“There is a place for everyone in our universe
And you my friend are far from home
But me?
I’m right where I want to be” —-
I’m so sorry for the long ass post and for another sappy klance pic with lame quotes!! (I made up the quote for those who are wondering!)
I am a slut for keith feeling like he’s finally home with his space family and of course with lance lol

the concept of Gaara having mad piano skills tho <333

my-beautiful-thief  asked:

3, for the summer drawing Meme <3.

3. Sunburnt

If you didn’t know, aloe vera gel is one of the best things in the world. Time to cut open a stem and harvest some of that amazing gel and chill it. (It also makes your hair super soft and amazing! Speaking from experience OwO you have to chill it and leave it on like a mask for 2 hrs.)