Inktober 2017 List

1. Dragon

2. What’s In Your Little Backpack?

3. Genderbent

4. In A Battle

5. Eye-See-You

6. Spider

7. Long

8. Cult Sacrifice

9. New Moon

10. Gem Stone

11. Justice

12. Something Blue

13. Big Dick Problems
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14. Game

15. Origins

16. New Ship

17. Collect

18. Interesting Outfit

19. Kiss

20. Yellow Jacket

21. Goo/Slime

22. Glitch

23. Ninja

24. Toxic

25. Ogre

26. Dark Magic

27. Baseball

28. Heart On Sleeve

29. Memory

30. Pokemon

31. Best Friend


Another inktober/ drawtober (if you wanna see all of them go to my instagram account), idk what happen with tumblr i can´t upload photos from my phone///

Otro inktober esta todo hasta ahora en mi instagram, no sé qué pasa que no puedo subir fotos de mi celular, se me hace más difícil de mi pc :c.

MY INSTAGRAM♥ : www.instagram.com/mediodecente


Accumuli (sparizione della visione)

Installazione di taccuini, disegni, pitture e incisioni. Tecniche miste. Dimensioni lastre di vetro: 75x75 cm (20 lastre sovrapposte), dimensioni telaio metallico: 80x75x75 cm. 01/01/2016 - 01/01/2017.

Installation of notebooks, drawings, paintings and engravings. Mixed media. Glass plates size: 75x75 cm (20 overlapping sheets), metal table size 80x75x75 cm. 01/01/2016 - 01/01/2017.