50 things I have learned from cosplaying at conventions and conventions in general:

1. Get everything done for registration and hotel booking months in advance

2. Get your cosplay list done at the same time, or at least a rough plan of who you want to cosplay

3. Plan when and where you will get your cosplay pieces

4. Know the weapons/cosplay policy at the con beforehand

5. Learn to sew on a machine

6. YouTube is your best friend for sewing, makeup, and wig tutorials

7. Pack your things in rolls and inside of other things to save on bag room

8. Pack your cosplays side by side in your bag for easy access

9. Wear a cosplay there and back, especially if you have four or more cosplays

10. Bring extra shopping/garbage bags for merch or room garbage

11. Bring a garbage bag for your dirty clothes so they don’t stink up the clean ones

12. Bring a small drawstring or carrying bag for your camera, wallet, phone, etc.

13. Make a checklist of your things before going as you pack

14. Make a checklist of your things after con as you pack

15. Know a rough plan of what events you want to go to before arriving at con

16. Know the sleeping arrangements before con

17. Give everyone a room key

18. Share your contact information and emergency contacts with everyone in your room

19. Make up meet up points for food or check-ins periodically

20. Carry a water bottle and fill it up like crazy

21. Don’t wear your binder for more than 12 hours

22. Don’t wear your circle lens contacts for more than 12 hours

23. If the cosplay hurts you, take it off

24. If something breaks or tears on your cosplay, ask for help from a vendor or a con staff member

25. Weapons check your prop weapons

26. Know where security is

27. If something seems wrong, report it

28. Eat at least one good-for-you full meal a day and supplement it with water and snacks

29. Don’t go to rave/dances in a binder

30. Shower at least once a day

31. Carry deodorant on you

32. Brush your teeth twice a day

33. Sleep at least 6 hours, hopefully more

34. Keep all of your things together

35. Budget a certain amount of money for every day

36. Save money for food and emergencies

37. Murphy’s Law: Everything that can happen will happen

38. If you don’t know if you want something from artists’ alley/ vendor hall, wait until the last day and see if you still want it

39. Try new things

40. Get consent before taking pictures, giving hugs, doing shipping photos, etc.

41. If someone is uncomfortable with something, stop what you are doing

42. Do not bring people back to your hotel room without your roommates’ permission/knowledge

43. Keep your hotel sink area clean

44. If you want your room cleaned/serviced, put the sign on the door handle

45. Before the cleaning staff get there, be sure to pack away everything and lock items such as laptop computers, charging cords, or expensive cosplay items in your room safe or better yet your car

46. If you cannot room at the hotel the con is at, the con may provide transportation there and back

47. Bring one or two sets of normal clothes and walking shoes

48. Bring extra pairs of socks

49. Bring a small first-aid kit

50. Don’t start or continue drama; end it as soon as it starts


A new set of Ditto transform plushies has been announced at Pokémon center! This new set will feature Ditto Koffing, Jigglyypuff, Snorlax, Magnemite, and Gloom, and will be available for 1 300 yen. A larger plush of Ditto Transform Snorlax reversible plush cushion will also be available, for 3 200 yen.

Along with the plush, will be:
- Espeon and Umbreon drawstring bags for 800 yen each
- Two sets of figures for 300 yen each. Set one will feature Kanto starters, Poliwag, Pikachu each with a Ditto. And set two will feature Gengar, Jigglypuff, Vulpix, Pichu, Raichu each with Ditto again
- A hand towel will also be avalable for 540 yen

Release date is March 25th, 2017 !



Hey you! I have a ton of products up on RedBubble now! So much so that I can’t post even half of them here. So here’s just one of the 7 collections (see all them hereI) have there:

There are 16 of my illustrations there, each one used in many different products:
- Stickers, Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Blocks, Posters, Postcards;
- T-Shirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Pouches;
- Mugs, Travel Mugs, Spiral Notebooks, Phone Cases (iPhones and Samsung), Clocks, iPad Cases, Laptop Sleeves
AND MORE if you still believe me! Seriously. My dudes. Everything’s cool there it’s worth just by taking a look, if you like my art. You can find a Vegeta pillow. Doesn’t get better than that.
(Also this is a great way to help me out! Not only you can get some cool stuff you also help me keep going in my art endeavors!)