dread rats

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does Ronaldo's hair bug you at all? like I can't tell what his hairstyle is supposed to be, except maybe mats, which iirc is appropriative ?

mats aren’t dreads. they’re just a rat nest failed attempt at it.

ronaldo’s hair, along with peedee and the father, is supposed to resemble french fries hence their last name “fryman” and the store the father runs which sells french fries.

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When your bleach job doesn’t yield the expected results but your five year old is delighted because you have “strawberry hair”.

We’re about to run some quick morning errands, then set out on a short family road trip to get something awesome. He has no idea what!!! His guesses were: we’re going to Menards or someplace to get fencing or wood. Not this time but someone obviously pays attention. ;P

April 16, 2017.

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Frank introducing y/n to the band when they're just starting out and y/n realizing she needs to help teach Mikey the bass

Mikey is clearly talented so he learns really damn fast and she’d be like ‘dude, you’re already getting better than me, sTOP’ but instead of just laughing he’d also suggest her to join a band he knows that needs a bassist and she accepts. Your band would end up opening MCR’s concerts and then hanging around with them.. well, more like, you hanging around with Rat Dread Boy..