drawn teeth

[Yang mermaid here!]

Don’t mind me, shamelessly continuing my RWBY mermaid AU saga, one awkward mer at a time.

So I decided to base Ruby’s mermaid form off of a beta fish, because I thought their fins looked more tattered kinda like her cape and a bit like a flower petal..? I also tried to give her a light silver hue to her fins, but ehheheh its mostly just white.

I figured Ruby would probably be a huge collector of weapons that she finds from sunken ships. She’s a weird Little Red Mermaid basically. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Just a warm-up sketch from one of my streams this week! Don’t forget - I stream twice a week (Thursdays at 7pmADT and Sundays at 10am!), but this week I’m adding a daytime Friday stream because I’m off work for the time being! 

Anyway watch RWBY, and get stoked for Volume 5. 

most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

@identivitycosplay​ asked: Blake in A3 and/or Ruby in C2!

The real goal of this outfit meme is to hopefully get myself to draw faster XD Unfortunately I don’t think that’s happening yet. Though I’ll still be taking suggestions I’m gonna be picking the ones that sound most appealing to me, so please forgive me if I can’t get to everyone! You’re all amazing! <3