dread kits

Kit x Reader...

Imagine dating Kit Harington and finally admitting it to teh public.

Word Count: 1,709

“American actress Y/n Y/L/N was seen this morning going into the penthouse of Kit Harington, the Englishmen who we have been speculating Y/n has been seeing for quite some time.”

“It didn’t escape our notice that during the interview, Kit refused to talk about any subject that might have to do with Y/n Y/L/N. Could there be trouble in paradise?”

“Y/n looked stunning with her blond curls and that dress today on the runway!” “Yes, and did you notice that “just-a-friend-Kit” seemed to stick pretty close to Y/N throughout the entire show? Could be proof that Harington and Y/L/N are an item?”

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I recently picked up that Chaplain dread kit from Forgeworld and the fucking thing doesn’t want to glue togther at all! The only reason the ‘’backpack’’ bit is staying put is because of the green stuff I used to fill in the spaces and fix casting issues. Anyone delt with resin and getting the stuff to actually bond?

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