Ylvi as the fool. Still young and naive, soon to find a new path with new hope.

Zackary, Death. An ending approaches and the transition to something different are soon to begins.

June’ Strength, hidden behind a kind heart, will rise one day to defend those she holds dear.

Daisy The Empress, femininity and beauty. The enjoyment of live’s pleasures.

First four cards for the Major Arcana event~ The second four will be done soon!

Long Distance Relations

Also called “what happens when you get involved with a member of the opposite faction, start a family and then a certain Dark Portal gets stuck on the wrong Draenor and your partner is trapped on another world”

A more melancholy Valentine’s picture for everyone who’s going to be away from their other half this year. My draeni paladin Venhas (Vinnie) and drinkingisgoodforyou’s troll rogue Zabra. Allong with their adopted daughters Merrette and Serrerri, and Tipo the more ghostly of their children.