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lisa lisa is not great with children


Hello fellow Pokemon blogs! 

A few mods, including myself, are putting on an event called the Flora Masquerade Ball! This event is open to all pokemon ask blogs and daily blogs!! 

This event will be running from February 18 - 24th. The location will be revealed in the invitation sent to your muse.

How does this event work? LIKE or REBLOG this post to receive an invitation from one of the mods, to which you can draw your characters getting ready for the dance. During the event, there will be multiple activities including a ceremony of flower giving, where your muse will exchange flowers with someone special. Afterwards, your muses can dance together, snack, or hang out by the punch bowl. Or even just interact with other muses, and get to know each other!

You can have your muses go alone, or ask other muses to the ball. Feel free to wear anything formal, but you are heavily encouraged to bring masks to wear, as this IS a masquerade ball. 

REMEMBER to tag all your posts #floraball2017 so we can track the event.
It’s all about having fun!  

If you have any questions or concerns, pm any of the mods: @dailyshinycutiefly, @vulpix-daily, @vulpixesdaily, and @dailygeodude !

( ・⊝・∞) - Quick very supeh quick pewdiejack/septicpie drawing.


Kinda busy this week while workin’ on S&P and mah -second- Microsoft imagine cup game project.

 However ALL the feels for Pewdiejack/septicpie is ruinin’ mah concentration. SO fwoop. out dah feelings.i need to work. blblblbl. o(`Θ´o)

Josuyasu Week: Day Six
Protective / Injured or Sick / Teamwork

one of ‘em gets sick, pretty soon they’re both sick

Um... hello!

“Jeez… I can’t ever really be sure if these things work right or not… A-anyway, my name is Koichi Hirose, I hope we can all get along well!”

[Hey everyone I’ve been lurking the community for almost a year now and I’ve finally decided to join in! I have 0 idea what I’m gonna do with this blog, but I’d love to interact with all of you!]

Hello! I’m Noriaki Kakyoin, and I’ve decided to begin my own blog to document my visitation to the United States while working for the Speedwagon Foundation! This is my first time in a country like this, so i’m pretty excited to see where jojo had lived for a while!

((Hello!! This blog fits into the AU subset where Kakyoin survives past the events of SDC !! Please dont be afraid to come say hi or to interact with Kakyoin,, thank you !! - mod))


Erf, this took forever.

This is a thing that actually happened when I was playing through X4 with bunny listening in. I’d just assumed I couldn’t do anything about the eyeball enemies since my shots had just tinked against the moving ones. Then I had the above eureka moment and bunny, who was playing GTA V at the time and thus not really paying attention, exploded at me. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t finish the stage. Imagine being able to shoot things in a game that’s all about jumpin’ and shootin’, huh?

‘sprolly just funny to me and no one else buuuuut meh. 

((Hey there, Badly Drawn/Daily JoJo blogs! I know there’s been a post floating around for quite some time within the community asking to reblog it if you’re one of the previously mentioned blogs, but I’ve decided to make my own list as well. I’ve got a separate page set up on this blog to keep track of anyone and everyone who wants to be included on the list, so please send me a message or reblog this post so that I know which blogs are still active!))

IMPORTANT EDIT: Please refer to this post before checking the list for your blog!

Is this really happening? Of course love is love, no one has any right in hurting others with hateful words.. @dailyshinycutiefly (Woof… I’ve got a few asks so please be patient I posted a lot today to try and keep up with that but I can’t always do that.. it takes a lot out of me ! But I will get to your asks don’t worry!)