drawn feathers

We’re getting stoned; naked limbs sprawled across thin cotton sheets, greedy fingers brushing against resin-tasting lips. 
Sweet smoke permeates; leaves my blood buzzing under my skin.
It’s all heavy, late-summer heat and haze in this bedroom.
The ceiling fan spins in lazy orbit overhead.
Coffee-coloured water stains eddy across plaster feathers.
Curtains drawn to block out the sun; low stereo bass drowned out by the a/c’s hum.
You look over at me, and crack that grin – teeth and temptation and filthy, filthy promise.
You say I look wasted, and I laugh, and lean in.
—  I’m still coming down from the taste of your mouth | (j.a.f)

The overlap between “Ughhh I hate those science nerds being so annoying anal about dinosaurs having feathers, LET PEOPLE DO WHAT THEY WANTTT” and people who get genuinly mad at dragons being drawn with hair or feathers has an interestingly large overlap for two positions that contradict eachother completely.


All the steps!! 

For the original rough I had only few feathers drawn out, and the tail was just a single line. For the final cleanup I modified the beak to be a bit more in model with my original sketches and I was able to get some bounciness off. It’s really hard to clean small details in TVpaint though. I also added few shadows just to separate the wings from the chest area. Overall, the project was super fun and I learned a lot!

jill stein’s gonna use all those millions to purchase the most powerful tarot deck anyone has ever seen. cards made of thinly cut translucent thousand year old wood, gold painted initials, drawn with an angel’s feather and wild animal’s bones, bedazzled with ethically harvested activated diamonds, doused in moon water and myrrh incense, blessed by a vegan pastor of mother gaia’s circle during a small mountain top ceremony at dawn, the entire whole f*cking package. divination on a never before possible level. she’s gonna be seeing the future unfold before her eyes in 1080p high definiton. scammed her way to apotheosis

Sormik. “Let’s get you into bed.”

This isn’t exactly a prompt considering no one asked for it, but i wanted to write smth for @shamingcows‘s diplomat au, and here it is! Please go check out this au because this drabble of mine is nothing compared to what nami has created.

I hope you like it nami! It’s inspired by one of the diplomat drawings *___*

The shadows casted by the candlelight were making Sorey dizzy.

He should have stopped when the first traces of a headache had appeared. Night had fallen in Pendrago so long ago that the pressing heat of the day had given way to the refreshing chill of the night, but not even that had helped Sorey to clear his head. And now, sitting at his desk in his room, reading the dozens of documents full of petitions and demands by the light of a half-melted candle, Sorey was starting to feel his eyelids heavy and his skin too warm.

It didn’t matter how he was feeling, though. He had to continue. Sorey skipping a night of sleep meant pushing back the war a day.

He just needed to convince his body of that.


The sudden voice at his left made Sorey jump in his chair, knees bumping the underside of his desk. The whole thing rattled, and Sorey saw the candle start to topple over, the flame precariously close to the paper documents… Until pale, slender hands caught the candleholder and put it back in its place, hot wax falling on a bony knuckle, but managing to save the documents from being burned to ashes.

That would have been a problem.

But Sorey’s eyes weren’t on the documents anymore. They were on the scalded hands, pale and slim and familiar, and on the reddened knuckle covered in melted wax. Sorey scrambled to take those hands in his, gently cupping them and making sure he wasn’t touching the burn with his ink stained fingers.

“Mikleo!” Sorey shouted, moving the hands he was clasping and his own towards himself, inspecting them. “Are you okay!?”

“Shouldn’t that be my line?” Mikleo asked back, gently removing his hands from Sorey’s grasp. Sorey saw Mikleo’s fingers scratch the now dry wax away, leaving am angry red spot on Mikleo’s otherwise immaculate skin. “Have you been sitting here reading since the meeting ended?”

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Fade to Black - Hera, drawn (with a feather) and painted in black and gold ink on blue paper.

I do hope that @worriedaboutmyfern won’t find this too bold, because I do know that title first and foremost belongs to her great story, but it was so fitting, somehow, I couldn’t resist. Please, @worriedaboutmyfern, consider me inspired, especially by your FatG chapter which I still think has the most Kanan Kanan to ever Kanan in fanfic :)

A Court of Mist and Fury  (high-res)

happy half naked high lords objectification Thursday!

Rhys - i default to PoC as characters, so Obviously Illyrians Must Be Asian. (ref: Godfrey Gao, Taiwanese) and cue Dramatic And Swishy Fashion to dissimulate your daily warrior training B)