drawstring bags

  • Mother:taylor what are you sewing right now
  • Me:a drawstring bag
  • Mother:why?
  • Me:to store my wooden spoons in
  • Mother:that is literally the most grandma thing ive heard in my life

Thanks to the legalization of same-sex marriage on June 26, 2015, I knew I needed to create a design in celebration.

This product is available as framed/non-framed prints, posters, apparel tops, a pencil skirt, coffee/travel mugs, laptop/mobile/iPad skins, tote/drawstring bags, a pencil pouch, throw pillows, greeting cards, spiral notebooks, wall clocks, shower curtains, duvet covers, rugs, wall tapestries, and stickers.


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I’ll have prints, stickers, zipper/drawstring bags, sleeping eyemasks, memopads, comics (including last years and this years stevetony fanbook as well) for fandoms such as Marvel (MCU, Daredevil), Mad Max, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, etc basically my hoard of…live action fandoms lol

Again I’ll be behind table E43!!!! See you guys there! (^u^)b  


I made a bunch of simple but effective drawstring bags (will be for sale at my Anthrocon table).  Three of them are my own designed fabric (the pink/yellow/blue themed smaller ones).  They feel satisfying to open and close. The top part is doubled over to look decorative and awesome.  The inside is not lined, but I surged all the inside seams and use only use quality fabrics, not that cheap shit.

I was thinking $15 for the small ones with my printed fabric, $14 for the other smalls, and $17 for the big ones (prices include sales tax). What you think?

I make custom drawstring bags!

The top image is the most recent, the others are old designs that I’ve made. They are about 15 by 12 inches, most of them are hand painted, and the straps are crocheted out of cotton or acrylic yarn. I have made many designs in the past, including MLP Cutie Marks, zodiac symbols, country flags, pokeballs, and symbols from anime. I have one to match every cosplay, so I have something to carry stuff around in at cons! They’re really handy!

Simple bags with a single-colored background are $10, bags with more complex designs (such as country flags) are $12. These prices include shipping. Drop a message in my ask box if you’re not sure which category your design falls into! 

I only ship within the US at the moment, sorry! 

Other examples:


Simple Bag / Complex Bag