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It’s Christmas (Tony x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys, so I decided to write some angst, I know Christmas is supposed to be a jolly holiday but I couldn’t help it!! I’m not really good at writing angst so I kinda wanted to practice it. I hope it’s good😊 don’t worry though, the last two are a lot happier. Enjoy!!

Warnings: character death

You woke up to find the other side of your bed empty and cold, which means that your boyfriend did not come to bed at all, making you sigh. However, since it was Christmas you decided not to take it to heart, you planned the whole day out for the two of you.

Heading to the kitchen, you made a cup of coffee before heading down to the lab, not surprised to see your boyfriend inside. “Tony?”

You called as JARVIS opened the door for you. Tony looked up from his screen to see you, a smile slipping on his face. “Morning, sweetheart.”

Smiling, you handed the cup to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Morning and Merry Christmas.”

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Jasper x Reader; No Authority

I want to request some Jasper Jordan stuff when the ark comes to the ground Kane, Jasper and Bellamy go on a hunt or something and they’ll find the reader as a Grounder and Jasper falls in love with her, but then there is Kane who wants to protect his daughter #the 100 

Yay my first request! Thank you so much for asking @minidecalibre!


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                Jasper was consumed in the task at hand, all his concentration focused on the Arks fried panels that he was hoping to bring life back to again. The station had taken an extensive amount of damage after breaching the earths atmosphere, so when Kane’s daughter entered the current room he was in her presence went unnoticed until she cleared her throat. 

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