my boyfriend Dray and I have been dating for a year today and he has been nothing but perfect. he’s like the purest ray of sunshine. he is the handsomest, sweetest, and most caring boy I have ever met and I love him so so much. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him and his unconditional love and support. I am on the verge of tears thinking about how much I care for him

Okay but have you thought about:

  • Draco in flannel pjs in the winter that are a little too short and a bit big around the waist because he only has silk and had to steal a pair of Harry’s.
  • Draco in an old ratty Hogwarts alum tee-shirt on weekends when he’s absolutely certain no one will see him.
  • Draco cooking breakfast because it’s the house elf’s day off (part of a deal to make Hermione stop nagging).
  • Draco with bedhead.
  • Draco rushing to get changed when his parents come over to visit so he looks respectable.
  • Draco glancing longingly at sweatpants when out shopping with Pansy.
  • Draco in a monogramed thick fuzzy bathrobe.
  • Draco wrapped in a Gryffindor blanket watching muggle TV because it was the only thing within reach and it’s not his fault if Potter got him addicted to dumb crime shows.
  • Draco yelling that he could solve the crimes in a quarter of the time because magic, obviously.
  • Draco getting tricked by a twist ending and insisting he’d known the whole time.
  • Draco wearing slippers.
  • Draco wearing mismatching socks.
  • Draco laughing when Harry trips over his own pjs that Draco lengthened the last time he stole them.
  • Draco having reading glasses that he keeps having to replace because he vanishes them the second he thinks someone might see them.
  • Draco vanishing his reading glasses when the house creaks because he thought it was Potter.
  • Draco having two wardrobes, one that he refuses to admit exists.
  • Draco in comfy clothes.
  • Harry having a secret stash of photographs of Draco in comfy clothes.

some of my favourite things of Let’s Play Minecraft since its been 200 episodes:

- Michael not knowing how to play Minecraft for the first 30 episodes, and finally figuring it out.

- Ryan’s many cat burglary attempts on Geoff’s Farming and Mercantile Shops.

- Geoff’s Farming And Mercantile Shops/ Geoff’s Surf and Mercantile Shop/ Geoff’s Farming and Mercantile Shop: Nether Location in general.

- “I need flint.” “Flynt Coal?”/ “I need some coal.” “Flynt Coal?”

- Ryan The “Animal” Guy. Edgar, Edgar II, Edgar III, Prince Oinkins.

- Baby Dray-gon.

- Ray, before he basically was so done with minecraft. Conrad the chicken, Percival the Ocelot, Pat the Head.

- Monopoly.

- Jack winning episode 100.

- The X-Ray and Vav theme song on a note block.

- Team Nice Dynamite, Team Love N Stuff, R&R Connection, Team Better Friends, Team OG, Team Gents, Team Lads, Plan G, Team Nice Dyna-Meat, Team Crazy Mad, Team Angry Fat.

- Princeton the sheep.

- Achievement City, even when it was broken and bare of minerals and animals.

- Plan G. Never forget.

- That time when they were spending some time cleaning up the Lake of Pimps only to be hit by a Tornado.

- Being a little sad watching Ray walk into Do Not Enter, but immediately laughing as they all started demolishing his house.


- Gavin getting VERY uncomfortable with everyone calling Jeremy “Mr. J.”

- Where the fuck is Dark God Ryan?

I’m sure there’s more.