dread extension

Façades of Peace (73k)
Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski

“Der Soldat,” Scott announced, dread heavy in his voice.

It took a second for Stiles’ own dread and preemptive fear-logged brain to realize those words meant nothing to him, and the confusion was enough to knock it free for a second from its constant stewing in foreboding predictions of doom.

“Um, what?”

“Der Soldat,” Scott repeated, like that was supposed to mean anything, and judging by his tone, it wasn’t supposed to mean anything good. “The Dread Doctors had him. That’s where I’ve smelled this, in their lab.”

Stiles still didn’t know what that meant, but now he really didn’t want to know. Anything involving the Dread Doctors and by extension their lab was something he wanted nothing to do with.

The foreboding predictions of doom were coming back full force.

“Theo told me me about it,” Scott explained, “the Doctors had an alpha werewolf in this huge tank. They were using him to keep them alive, extracting some kind of fluid?” Stiles wrinkled his nose. “He was some German soldier from World War II, so they called him Der Soldat—The Soldier.”

Stiles’ nose dropped out of the wrinkle and he just straight up gaped, his left eye twitching involuntarily. His doom detector was going crazy—flashing red lights, screaming alarms, full immediate evac advised.

“A Ger—there’s a Nazi werewolf in Beacon Hills?” Stiles was yelling now, he couldn’t help it, because what the ever loving fuck was their lives. “A Nazi were—an alpha Nazi werewolf.”

“That’s what it sounded like, yeah.”

“And you’re just mentioning this now?” He was still shouting.

“I thought Chris handled it. He said he would clean things up.”

“Well clearly he didn’t because the alpha Nazi werewolf is on the loose, Scott. Just—take a second and let that sentence sink in. Alpha Nazi werewolf.”

Scott stared at him a moment, then his eyebrows turned concerned. “You’re freaking out.”

“Of course I’m freaking out! It’s an alpha Nazi werewolf.”

My alternate sixth season minus the memory business and plus Sterek is done. Finally. Good lord.

My new vpfashion extensions and dreadlocks from dreadcove. 💖


I installed half of the wool dreads i made :)

I’ve missed my natural waist length dreadlocks so much I made these ones, It was to bad I let my work pressure me into cutting them off. 

these ones look pretty awesome
It’s tough getting them to stay in my short length hair. 

Dreads are now 12 months old!

Posting this waaay to late but (half of) my dreads turned a year recently! And I think it has started to grow at last. I also re-did some shorties to thin out my bangs and they turned out way better this time; you can see their ends on top.

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