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Inktober Day 21: Ryan and Matt join the club (the D-club, that is)!!!

I messed up Ryan’s hair, and I should have left their eyes uninked…

Who should I draw next?

sims!d*s/sims!ladybug dump

i recently started getting invites from the lb gang to hang out, so figured i’d throw a few of those here.

first off, i sent my d*s fam to the [still empty] lot i have the LB sims living on… 

Adrien and Kou immediately started talking about family stuff [they have the same aspiration tho so that’s not surprising xD] and joking around together [kou looks mad here but he just has resting bitch face lol….]

while Rylie and Marinette instantly seemed to hate each other???? 

Anyway, I had all the characters introduce themselves to one another after the initial autonomy played out, and then Anna and Adrien really seemed to hit it off. Lysander was uhhh…

….he was this

[more under the cut]

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Sorry my inactivity
Things have been coming up lately back at home, so things have been stressful. I really want to post digital art and learn, but for now that will have to wait. So I hope you enjoy my paper drawings instead. Here, have the female protagonist, Moon, to brighten up your day. I will also try my best to keep drawing more sun and moon doodles. Especially with the wonderful and unique characters and the adorable ships that I love so much. 👌

Egg doing his research!
( for @redcliffes because we really love this egg a lot )

I was in a café today and doodled this while waiting for my friends. It was nice to be somewhere else than home, in a different atmosphere. Also the latte I bought was very good!

this is the last time Scully leaves Mulder in charge of dressing William for school photos. 

(yeah that’s right. i drew fanart inspired by my own stupid ass post. y’all thought i was playing around? i wasnt. enjoy.) 


Limited-Time Digital Paper Doll Commissions!!

But why should you want paper dolls instead of normal drawings? Even though digital paper dolls look real neato, they aren’t very common to see around. You know where they would look the coolest? In youtube/twitter/facebook banners, icons, corner images, or even video thumbnails! 

Paper Dolls definitely stand out and add lots of charm!  They really grab your attention…RIGHT? Please say yes. (๑ゝڡ◕๑)╭ ~ ♡ 

Click the read-more for more information!!

Slots: (2/5) 

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