Grinds my gears

Ok, so general rant about how I’m pissed off at some of my paintball gear. 

1: When I shell out $125 for a pair of paintball pants, that are meant to be used, abused, make contact with the ground with 150 pounds of force behind them, and be durable, the damn threads had better not start fraying after only 2 months of use! And this is winter, I mean seriously, half the time I’m playing in mud! 

and dont even get me started on my old pair. Used them for 6 months and then I get a hole in them in the most heavily padded area, thats suposdly reinforced with KEVLAR. The bullet proof crap! 

And then crotch padding…I mean come on! No offense, but do women design these pants!? Theirs like no crotch padding in the crotch area. Theres like half a millimeter of “foam” in the crotch area. Its gonna take more then that to take even a little bit of the sting out of a shot to the “swimsuit area”. 

2: Quick release lense systems

Bull shit. If I need a quarter or some other object to stick into a slot and turn it to remove the lense, thats not very quick! If I’m gonna pay $100 for a mask, it better be “quick release” in the sense that I just have to push a button for the lense to come out. 

3: Buying a new mirror lense

and then getting gogged the same  day you bought it. and then having to spend 10 minutes at home polishing it to get rid of the oil smears and try to buff out the scratch’s.

4: Frost Bite paint

Fuck you Draxxus. You say that frost  bite paint is supposed to be “winter formulated for better performance and breakabilty during the winter!” The 2 month old case of “bronze” paint that had been stored in my garage overnight through freezing tempertures shoots better, breaks better, and has a bbrighter fill then that crap.  And that frost bite shit hurts! Someone shot me in the neck from about 50 feet, and you know what happens?

It bounces off my neck and goes down my jersey!

5: autococker threads

Why do we still use them!?! Just because their the most common type?

Come on, we all know that Ion threaded barrels come off much faster then autococker threaded ones.

I think thats covered everything so far. Nope

6: White masks

I love my white/neon orange Sly Profit’s dont get me wrong, but how the hell do I clean them? It really sucks when theirs a whole bunch of brown stains on the white rubber part that wont come off even with hot water and scrubbing. Should I take a bottle of bleach to the mask? 



Tiny little hose’s made of rubber that are vital to getting air from the tank to the HPR and if they dont fit perfectly into the fitting, theirs a little annoying leak that anyone can hear and result in a loss of air. Why are we still making markers that use macro lines!??