A big happy birthday to @jujus-junk / @cursetale <3

Gosh haha its already been more than a year since we met huh Juicy? Almost can’t believe I managed to keep a friend as great as you for this long. I mean I can’t even begin to go into how many times you’ve made laugh and smile not just by your work but just by being you. You’re a huge inspiration to me as both a friend and as an amazing artist ;u;/ I hope i’ll be able to enjoy your company for many more years to come~ 

Happy Birthday Juicy ❤️ Have a fantastic day~

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M!A:Dre now is pregnant. Congratulations.

( ⎻◼︎▿◼︎)✨ (Ø____Ø⌿ )💦

I’m having too much of SOMEthing in my diet, I’ll find an excuse for this reply somewhere, Anony.

Guest Freshest drawn by @blesstale!

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Hi Buddy! Btw where is freshest :0?

Hey! Freshest was working on a brand new style. It’s been really a while he (and I) wanted to do it. I’ve explained everything (almost) here if you’re interesed in why I wanted that.

It was time for that character to have a design who can be called his. So here, it’s finally done! With a name I wanted for him too: Chad. He still the freshest brah to Dre, but you can yall call him Chad!

I hope you like it. To be honest I can’t get enough of him. More doodle will come!

It’s all for today. @v@ ♥
See ya soon!

(Others character here: Dre, Lil'Dre and O'Shea, who belongs to @cursetale )

(ps: I showed that character sheet to my patreon first, thanks for your return on his design ♥)