Happy 28th Anniversary, Osomatsu-kun! ❤️💙💚💜💛💗

I know it’s really sketchy but i did this in my free time and i couldn’t use my tablet, so… Here it is! A Prima donna and a NEET!

Prima donna Osomatsu is and will always be my favorite Osomatsu.



for all the queer girls with their Valentines.

**( you don’t have to publish this if you don’t want to, btw. this can just be for you to see. )


i got nervous that somebody else might ask you & i wanted to make you something special, so if you’d like to, would you be my Valentine? 

- Jasmine

( because words are not enough to express how happy i am, perhaps this picture shall suffice? also i would love to !! (。・//ε//・。) !!!!

p.s, it’s based on our thread.

p.p.s. here’s the full res. link


A question lingers in her eyes as we pass on the stairs. “Where’s Moffy?”
“Outside playing checkers.”
Just as poised as her mom would be, she descends the rest of the stairs like she’s entering a royal fucking castle, not the living room of a multi-family lake house. I watch her head outside to find her best friend.