling. “-a lot of people were mad at me because I wasn’t American.”

This was news. Keith shut his mouth and listened.

“I lived in America, studied there on a student visa from Cuba.” He sighed. “A lot of people gave me shit for it, and I wanted to give up a lot. But I couldn’t, because my mom was waiting at home and I promised her I would make it.” He sounded a little wistful.

“People told me to go home, called me dirty, other slurs. People suck sometimes, especially because I hung out with Hunk and he’s from Hawaii. Xenophobia sucks major dick. I know. I’m sorry I was silent today.” Keith decided to speak up.

“It’s alright.” He said. “I expected it.” He hadn’t. Not from Lance.

“I was surprised.” He straightened himself upright, swimming to the edge by Keith’s legs and looking up at him intensely. “But it doesn’t change my opinion of you. You’re still Keith, you’re impulsive and do cool things and are a great pilot and you’ll still annoy the shit out of me, no matter what you are.” Keith blinked, choking back a laugh of relief or terror, he couldn’t tell.

“Lance-” He said, and Lance shook his head.

“Actually nah, that was a lie. You don’t annoy me. Maybe a little, but you really don’t in general.”.

Keith slid off the wall into the water and grabbed Lance, pulling him into a hug. He felt awkward doing it, but did anyways. Lance hesitated, then hugged him back.

“Lance.” Keith said, blinking more to hide the tears. “Thank you.”

“Yea.” Lance said quietly, letting him hug. “Of course.”

“Sorry.” Keith pulled back, separating them. “I just-”

“It’s fine.” Lance interrupted, and it was quiet as they smiled at each other.

“We’re still space ranger partners.” Lance said, holding his fist out and grinning a little, and Keith choked, then laughed quietly.

“Space ranger partners.” He said, lifting his own fist to bump Lance’s.

Tododeku Fic Rec: Hidden Gems

All these fics, at the time this post was written, have less than 1000 hits on AO3 but deserve many more! Remember to check the tags for content warnings if you need to!

born this way by flightlesscrow ( @flightless-crow )

“I need you to remember these words: you are nothing like your father, and you never will be.”

Loving Thoughts by rottenmint ( @clever-canadian-goose )

The mornings when Izuku is home- not called away to fight a villain or to help with a rescue- and has time to jog are the kinds of mornings he loves.

Meeting certain gardener makes him love them a little bit more.

In the Twilight Aftermath by limesicle

In the aftermath of battle, Izuku finds himself alone.

For Tododeku week, day 4, for the prompts loyalty and the quote: “I tried my hardest. I don’t know what else to do.” - The Darjeeling Limited (2007), Dir. Wes Anderson.

You can become a hero by paperjam ( @scarfence )

Day 3 of the Tododeku Week 2017 - fears | Quote
“Sometimes at night I would sleep open-eyed underneath a sky dripping with stars. I was alive then.” - Albert Camus, “Return to Tipas”

The future can be quite more frightning than you imagine. Or not.

As We Walk Side by Side by LyriaBlackFrost

A brief look at Midoriya and Todoroki’s relationship in various moments of their lives.

It’s Only Weird If We Talk About It by mousapelli

Todoroki and Midoriya help each other work back to normal in the hospital the night after the Hosu incident. At least it would be normal if Todoroki stopped making everything weird. Spoilers for the Stain arc and also that they end up living in dorms after that.

The Space Between by haikcuute ( @haikcuute )

The agonizingly slow journey of Midoriya’s head towards Todoroki’s shoulder, and other adventures

for him. by ElopeToTheSea

Right now, the small light that illuminated Shoto’s face was the most beautiful thing in the world. The idea of the fireworks were suddenly not so interesting as watching his friend’s side for the rest of the night.

So Long as You Come Home by Enchanted_Sunlight

Day 3: Fears

It wasn’t the first time Izuku was late coming home from work. It probably wouldn’t be the last. Despite knowing that Izuku could take care of himself, Shouto couldn’t stop the dread rising in his stomach.

It’s Better Now by marlee_b

Drabble. I just wanted to write abt them cuddling.

Stained Dreams by HybridShadowz

(At the time of posting, anime-only fans be warned for Stain Arc spoilers!!)
Oneshot for Day 3 of 2017 Tododeku Week! The prompt was: Fears

Izuku finds his dreams plagued with what could have been as he recovers in the hospital. However, Todoroki is there to offer comfort~