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Happy belated birthday to you, viria ! Here’s a precious Nico di Angelo for you, hope you like him >.< !!

“Hello Yuuri! Starting today I’m your new prisoner!”

I couldn’t resist drawing @minutia-r‘s proposed Beauty and the Beast AU. At first I was like “no, I don’t know how I’d draw Yuuri as the Beast” and then late last night my brain went “yeah but the Beast would sure look cute with Yuuri’s glasses…” and here we are. 

(Also be sure to check out the ficlets @daysinrussiavictuuri wrote based off of Minutia’s post, they’re great! 1 2)

11 things I can’t tell you:

i. I don’t know how to say this properly, but you look like sunshine and that fills me up, all the way up. I didn’t realize people could be so full.

ii. You are hers, hers alone. It beams out of you, like liquid rays of golden sunlight and my skin recoils at the heat, but relishes the burn. Your love for her is becoming toxic to my love for me. 

iii. I’m not in love with you, can’t be in love with someone who doesn’t belong to you. But when I’m around you, the herds of butterflies that have taken up residence in my stomach riot. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

iv. I’ll get over you; I don’t know when but it will happen. The universe keeps putting you in my life though and I don’t know how to avoid stars, how to break apart constellations. I can’t hide from a galaxy.

v. I used to believe that I was a storm, but around you, the winds die down and the clouds part and I didn’t realize a person could be that. Now, I think I’m an ocean and it’s my curse to be drawn to you. 

vi. It’s okay, I think, to hurt. When the person deserves it. And darling, I believe you deserve the entire world. How could you not deserve my heart?

vii. Your smile is killing me, oh so slowly. Oh so softly.

viii. Remember me, for a little while okay? Because you’ve become a hole in my heart, held together by the thin stitches of reality. And a couple late night tears. Just don’t forget me while I heal. Okay?

ix. I can’t say much more. But you look at me and I think, in another universe, it’s my curves, dripping with honey, in your arms. I think it’s my lips on yours. We are easy together. Maybe it’s a fantasy.

x. I won’t say much more. Starting to believe my life is a cosmic joke of epic proportions. I’m starting to believe I am a bouquet of roses, decorated in thorns. This heart hurts. This heart belongs to you. 

xi. Goodbye. I didn’t used to think that I could say goodbye to you. But I’m the ocean and you’re the rain. You will always choose to go. And I will always choose to stay.

—  L.A.L. || Late Night Voicemails of the Unrequited Sort

full ver of my fursona XD yez

she sometimes wear crown tho, she was originally a male and then i decided there will be two separate characters. the girl one is my fursona and the boy one is one of my characters. haven’t drawn the male one though ;’v

i had this idea when i wanted to imagine myself as an animal…while i was playing a frustrating game. a frustrated/evil bunny–this fursona would make a perfect representation of me in real life XD

new babylonia

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Genre: murder mystery, angst, historical!au (kinda??)
Summary: Your good friend has been murdered. Someone in your circle is responsible. Worst of all, the detective has a personal investment in the crime. 
Word count: 3k
Warnings: mentions of death, mentions of murder, description of corpse 
A/N: for the lovely @prncssjn ! Here you go my friend! Happy birthday! I hope you like it <3 

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“Are you excited?” Namjoon turned to Yoongi, his eyes bright.
“I don’t know,” the young man admitted. “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to do this.”
“You’ll be wonderful,” Namjoon assured him, wrapping an arm around his friend. “Believe me.”
Yoongi sighed, shaking his head. “We’ll see…” He looked at Namjoon, tilting his head. “What about you? Are you sure this is what you want to do?”
“I’m sure it’ll be okay,” Namjoon beamed at him, “I’m sure the university’s reputation is just talk. Have faith in me.” Namjoon looked at him with wide eyes. “Please?”
Yoongi sighed, shaking his head. “Alright. Just stay safe, okay?”
“I promise.”

Min Yoongi didn’t believe in promises. It seemed that every crime he’d solved had some element of a broken promise; lovers jilted, children disowned by their parents, business arrangements gone awry. People betrayed each other’s trust all the time. At this point, Yoongi very much believed it to be part of the human condition. Mankind’s essential illness, it seemed, was ignorant selfishness. Very few people meant to be selfish, yet so many of them were. Yoongi saw it all the time. He expected it these days. Turned out that working with the worst of humanity for eight years made one bitter.

And if there was something that Yoongi couldn’t stand, it was the rich. He’d always been a man of simple taste, and he had never truly understood the will for excess and extravagance that so many of the upper class seemed to possess. To him, it seemed ridiculous – and not to mention, expensive. But that was something he’d come to understand about the rich; they loved to flaunt their wealth. The more money they could waste, the more prolific they were. Life seemed to be one big game to them. That philosophy seemed to be in direct conflict with Yoongi’s own.

That, and rich people always seemed to be involved in something. Every rich person he’d interacted with had always been a few shades too untrustworthy to him. There was no sincerity in any of them; liars and cheapskates, clinging to the whisper of relevance. Yoongi couldn’t stand anyone who defined themselves by their extravagance. They did nothing but spend. In every town that Yoongi had worked in, they did nothing but cause trouble. In fact, rich people were the problem of the moment.

Earlier in the night, he had been called by his superiors to investigate a murder at the home of the one Kim Taehyung.

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Skyrim: Dungeon Crawl

I’m sorry but…I really like writing about @nikanono ‘s OC, I haven’t written my own character in years and having Vi around really brought Fey to life in such a great way. 

So here is Fey and Vi drawn by Nika

And here is part 1! 

If I continue this, it will most likely be rando adventures with the two of these nerds 

“Let’s see we got that good old fashion ten layers of dust, spider webs for days, burnt stuff, broken stuff, more spiders and oh! Just that wonderful rotting flesh smell”

Vi stopped for a moment in the middle of what was once a small library that contained a wealth of knowledge but was now a decaying pile of ash, probably the scene of a fire or mage fight, it was hard to tell. There was nothing left but broken furniture and books burnt beyond repair, most likely due to one too many thieves and other adventurers alike. She took a deep breath, as if to enjoy it like the fresh mountain air but proceeded to cough and hack as dust promptly flew into her throat.  

“G-gotta love it” Vi groaned, doubling over and continued to wheeze.

Fey rolled her eyes but found herself chuckling lightly.

“You’re an odd one”

With one last sigh, Vi stood back up and huffed, clearing her throat of any other foreign specks of dust or ash, “If I had a coin for every time you said that so far I’d earn back what I fronted you”

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