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This is Ultra Violet, but don’t be fool by her name. She’s not some big scary bot like Ultra Magnus of Fortress Maximus, she’s actually quite small. Very small. She’s nine feet tall.

Ultra Violet is a rookie cop bot who’s job is to act as a UV Black Light. Her whole body can glow and casts enough of a light to expose missed prints or blood. She’s the bot you call when your trail goes cold so you gotta sweep the crime scene again for something you missed. She’s quite passionate about her job but being a rookie cop with a specific job, she doesn’t encounter a lot of in-action crime. She transformers into a black light stick used to find clues but she tends to do the clue hunting herself in robot form. 

Despite her incredibly small size, she tends to talk a big game whenever she does encounter criminals (usually twice her size). However the moment they threaten her with violence she will glow as bright as the sun and nearly blind her opponent. It’s a defense mechanism. However the only downside is she ends up walking around still slightly glowing for at least a few hours afterwards. She can glow in the dark and she’s very self conscious about her size. Her friends and fellow officers call her Blacklight.

So I watched a YouTuber play Dream Daddy and he got the crop top to go with it and he was like, “LOOK AT ME IN THIS CROP TOP!” and it was at that moment that I realized that boys in crop tops are fantastic…

SO!!!!  Someonone who can draw needs to draw Warren and Nathan in crop tops because like!!!  It would be beautiful!  Especially like a chubby Warren in a crop top because chubby guys, my dude.  AHH!  Any soft guy from any fandom ever, really.  Draw him in a crop top!