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The official video for Young Dougie: “Nobody” featuring Jadakiss has been released!

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Native Hip-Hop New Yorker Young Dougie, whose hit single entitled “Nobody” featuring Jadakiss officially released through Komrad Entertainment, is currently impacting FM Broadcast radio, now delivers the official music video with the featured appearance by Jadakiss himself.

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Young Dougie

Douglas “Young Dougie” Kemp is an American Rapper with styles that reflect his Belizean culture, New York streets and life caught in the flashing lights. His influences came from golden oldies his mother used to play. Artist such as Rick James, Marvin Gaye, Tina Marie, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, 2pac, Nas, Jay-Z, Biggie and Joe Buddens.

At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what you’re all about though. What matters to the public at large is whether the music does some good or not. And “Nobody” featuring Jadakiss is packed with user friendly materials, well thought out varieties as well as incorporating detailed great production skills.

I can see many hours of work being involved to make both the track and video sound and look right for the producers, engineers, programmers, musicians and the artists themselves. If I were a producer of any of this material, I would be proud of the way it came out.

Young Dougie’s “Nobody” featuring Jadakiss, would shake any dance floor with its old school, smooth bass-bouncing beat produced by Drawzilla, its fire-hot vocal-hook melody, sung by the now deceased KING Deleone Smith, and the obvious rapping skills brought to the table by Young Dougie and Jadakiss. Who would have thought that Young Dougie could rhyme on an equal playing field with a rapper like Jadakiss and pull it off so good? Jadakiss has a deep understanding of music and does well in what he loves. Here he has contaminated Young Dougie with his experience.

Over and above hip-hop fans, I would recommend this single to those audiences normally scared to listen to any Hip-Hop or Rap music, because it sounds so smooth and there are enough elements to make it sound like a catchy pop record before you actually realize that it’s a rap track!

The video, more than ably directed by Taya Simmons takes the same captivating route; the boss, the hot chick and the lover – an intriguing triangle that can only lead to one tragic ending. No doubt the single and video release of Young Dougie’s “Nobody” featuring Jadakiss is very creative and inventive, just right for the time, and of course it is musically and visually very entertaining.

“Nobody” featuring Jadakiss is available now on iTunes and other digital retailers. You can now also find Young Dougie on Pandora!

Follow Young Dougie on Instagram: @_YoungDougie, Twitter: @YoungDougie, Facebook: @Young-Dougie

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Young Dougie and Jadakiss

Thu. July 7th

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