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“Need That Money” Money Spell

A spell to get money in a time of need.

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What You’ll Need

  • Mortar and pestle
  • A green candle
  • Monopoly money or a drawn money note
  • A paintbrush
  • Mint leaves
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Sun water
  • This sigil

“Money comes to me.”

What To Do

  • Light your candle.
  • Put your mint leaves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
  • Muddle the contents for as long as you see fit.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of sun water into the mortar and muddle the mix further until you have a sort of paste.
  • Burn the money note to ashes (carefully) and add them to the paste and muddle the paste until the ashes are mixed in. 
  • Take the paintbrush and “paint” the paste onto your windowsills and doorways while saying/thinking “I ask for money in this time of need to get me by, to help me survive.” as many times as you wish.
  • Then, take the paintbrush again and “paint” the sigil with the paste on your bedroom door.
  • Blow out the candle.

IwaOi headcanon: Iwaizumi and Oikawa study together regularly, making sure that neither falls behind with homework assignments (which would, god forbid, interfere with volleyball practice). Iwaizumi sometimes asks Oikawa to explain things to him again even if he already understands the material, purely because he enjoys the way Oikawa gets excited when talking about a topic he loves. 

“In the beginning, Papa’s arms were around him, mistrusting of  the pouch.
Kenta bounced, snug in his sling as he opened his eyes and for the first time in his life, really felt what it was like to see. The greenery around him was so overwhelmingly full of life and color. He threw his head back and giggled a hoarse baby laugh with glee, squinting his eyes up to catch a glimpse of the man above smiling back down at him.”

This beautiful fanart was done by wonderfulworldofmoi! She told me to feel free to post it on my blog! I commissioned it to go as a companion to my Toes fic in where Papayasha bounds about the forest with his little baby strapped to his tummy. 

You don’t have to read the story to appreciate this wonderful piece of work though. I’m simply in love.

Because Inuyasha is happy.

i’m not sure if i’m more proud of Tary for being a fkin sneaky bastard and it paying off handsomely you slimy son of a bitch, or of Grog for beating at least 47 different odds conspired against him with nothing but a hammer, and the sheer volume of fucks he does not give

Seduction (M)
  • Type: gardener!Jimin AU; smut
  • Pairing: Jimin x fem!OC
  • Words: 6,690
  • Warnings: language; explicit, degrading sex
  • A/N: This fic depicts acts of consensual sexual humiliation.

If there was something that filled Jimin’s heart with pure bliss, that would be the scent of freshly mown grass in the morning, accompanied by a cup of ice-cold coffee and her saccharine perfume. Her smell and semblance were reminiscent of cotton candy on a hot summer’s night or a ride on a Ferris wheel by the river, watching as the city lights created colourful patterns in the calm waters. Of course, those scenarios dwelled but inside his imaginative mind, where they would remain locked, unspoken of. That woman was out of his league, that much he recognised. Although he was a fine young man in his prime, she was just something else.

Every Saturday morning come nine o'clock, the appropriately named daughter of the luxurious hotel’s owner, Blossom, emerged from her suite in a floral kimono-style silk robe, her strawberry blonde hair usually up in a bun or sometimes neatly braided, rose-tinted heart-shaped sunglasses shielding her eyes from the bright sun and the usual silver tray where she carried two cups: iced Americano, unsweetened, for Jimin and a virgin passion fruit mojito for herself.

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Can we just, donate? I always want to buy commissions but I never know what the fuck I want drawn. JUST TAKE MY MONEY PLS

I have a patreon owo you really don’t need to give crazy amounts of money, just one dollar already helps a lot to keep the ADC running as well as working on other comics in the future!


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Simple money spell

This is a super simple spell to bring more money into your life. After the first time i charged this, a guy smashed into my car so i wound up with a settlement to get a new one (much needed. My car us a hunk of junk) and i was given way more hours at work than i typically get.

What you need:

A container to put in spare change (I’m just using a spare mason jar I found lying around)

Candles (green will boost your intent, if you got them. I don’t)



Draw a sigil to bring more money into your life and put it in your container: I used “I always have more than enough money” drawn by @sigilathenaeum

Each time you need some extra cash, throw your loose change into your container and light your candles, thinking about your financial goals.

sure obi-vaughn kenobi is cute but what about a middle thing when hes just starting to grow out his hair and is a literal fluffball

What Would Your Muse Do?

-Your muse is presented with a special mirror that has the ability to grant any single wish their heart desires. However, a dark version of them is created upon making a wish. Would they risk making a wish?

-A woman is lying all alone in the middle of nowhere, slowly dying to poison. However, upon seeing your muse, she reveals to them a baby wrapped in a blanket and begs for them to take care of them before she dies. What do they do with the baby?

-Your muse is ordered to hunt down and kill a rare animal or species- one that is the last of its kind even- for a very handsome price indeed. However, upon encountering the creature, it is a tad naïve and very friendly. Would they still kill it and get the job done?

-Your muse is walking along a busy street, when someone among the crowd falls over and faints. No one seems to be making a move to help them out. What would they do?

-Your muse is a ghost who can’t move on. The owners of the house they are currently haunting is considering an exorcism. How would Your muse try to convince them otherwise?

-Your muse walks in on a bit of a scene where a homeless or impoverished child was just caught stealing from a store. They obviously do not have the funds to pay for their items, and seem very hungry. Would you muse do something, or walk away?

-Your muse is in a serious hurry, and has to get to where they need to be as soon as possible or risk reprimands. However, they spot someone all on their own, sobbing their eyes out. It’s obvious this person is in need of some help, but your muse still has that deadline to meet. What do they do?

-Your muse is eating at a restaurant, and the young person next to them is dressed very nicely and seems excited. It’s obvious that they’re waiting on a date. However, a few hours pass, and their date never shows up. They seem depressed about this, and hardly touch their food. Does your muse offer comfort, or turn a blind eye?

-Your muse is shopping somewhere when masked felons burst in, weapons drawn. They start demanding money, and threaten to hurt anyone who does not comply. Does your muse oblige to their demands, or do they fight back?

-Your muse is buying something when the cashier mistakenly gives them far too much change than they should’ve gotten! Does your muse correct the mistake, or do they pocket the money?

-Alternatively, your muse gets too much change back from an extremely rude and uncaring cashier. Will your muse still correct the mistake, or are they more willing to pocket the money now?

-Your muse is on trial for a serious crime they never committed. But, the real perpetrator was in fact their best friend or romantic partner. Would your muse turn over their friendship for their freedom, or be punished for something they never did?

-Your muse is out for a stroll when they see a practical pack of school children bullying another kid. The poor kid seems upset, and the relentless flock of bullies won’t leave them alone. What does your muse do?

-Your muse is relaxing at a cafe when they overhear a harsh fight happening at a table. It appears that the other individual at the table has stormed off somewhere, leaving the other a crying mess. Does your muse go over and comfort them?

-Your muse is shopping around different stores, desperately in need of something that seems to have gone out of stock in other places. Finally, they find it, and it’s the last one! However, the stranger right by you also needs this item. Does your muse give it up, or will they fight to keep it for themselves?

-Your muse is offered the opportunity of a lifetime! This is a unique chance for them to go wherever they would want to go, or do whatever they want to do! However, the catch is that they have to leave behind their friends and family and never see them again. They can’t bring anyone with them, and they can’t go back to where they came. Would they still take it?

-Your muse is participating in a race where large cash prizes are awarded to the 5 who finish first. Your muse is about to make 5th place and win, but they notice that someone behind them has tripped and hurt themselves. Does your muse give up the prize and help this person finish the race, or do they go for the prize?

-Your muse is down on their luck and is barely getting by in the world. They have the bare minimum essentials in their home, and not much else. However, they discover that a long time friend has been kicked out of their home, and really needs a place to stay. They don’t have that much money, either, but will your muse still take them in?

-For kicks, your muse bought some scratch-off lottery tickets. But to their surprise, one of their tickets turned out to be the jackpot of a ridiculous amount of money! Now that they have too much cash for their own good, what does your muse spend it on?

-Your muse is walking through a busy crowd, when the student in front of them drops a notebook without them noticing. The notebook is obviously full of important study material. Does your muse track down the student to return the notes, or do they ignore it?

-On a busy shopping strip, a lone child is standing in a single spot. They look upset, and seem to be lost without a parent. Upon encountering the child, does your muse go over to help them out, or do they stay away at risk of looking like a creep?

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-Immediately follows- wish I saw this blog before XD. Love your stuff fam, it's fucking funny!

(War voice) Put your face back, brother