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Inhumans Part Six

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 6K

Summary: Inhumans are people born with powers, feared by most all over the world. Inhumans are often killed before the age of three or kept locked up and tested on. EXO is a rogue group of Inhumans who broke free and are now looking to free fellow Inhumans as well as get justice for their kind. However, with their powers come limitations. With these limitations, they sometimes need a helping hand.

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Let’s Try

Title:  Let’s Try

Character(s): Actor Tom

Chapter Number/One Shot: One Shot

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Summary: A pregnancy scare leaves Eva and Tom wondering what they want.

Warnings: None

Author Note: I found this in my drafts and forgot how much I enjoyed writing it. Expect more fics out of the drafts in the coming days.

“What do you mean, you think you might be pregnant?”

I bit my lip at his voice. I don’t think he meant to sound as harsh as he did. He was likely just exhausted from the long media tour. He tended to be a bit of a grouch at the end of an exhausting day. But it still made me wince.

“Well, we did have pretty vigorous sex when I flew out to see you last,” I pointed out. 

Tom scoffed. “We were careful. We always are.”

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Brendon Urie Smutty Fluffy Oneshot

Couldn’t get this idea out of my head so I had to write it. Fluffy Brendon Urie smut :3 Tell me what you think in my ask!

After her hotel booking is stuffed up, freelance photographer ends up in a room share with one of her most admired musical idols. They get closer than she ever dreamed.

I wasn’t so much on my side of the bed as I was in the middle of it when I woke up. What’s more, I could feel Brendon pressed up behind me, pulling me into him with an arm wrapped possessively around my torso, finishing in a loose fist curled against my collarbone. To say I was shocked was an understatement.

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Surprise, Surprise // N.M

I’m so sorry to whoever sent this for taking so long to do but I’ve had so much shit going on and so much school but I got two weeks off now so I should be a little faster with things (no promises through sorry but still feel free to send requests - I’ll always get around to them) Hope you enjoy x 

this is probably the cutest smut i ever written tbh cos im usually completely incapable of cute smut 

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He catches my wrist and steps forward while pulling me close. His eyes switch from glowing to stormy in a heartbeat and he nudges my sex with his leg that’s wedged between mine. “You want more Ana?”

His words are always inflammatory but the tone is the things that liquefies my insides and my eyes flutter closed, so drawn to him, so needy. When I open them again I enjoy watching him get knocked askew by the profound need he sees in their depths.

He makes a feral, guttural sound and in an instant he’s on me, driving me back against the wall and kissing me with an urgency that leaves us both winded. His mouth is all over my face, kissing, sucking, licking, biting – he’s ferocious in his attack. His hands mirror his lips, plundering every inch of my skin he can reach, rubbing, moulding, scorching. I reciprocate as hard and as fast as I can, never more grateful that he tolerates my touch.


My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 9

Ahem…I don’t know how I feel about this one? 

Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


“Y/N” I hear from behind me and I jolt with surprise and cry out in pain as I stab myself in the eye with my mascara wand. “Mother Fu-…God Tom really?” I wince trying not to rub my eye, squeezing it shut tightly. After a few moments, I open my eye slightly and look in the mirror at my smudged makeup, I glare at Tom through the reflection and he looks at me apologetically. Suddenly his eyes narrow at me, “what are you all dolled up for?” Tom says, his voice full of suspicion. I don’t answer and instead use a q-tip with makeup remover to wipe the smudged bits. “You’re going on a date?” I look up to see Tom with his eyebrow raised and my phone in his hand as he scrolls through my texts.

I quickly turn and snatch my phone from his hand, “hey, stop snooping” I lock my phone and return to fix my makeup. Tom tilts his head sideways, “I’ve never seen your hair this straight…it’s nice…I prefer your natural waves and curls though.” I sigh putting my eyeliner down once I’ve fixed it, “not to be rude, why are you here?” I say pouting my lips slightly as I put on my red lipstick. Tom moves to sit on my bed and watches me, “Liz told me” he says and I look at him confused, “told you what?” “that you were going on a date” he shrugs and I place a hand on my hip. “And, why would she tell you that?” I ask with a slightly patronizing tone causing Tom to smile at me “I don’t know.” 

Knowing Tom won’t tell me I don’t bother to ask further and put on a pair of earrings before moving to find a pair of heels. “Who is he?” he says with something strange in his tone. I bite my cheek and begin to put on my heels, Tom gets down onto his knees and helps me put them on gently. He slowly stands up afterwards and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear, his eyes staring into mine intensely. I take in a slow deep breath and my eyes drop to Tom’s tongue that darts out along his bottom lip before he gently tugs it between his teeth. I gulp and look back into his eyes, his eyes flicker between my eyes and lips, he slowly inches forward. 


Tom sighs in frustration and I jump away from him, I quickly grab my purse and walk hurriedly to the door, “I’ll see you tomorrow Tommy” I flash a quick smile. I motion for Tom to keep quiet and then open the door a little bit, “hi…wow you’re gorgeous.” I see my date for the night and I smile at him, “thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself” I wink and then internally slap myself for the overly cliche line. I hear a scoff behind me and my date frowns slightly, “what was that?” he asks trying to look past me, “oh nothing, things just creak on occasion, lets go then shall we” I say ushering him away, I glance back inside when he’s not looking and glare at Tom who smirks at me before I shut the door. 

It’s been two weeks since Tom made me dance and told me he loved-…loves me. Tom had become increasingly touchy and affectionate than before, which I didn’t think was possible. It constantly made me flustered and my feelings wouldn’t shake off, so, when a cute guy asked me out I thought it would distract me. How wrong of me. 

My date, Drew, brings me to a fancy French restaurant and we sit outdoors with twinkling lights hanging. “This place is beautiful, how’d you find it?” I say as he tucks me in, he sits opposite me with an adorable smile, “the owner is a family friend.” I nod and the waiter bring us our menus and Drew picks out a wine for us. He continues the conversation with a little small talk and I answer his questions slightly bored. Don’t get me wrong, he’s freaking cute and so sweet but…he wasn’t…Tom? Speaking of, my eyes glance behind Drew for a second and I do a double take, my eyes widen at the scene in front of me but then they narrow. I straighten up in my chair and clench my jaw, Tom is being placed at a table with…Taylor. 

Tom’s eyes finally meet mine and I glare at him but he gives me a sneaky smile (gif) as if he could sense the jealousy building within me. “Y/N?” I hear Drew call out and my eyes snap back to him, I give him my sweetest smile “sorry, I thought I saw someone, it doesn’t matter though” I reach over the table and place my hand on his. He looks down at our hands and then back at my face, his eyes glisten with excitement and he smiles at me. The waiter comes to take our orders and quickly leaves. “I like your hair like this” Drew says glancing at my straightened locks of hair. I let out a fake shy giggle and glance behind him for a second to witness Tom flashing Taylor a smoldering look then leaning over to whisper in her ear, his eyes looking up to meet mine once more. 

I let out a huff of breath and look back at Drew, giving him a big flirty smile as he talks about his job. I take a sip of wine, I look back at Tom who’s already looking at me with a small smirk, if this is the game he wants to play, then we’ll play. Toms lips twitch and he holds back a grin seeing the look in my eyes. Game on. I shuffle my chair around the table and move it next to Drew, he looks at me slightly shocked and I lean forward getting up close to hip, bringing my red lips to his ear I whisper with a sultry tone “I love the way you speak…” my eyes dart to Tom and I notice his body tensing up, I stepped up my game and slide my hand Drew’s back until it reaches his shoulder. 

What am I doing?

Drew gulps loudly and he reaches up to loosen his collar slightly, “I’m sorry, I guess that came off a little strong” I say and peck his cheek, letting my lips linger when I feel Toms burning stare on us. I pull away and gently rub my thumb on the lipstick stain that I left on his skin. “Oops” I say and move back to my place when the waiter returns with our meals. We begin to eat while he talks, stuttering from being so flustered. My eyes are suddenly drawn to behind Drew when Tom leans close to Taylor, whispering to her, pressing kisses to her cheek and jawline. I unconsciously begin to stab at my meal and Drew looks at me curiously, “are you alright?” I look back at Drew and realize what I am doing. “Just perfect” I say and continue to eat trying to hide my jealousy. I offer some of my food to Drew and begin to feed him small parts of my meal, making it look as affectionate as possible in front of Tom. 

I offer some of my food to Drew and begin to feed him small parts of my meal, making it look as affectionate as possible in front of Tom. Tom looks as if he is about to stand up but he contains himself and returns his attention to Taylor, showing her his panty dropping smile. I scoff and blush when Drew stares at me, “I-I’m sorry, was it what I said?” he frowns and my eyes widen slightly, “oh no, no, I just…uhm…I’m sorry, I’m being awful, just distracted by something I remembered” I lie and Drew looks at me sympathetically. He reaches over and strokes my cheek “don’t worry about it, your gorgeous smile makes up for it” he smiles and I actually blush at his words. We finish our meal and order some dessert, we decide to share an apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. I move closer and we feed each other, making us look like a love sick couple that everyone is annoyed at. I spoon some crumble and ice cream and slide it into Drew’s mouth, I glance up at Tom and notice his clenched fists and jaw, his attention barely on Taylor. Looks like I’m winning. 

I hold back a grin and look back at Drew who is frowning at me, “who do you keep looking a-” he says shifting to look in the direction of Tom but I stop him, panicking I press my lips against his and kiss Drew. It barely lasts a few seconds when I feel myself pulled away roughly and made to stand up. My eyes look up and they meet the angry eyes of Tom, “we are leaving” he almost growls, he glares at Drew and slams some money on the table before dragging me away. “Tom! Tom stop it! You’re hurting me!” I refrain from yelling and Toms grip on my arm loosens slightly, but he continues to drag me to his car. He lets go when we reach the car and he gets into the drivers seat, I stand there confused but he glares up at me and I move to the passenger seat and get in. Tom immediately drives out of the parking lot and heads towards his apartment building. No words are said during the ride instead the atmosphere is filled with tension…both types. 

Tom finally stops the car and gets out, closing his door a little to harshly. I get out the car slowly and he walks straight up to his apartment. I follow behind him and when we reach his door he opens it as quickly as he can and steps inside. I follow in behind him hesitantly when suddenly the door is slammed shut. I walk over to the other side of the room and stare at the floor, avoiding Toms burning gaze. “Look at me” he says, his voice much deeper and gravelly. I hesitantly glance up and meet Toms darkened eyes. We stare at each other for a few moments but then both rush forward and meet in a deep passionate angry kiss. Letting out both our frustration with each other. My hand reaches up to cup Toms jaw whilst the other runs through his short hair, Toms large hands moving to my neck pulling me closer. His hands move down to my waist and we continue to let out our frustration on each other, our bodies moving instinctively towards his bedroom. 

The Next Morning

My eyes flutter open and I find myself in Toms arms against his warm body. Warm…naked…body. My eyes widen and I quickly squirm out of his hold ending up on the floor tangled in the blanket. “Shit” I hiss rubbing my butt, I hear a small groan and I tense up. Toms face suddenly looks over the edge of the bed and I look up at him. I realize something and quickly cover myself up in the blanket as best as I can and Tom smirks slightly, “seen it all darling” he winks and I glare at him. I wrap myself in the blanket and then stand up to walk to the bathroom, blushing when I walk with a slight limp and discomfort. I hear Tom chuckle with satisfaction and I look over my shoulder but quickly turn away when I realize Tom is laying there with no blanket. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!” I whine out realizing what we’ve done. I rub my face with one hand, “what have we done Tom!?” I shriek. “Would you like the full details?” I hear Tom say and I groan before locking myself in the bathroom. 

Please tell me I didn’t just sleep with my best friend. I hold back from letting out a scream and I hear Tom knock on the door, “Y/N…are you okay? Are you having regrets?” I pull the door open thankful Tom has some pants on. “Regrets?! Tom! You are my best friend, we can’t just…” I wave my hands around and Tom looks at me with sadness in his eyes. “I don’t regret a second of it Y/N..not a single one.” He gets closer with each word and I stare into his eyes, my eyes water slightly. Why do I always cry? “I don’t want to get hurt” I whimper, my voice breaks slightly and Tom reaches forward to pull me into a tight hug. “At least give me a chance not to…when I saw you…with…him last night, I drew the line when you kissed him Y/N. The feelings I had inside…they were indescribable, I had never been so angry, so…jealous…hurt. I know what you went through was probably ten times worse…hell, more than that, but Y/N, I love you so damn much and I need you. Please give me a chance to be the man that you need.” 

I pull out of Tom’s hold and he looks at me with a broken expression, I stroke the stubble on his jaw and gulp, “I love you too.” I lean forward and press a gentle kiss on Tom’s lips. “I love you too…” I repeat against his lips feeling them curl against mine in a big smile. 

Saga of my brain and I trying to sleep at 5am.

Me with my eyes shut: “Finally time to sleep.”
My brain: “The sun is coming up. Light is coming through the windows.”
Me: “My eyes are closed and the curtains are drawn. Calm down.”
My brain: “Can’t. I still know there’s light in the room. I can’t sleep if there’s light!”
Me: “Then what’s the purpose of eye lids?! Fine. I’ll pull the blanket over my head. Happy?”
My brain: “…Yes. Now it is dark. Time to sleep.”
Me: “Good. Good night.”

~15 minutes go by~

My brain: “Will I get enough air under the blanket?”
Me: “Omg. We do this EVERY TIME. Just sleep!”

I stare at my reflection.

I don’t recognize the face gazing back at me. I don’t recognize the thin film of foundation that cakes as the day wears on. I don’t recognize the black line drawn close to my lashes that supposedly makes my eyes seem larger. I don’t recognize the cherry-colored lips because my lips aren’t cherries; they used to be plums, lighter in the summer and darker in the winter.

A girl’s worst fear is that she’s isn’t beautiful. It’s why we meticulously canvas our face each day to become who we are expected to be, not who we want to be. Familiar to everyone but ourselves.

But each night, in the darkness of my room, I shed the unrecognizable. I see myself. I like it.

Yet, come morning, I’ll choose to be a stranger once again.