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can I get uuuuuuhhhh min yooNJI

(( yes you can ))

Forbes List of Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists 🤑

Forbes Magazine announced yesterday there list of the Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists in 2017, and there has been some changes from 2016 list! At #1 is Sean “Puffy” Combs with $130 million, at #2 is Drake, who beat Dr.Dre & Jay Z this year, with $94 million, #3 is Sean “Jay Z” Carter with $42 million, #4 is Dr. Dre with $34.5 million, the newbie coming in at #5 is Chance The Rapper with $33 million, #6 Kendrick Lamar with $30 million, #7 is Wiz Khalifa at $28 million, #8 is Pitbull with $27 million, #9 Dj Khaled with $24 million.

Other popular artists on the list includes: #12 Cash Money Records, Birdman, with $20 million, #16 Nicki Minaj, who is also the only female on this list, with $16 million, #17 is Lil Wayne with $15.5 million, and lastly another fresh face on the list at #20 is Lil Yachty with $11 million.