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You were strange to him… Very strange. Especially since you blindly followed the instructions of some stranger who was messaging you through some app. He couldn’t tell if you were just pure and trusting, or downright stupid… But as strange as you were, oddly enough, he had always been fascinated by weird things.

Tumblr request of UnknownXMC fluff I guess haha. Idk MC is licking him.


Finally got around to colouring these bad boys and I’m so happy with how they turned out!


timeless, ageless and full of inner strength

Ok listen, I’m sure no one’s gonna read this at all but… Real talk for a second.

I know most of you come here for the fanart I draw - that is not furry for a good part - but if you choose to view the furry art I post, please respect it.
I tag all my furry art so if you want to blacklist it it’s not a problem, people can avoid whatever they dislike.

I know for some reason furry reputation is bad but there are no examples in this blog of nsfw furry art. Or nsfw in general because I have a separate blog for that (that frankly I barely use and even that blog doesnt have nsfw furry art because I’m not a fan myself)

What I draw and post here that is furry is supposed to be lighthearted and cute funtimes with cute animals. Because - I love cute animals.
It’s fun to me to design animal versions of characters, so I do it! Much like I create animal ocs, that I try not to post a lot here because I’m sure people just prefer the fanart! And I’m really REALLY shy about my art already… I always check tags to find the encouraging words of people that reblog my stuff, and sometimes finding something so discouraging is really hurtful.

Snarky little things like “hey thats not bad for something that is furry” that make it seem like all furry things are supposed to be terrible from the start are really uncool. But what angers me is when people think that whenever things go furry it will immediately take a sexual way for whatever reason. If it does it won’t be from me, I guarantee.

It’s disheartening that some people that reblog my stuff even sometimes “defend” themselves by saying “noo I dont really like that kind of stuff it’s just kinda cute” like what’s wrong about liking animals… don’t you guys love your pets? The bad reputation of being furry online is really that terrible that no one can enjoy it?

Please respect the fact that I like drawing animals… I’ve done this since I was 6, because I love animals. My furry art is FAR superior than my human art, which is finally getting decent, and it’s also my main source of income, as well as something I do for fun, so I end up drawing it more anyway.

Please don’t discourage me or anyone else from posting things we like that shouldn’t harm anyone, ok? Just enjoy the cute animals if you like it, and avoid it if you don’t.

Either way, hope you all have a nice day~

N’Doul & Something From Nothing (SFN) —– Steel Ball Run

-A blind rider who relies heavily on their audio-based stand when riding, whom feels more natural and at ease in the saddle than on foot.
-Horse: Lipizzan named Acker
-Often avoids groups of people because he relies so heavily on sensing vibrations with his stands, he can get overwhelmed by too many vibrations at once. He usually tries to avoid them in general, but has been known to cause auditory disturbances to drive away others if simply trying to avoid them doesn’t seem to be working. 
-His stand’s greatest asset (beyond its senses) is its speed, which is often likened to the speed of sound - something not entirely coincidental to its abilities.