Editor’s Pick: The Perfect Leather Backpack

The everyday bag that goes with everything

I’m always on the lookout for a nice leather bag that’s not too big or too small, too flashy or poorly made. This backpack, which is part of an accessories collection made by Turkish leather manufacturer Desa, is just right. Rivaling that of Mansur Gavriel’s popular style, the simple bag features a drawstring, one continuous, clean seam and back straps made from one cut of leather. The streamlined design is both beautiful and impressive, and the suede interior and zipper pocket just add to its perfection. The price point seems steep, but when you factor in how much you would wear it (every single day), this backpack pays for itself.

Big Forty-Four Neoprene Backpack

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I so love how these catch light.

Preorder incoming by the end of the month, starting with one 36 card lenormand blind bag (stamped cloth drawstring bag with a crystal on the string) deck. They will be $30. I need to do a preorder to afford the number of molds I’ll need since the resin sets so slow, and the resin.

I need your input! Are you interested in multiples or just one? I’m thinking of doing 3 and 5 card sets at a slight discount. If there is a lot of interest, I’ll break up a second deck that way.

my autism bag and its contents. this isnt my Entire stim collection but it’s all the stuff i take with me places (i usually dont take all of it at once tho)

on the far left:
- a black drawstring bag that says “autistics cause vaccines, thank your local autistic biomed researcher”. not my idea, i saw it on a redbubble page but it was kinda expensive
- two chew necklaces from @stimtastic

top row:
- rubik’s cube with my @transcuber icon on it
- fisher cube
- mirror blocks/mirror cube
- rubik’s cube from a toy store
- kilominx
- megaminx

2nd row:
- rubik’s bear
- pokedex
- a carpet sample from home depot
- a “things that annoy me” book
- a book of logic puzzles
- my keys which have a fidget cube and an eni puzzle from @stimtastic on them
- a knockoff fidget cube

3rd row:
- a tangle “pen palz”
- a travel sized advil (not sure why thats in here tbh)
- tangle friendship bracelet
- textured tangle jr
- tangle therapy
- cracking chocolate squishy thing
- rainbow spinner ring