Free! + Haikyuu!! = Freekyuu!!! ??? (haha free ball haha)

tbh I really just wanted to draw Nagisa as a libero it is sooo much fun 8) other obvious role assignments: Haru as genius setter, Makoto as human wall blocker, Rei as pinpoint precision spiker. Plus semi-permanently on-loan-from-other-clubs members Kisumi (from bball), spiker, and Sera-senpai (from track & field), blocker. hah thank god for Sera-senpai cuz I nearly didn’t have enough members for a vball team

Freekyuu!!! part 2: Samezuka???? FUCK YEA

[ETA] I FORGOT TO REVERSE NAGISA’S JERSEY COLORS!!!! I’m so sorry aslfgh I’ll get him right in the next one I swear

older Arya and Rickon with Shaggydog; I just wanted to draw aggro bloodthirsty Stark kids cuz gdi life is so unfair for them I just want them to go out there and raise a little hell slit some throats GET SOME JUSTICE


Freekyuu!!! part 2: Samezuka edition! (pt1 Iwatobi edition here)

Featuring: former captain Mikoshiba senior, power spiker; current captain Rin who as Haru’s One True Rival is of course a talented setter (who can also dish out a mean service ace); Mikoshiba junior, like senior, is a hyper-athletic (and extremely vocal) spiker; Nitori, team Samezuka’s cute shawty libero and hardest worker; Sousuke is intimidating and effective blocker; plus newly minted regulars Nakagawa (WS), Minami (WS) and Uozumi (MB). nice thing about Samezuka is it actually has enough members to form a full team and have subs. (also they’re rich and have Mizuno provide their gear, daang)

PLUS: a bonus Nagisa in the right colors this time (cuz I’d messed up last round and forgot liberos wear different colors from the rest of the team) 

didn’t I say MORE SPORTS??? well here it is

coupla floating heads of Swell dudes (cuz they go to Samwell eh???? get it) from my fave webcomic about hockey and college shenanigans, Check, Please! 

Rans & Holster’s bff stance brings to mind the famous phrase prepare for trouble, make it double

warning: PWP - perspective what perspective

apocalypse successfully cancelled, shatterdome celebrates, K-science bros sneak away from the crushing hubbub and settle down in their lab with a bottle of Stoli Newt got from the Kaidanovskys before everything (sob) and eventually end up on the floor

or idk I just wanted to draw Newmann on the floor being affectionate all like post-drift cuddling

Merry Christmas! For Chris “Chowder” Chow, my fave Wellie, prince of babs, fictional goalie of my heart, a gift of holiday-appropriate SJ Sharks apparel (◡‿◡✿) 3 guesses which Samwell men’s hockey team upperclassman gifted him that (Bitty, it’s Bitty)

for those heretofore unacquainted, a gift from me to you: Check, Please! treat yourself and go read it, merry xmas, you’re welcome


☆ cool kids  ; a TsukkiYama mix for the slowest slow-burn journey from friends to lovers, ending in mutual affirmation and moderate sap (65% Yama-POV)

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