dread hair dos


I’m sorry but who said that white girls can’t look good with dreadlocks?!

My PERSONAL PREFERENCE is that I like dreads on white girls.

Any race can have whatever hair style they want, white girl wants dreads? She can have them. Black girl wants bleached blonde hair? She can have it. Hair is hair.

Hair is not cultural appropriation!

Have it however the fuck you want it and what ever style you want it.

I would appreciate if people would stop telling me that dreads is just hair. I’m sorry I didn’t know you knew more about my culture and religion than I did. Stop telling people who are rightfully upset that they don’t have a reason to be upset instead of saying dreads is just hair, DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH AND STOP TRYING TO SILENCE PEOPLE AND BE DISMISSIVE 🤦🏾‍♀️ dreads are more than hair to most people and just because you only see it as a hair style DOES NOT make that the truth. Stop it with the bullshit, stop bringing up other idols who has done the same thing but apologized for it, stop bringing up other idols who done the same thing, stop bringing up other idols period, stop telling people they’re overreacting when it’s a large group of minorities voicing their anger, stop acting like said idol is a saint and or child when they are a grown ass person, matter of fact if the idol themselves have said they didn’t choose the hair THEN MAKE IT THE COMPANIES PROBLEM. I’m tired of seeing all this shit happen in kpop. I’m tired of seeing my culture being thrown around like it doesn’t matter. I’m tired of all the colorist remarks and I’m absolutely fucking tired of all the anti black bullshit that happens in the kpop fandom.

I promise this is the last WIP for this project :’D. It’s my first time drawing Jimin and i think I managed to fuck up his face. But it’s ok, there is still so much to do.
tbh I’m surprised that I haven’t given up on this yet :‘D 

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people were asking how the blue hair is holding up so this is after a week’s worth of washing- it’s faded a little and I have a few wisps of blonde appearing at the fringe where it keeps getting wet when I wash my face but I actually think that looks pretty cute in a weird way :’D and it’s still vibrant in bright sunlight (or in this case my desk lamp because England)

so yeah pretty darn decent!


Since I was asked about it, I thought I’d make a photoset of some typical outfits I have worn in hot weather in the past.

These are just simple snapshots taken between 2008-2013, so my style has changed and I have grown but I think the idea still shines through.

Pictures taken in: Helsinki - Jamaica - Bonaire - Washington DC - Rome - Washington DC - Rome - New York City

My response to the anon who asked is here and more Caribbean outfits photos can be found here.


Oops I’m Cosima 🙊