dread knight


Now I’m running wild and free
with the wolfpack following me
and in the cold I can feel their heat
and there beating hearts

And I’ve never felt this strong
when I howl my ancient song
yellow eyes glowing like the sun
watching me in the dark

– Wolfpack, Karliene

Wanted to experiment with some new brushes and a style similar to the Inquisition tarot cards. So have a Fen’Sulahn mural painting. Also please do not tag as Solavellan. Thank you. 

Tarot style commission completed for Jetblackbird of her heartbroken Lavellan in theme “Queen of Swords”!

Hope you enjoy, this one took a bit longer since I trapped myself with the arm positioning - but now I am satisfied with it. :>

Enjoy! :>

You’re a Rigelian general and you see the Deliverance are all decked out like dread fighters gold knights and sages and all that; tough but maybe you can handle this And then there’s this soldier who doesn’t look like he’s promoted

The battle begins and the commander nudges him forward, hey maybe fresh meat needs the experience? Then you find out

Your soldiers can’t get to even touch him, those that can can’t graze him, he’s taking them all down. You panic a bit: okay, maybe send mages? Nope, not a scratch, he’s downed them all, no one’s moved in the opposing army, he’s coming closer, you’ve got nowhere to run, your supplies won’t save y


There it is….in all its beauty. The LOOTED KNIGHT!

Orks are well known for their looting skills. One day they managed to get hold on some wrecked Imperial Knight and did what any good ork would do. More cannons! BIGGA CANNONS! LOUDA CANNONS! Add some proppa choppy stuff! And…and…Horns an’ teef an’ more dakka!

Ah, yeah…nice an’ stompy.


Custom Decimator Engine. This big boy is going in the Dark Mechanicus Tzeentch force I am currently building.

I decided to make this as opposed to ordering one because;

A) I had the bitz to kit bash.

B) I’m a whore for converting, and FW models are so beautiful (Translation: expensive) that with the exception of small infantry or upgrade kits I fear destroying them.

C) I dare say, mine looks a bit more imposing (No bias or anything right?).

Bitz used:

-Body, Missle Pod, CC Arm: Hellbrute kit.

-Butcher cannon: Harvester cannon from Soul Grinder.

-Soulburner Patard: Umm, I think the main body is a Dread Knight weapon, fused with a dirge caster and a plasma culvern from combat servitors.

-Legs: Penitant Engine.

-Leg Armor: Hellbrute.

Head: Defiler.

….And lots of Guitar wire, and putty.

Something for NaruHina shippers

Hey y’all. I’m here again with another fanfic rec list. ;) Now, remember this. I’m a shipper whore. I ship a lot of crap in Naruto. I have my canon side and fanon side. Canon side is the SasuSaku and NaruHina. My fanon side deals with the other ships. Like KakaSaku and ItaSaku. I’m also a Hinata fan and I ship a lot of people with her. But for now, please enjoy the NaruHina side today. :) 

1) Team 8 by: S'TarKan

2) Naruto Hatake by: Agent-G

3) Sealed Legacy by Psycho G

4) A Growing Affection by Xavon Wrentaile  

5) Welcome Home by Maresia Eterna

6) The Honoured Guest by Ziltoid  

7) Failings and Misunderstandings by Team Dragon Star

8) The Valley of the End by SouthSideStory  

There’s more under the cut. ;)

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