pianowaterfall  asked:

Complaining about Talia al Ghul having blue eyes and pale skin is really gross! You're saying she can't look the way many arabic peoples look, because it happens to be how white people look. I get crap from people constantly about how I don't look Asian, so believe me when I say, when people complain about non-whites who are light skinned, that is racist. You're policing the definition of non-white and not letting people like myself or Christina Aguilera in, regardless of our actual background.

i get where you’re coming from, i do – i’m white-lookin’ as hell and i’m latino. but here’s the thing: talia al ghul is not always drawn so white. in fact, there’s a trend that was brought up by someone i admire a lot where they pointed out that when talia is playing more of a villain, she is drawn darker, and when she is playing more of a hero/love interest, she’s drawn lighter. i’m not complaining that she looks white. i’m complaining that there’s an inherently racist inconsistency in the way she’s drawn/colored – i’m complaining that they whitewash her when it’s convenient for them to play her as heroic.