drawn feathers

We’re getting stoned; naked limbs sprawled across thin cotton sheets, greedy fingers brushing against resin-tasting lips. 
Sweet smoke permeates; leaves my blood buzzing under my skin.
It’s all heavy, late-summer heat and haze in this bedroom.
The ceiling fan spins in lazy orbit overhead.
Coffee-coloured water stains eddy across plaster feathers.
Curtains drawn to block out the sun; low stereo bass drowned out by the a/c’s hum.
You look over at me, and crack that grin – teeth and temptation and filthy, filthy promise.
You say I look wasted, and I laugh, and lean in.
—  I’m still coming down from the taste of your mouth | (j.a.f)

The overlap between “Ughhh I hate those science nerds being so annoying anal about dinosaurs having feathers, LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANTTT” and people who get genuinly mad at dragons being drawn with hair or feathers has an interestingly large overlap for two positions that contradict eachother completely.

Now that the race is over, i have nothing to do. Johnny said opening a “blog” would be a good idea. 

I don’t know if it truly was or not.

(UHhhhh new diego blog who this? Anyways hi i made a poorlydrawn/ask/daily blog for the horrible dinosaur man himself! Im…. pretty new to this kind of stuff but hey! its all fun. If you could boost this that would be Gucci ;P) 


All the steps!! 

For the original rough I had only few feathers drawn out, and the tail was just a single line. For the final cleanup I modified the beak to be a bit more in model with my original sketches and I was able to get some bounciness off. It’s really hard to clean small details in TVpaint though. I also added few shadows just to separate the wings from the chest area. Overall, the project was super fun and I learned a lot!

jill stein’s gonna use all those millions to purchase the most powerful tarot deck anyone has ever seen. cards made of thinly cut translucent thousand year old wood, gold painted initials, drawn with an angel’s feather and wild animal’s bones, bedazzled with ethically harvested activated diamonds, doused in moon water and myrrh incense, blessed by a vegan pastor of mother gaia’s circle during a small mountain top ceremony at dawn, the entire whole f*cking package. divination on a never before possible level. she’s gonna be seeing the future unfold before her eyes in 1080p high definiton. scammed her way to apotheosis


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Okay so this isn’t proofread (I can’t focus enough to read through it) but I really wanna know what you guys think I just don’t think I can write anymore right now. And since I haven’t posted much I feel bad just leaving it at one thing ^^;;…. Chapter 2 start of Save Me

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