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Headcannons for johan and unisnavs family reacting to them losing the baby, and juillet?

(I’m going to assume you want headcanons for them losing the baby and headcanons for Juillet and NOT that you want me to make headcanons where they lost Juillet because I’m not about to crush hopes and dreams at 8am) 

Johnsons w/ loss of baby1: 

  • Bow consoling Johan saying it was nothing anyone could have done, these things just happen
  • Dre has a heart to heart and tries to get Johan to think of the other kids, and maybe this was in “God’s plan” 
  • Nieces and nephews just silently huddle around Johan
  • He takes some time with the kids and goes to California to visit his family, he’s in need of some familial support.

Johnsons w/ Juillet

  • Bow personally helps out with the pregnancy to put Johan at ease
  • Johnsons crash at the De La Vega home
  • Cousins in one house running a fucking muck
  • Zoey taking excessive selfies with the baby
  • Two sets of twins somewhat salty they aren’t the cute ones anymore

De La Vega + Company w/ Loss

  • Johan leaves Usnavi alone for a while; Usnavi relies on his friends for support
  • Vanessa comes over with a bottle of booze while they talk it out
  • Daniella and Carla do a prayer circle and cleanse the house of any negative energy with incense and rose water
  • Nina and Benny insist on having Usnavi over for dinners and just remind him he’s not alone
  • Sonny spends the night in Usnavi’s apartment, curled up by the couch beside him and goes “you’re a great dad Navi’ it’s gonna be ok” 

De La Vega + Company w/ Juillet

  • They storm the hospital and try to get in there to see the baby is born
  • Daniella nearly drop kicks Dre if he gets in her way
  • Zoey and Sonny photobomb each other’s snapchats
  • Carla and Junior just kinda stand around trying not to be in the way
  • Sonny sneaks past Dre and doctors “Hold up, wait a minute I’m the godfather I get to see the baby be born—-nevermind ya’ll that’s all you” runs back to the lobby
  • Nina gets to hold the baby and whispers “she smells like a newborn’ then looks at Benny “I want another” 
  • Benny runs off like Sonny

no more war; no more clothes // a courfeyrac playlist 

elle me dit - mika // u can’t touch this - mc hammer // alors on danse - stromae & kanye west // comeback kid - sleigh bells // rock your body - justin timberlake // mr blue sky - electric light orchestra // ca plane pour moi - plastic bertrand // jumpin’ jack flash - the rolling stones // parlez-vous francais - art vs. science // no diggity - blackstreet, dr dre // glamorous indie rock & roll - the killers // lost generation - rizzle kicks    

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Mistah F.A.B - “Still Feelin’ It” (Video)

Alongside the likes of E-40 and Too $hort, Mac Dre was one of the more influential Bay Area rappers of all time. While tragically gunned down in 2004, his influence still remains as prevalent as ever. Mistah F.A.B pays homage to Andre Louis Hicks with his video, “Still Feelin’ It.” From his Son of A Pimp 2 project, Fabby Davis Jr. and several fans (via submitted videos) go dumb, get hyphy and Thizz Face in celebration of Ronald Dregan.