oKAY October challenge day 4 and 5 …developed into vampire and werewolf characters that I like …I doodled them so much these are my fave ones…

I will keep them forever…

okay quick backstory…

The Vampire’s name is Figaro, that’s all he knows, he can’t remember anything about being a human at all. He somehow doesn’t thirst for blood too much, but will want the blood of animals once in a while, and gets traumatized at the sight of human blood. Fig wanders around the forest and watches the days go by until he meets the were wolf Tom. Tom used to be a factory worker that got bit by a werewolf one night after a late shift. He can’t change back to human form so he took to wandering the forest as a big lazy dog and started to like it. He can speak human and animal. He befriended Figaro when the lost vampire found him asleep in a bush one day. They both were given a real home by Alex, the human. Alex is a biologist, specializing in the study of migration patterns of animals. He lives near the forest to observe the patterns of animals and make sure the environment is in balance, he works for the government. He found the two monsters searching through his tent one night and after some explanation decided to take the two in. Alex is a large pushover for the sweet innocent Figaro. Figaro loves Alex but is too shy to say so. They all live in Alex’s house near the forest, and a small town called Potsville in Oregon.

The first pic is when alex first discovered them. The second is Alex trying to take the two out without drawing attention, which isn’t working.

Also fun fact, Tom loved to eat Squirrels, Alex’s wardrobe has mostly sweaters in it, and Figaro loves to wear Alex’s clothes

This is my newvstory and my OC’s