Thank you to @janinevanmooselart for the glorious inspiration!!! Jessica’s Lament goes live October 10th!!! Shot by @weneals_photography !!!! #nightmarebeforechristmas #jackskellington #jessicarabbit #whoframedrogerrabbit #drawnthisway #pumpkinking #jessicaslament #halloween2016

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So, although my painting skills are pitiful; I’ve somewhat entered the V Magazine ‘Drawn This Way competition’! And whilst I’d love to be anticitpating my submission getting chosen, the competition closed a few days ago so I’m rather doubtful about it all. But I’ll remain hopeful in some ways that my 'GaGa with the Pearl ear-ring’ could get chosen.

I’m an artiste’ yo’.


The poor excuse of a watercolour painter,

The  Y O R K