Today - preparing a ‘Drawing Prompt’ for a really cool project called DRAW NYC - run by www.theuniproject.org, the idea is to get New Yorkers out on the streets drawing. The Uni Project is a nonprofit committed to increasing access to books and learning opportunities through pop-up, open-air reading rooms - an awesome thing to support, I think! #makemarksdaily #theuniproject #drawnyc

Running Late no. 1 - @ Astor Place

I’m so glad I can finally talk about this:
I was asked by Fully Branded Media to be part of the movie “Kill Your Darlings” starring Daniel Radcliffe, Michael C. Hall, Elizabeth Olsen and Dane DeHaan by drawing up some pictures of the cast. Got to meet Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan and Michael C. Hall last week - and super grateful for the opportunity. Feel free to check them out at their website, blog and twitter and check out the drawings of the cast HERE: http://fullybrandedmedia.blogspot.com/2012/04/kill-your-cartoons.html