draws and shit

this is the only other thing i’ve drawn today and it’s just a sketch but i felt like i needed to share,


holy shIT it’s a videO
we decided to try drawing some people’s twitter icons as we interpreted them being all tiny and what not!!!
maybe you’ll be in this video who knowwWwwwWsS!!!!

Ok I’m not asleep yet but…

IMAGINE SLEEPY GHOUL CUDDLE PUDDLE WHEN IT’S COLD OUT. The church doesn’t keep heat well which is great during summer but if it gets below a certain temp, the ghouls get too cold.

Queue grumpy resignation (or excitement from certain ghouls) to sleep together for warmth. No bed is big enough so they pile together all the bedding to make a nest.

Some squirm too much in their sleep (LOOKIN AT YOU 🔥FIRE🔥) and end up getting bit and shoved to the outer edges.

Others are fluffier and have the most laying on them.

Ok I’m going to sleep now probably.

A messy coloured sketch entertaining one of my new AUs, where Yugi is a Demon Prince and Atem is a knight! 


Here’s some lailvarez as part two of your gift!!! Im posting them separately cause I have a few headcanons I wanna share on lailvarez (i know it’s not evident on that it’s lailvarez but this is how i get out of drawing faces and it’s aesthetic) (ps i did not draw those flowers it’s a texture i canNot draw tht well)

  • Laila is an aesthetic hoe
  • Like Aesthetic Hoe
  • #doitfortheaesthetic
  • She loves roses and converse and converse with roses
  • She’s also T I N Y
  • Like
  • alvarez could pick her up in one hand
  • Come to think of it
  • I bet she’s done that too
  • Sara alvarez is a lipstick lesbian
  • Dont fight me on this
  • She has so many different lipstick colors
  • So many
  • Laila likes to do alvarez’s makeup
  • She does a decent job
  • For the most part laila doesnt wear too much makeup
  • But she was that girl in middle school who wore glitter eyeshadow
  • She still does on occasion
  • Laila and alvarez go stargazing all the time
  • Sometimes it’s a team thing
  • Sometimes just with jeremy
  • Sometimes by themselves
  • They’re the actual embodiment of the no homo bro memes
  • Even tho every knows they’re together and really fucking gay
  • “Bro,,the stars are beautiful but,,ur beautifuler bro”
  • “Bro” “bro”
  • they both say “no homo” and “that’s gay” v regularly
  • the moral of this story is that they’re in lov and i lov them